Wu Yi Fan Investigation Broadens to Include Same Allegations in Los Angeles and Multiple C-stars Rush to Distance Themselves From Rumors of Involvement

The Chinese-speaking publications continue to follow closely the Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) detention and investigation into rape and drugging young women in China. Now a lawyer in Los Angeles confirmed that a woman in LA has also lodged the same allegations against Wu Yi Fan, with him reportedly doing the same tactic when he visited LA which was frequently as his mother lives there plus he went for fan meetings, recording albums, and doing promo work. The allegations are that his team would organize fan meetings and use so he could select young women to take back. On the Chinese front, there are rumors of other Chinese celebs being involved in Wu Yi Fan’s case whether participating and/or facilitating the way young women were brought to him. Top names like Fan Bing Bing, Jin Bo Ran, Bao Be Er, He Jiong, Wilbur Pan, JJ Lin have all been named and each has filed police reports for defamation and stridently denying any and all alleged involvement.


Wu Yi Fan Investigation Broadens to Include Same Allegations in Los Angeles and Multiple C-stars Rush to Distance Themselves From Rumors of Involvement — 12 Comments

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  2. Man the scumminess of this guy and his team has no bounds. I do hope that his team would get the same penalty he does. And hope that would be like a domino effect of them naming names and giving evidence of all others that enabled and joined this MO of pure power trip evilness…

    More power to the ladies that are speaking out…

  3. I’m a little torn. On one hand, he always looked sleazy to me. Like, you can see in about every picture he took that cool face and posture and ‘I’m far above you’ attitude that basically stayed the same even when he was playing a character on TV. So, I should be saying ‘I told you he’s a d*ck! You can instantly tell he’s a d*ck!’

    But life teaches you that being a d*ck is not a crime, you can be a d*ck and still be successful. Him being a d*ck does not necessarily mean that he’s a rapist and a pedophile. So, although I think he’s a rapist I’ll wait for the investigation to finish before saying he is.

    What I’m most frustrated about is that the industry allows d*cks like this to have a flourishing career and crazy fanbase and basically evolve into rapists and pedophiles before going like ‘ I can’t believe we missed all the red flags!’ There must have been like thousands of red flags that every one knew about and ignored completely.

    They’re making na example of him, so basically he’ll have to answer for things he did and those that the government thinks he did but can’t be proven. But if the allegations didn’t blow up the way they did every one would be conveniently ignoring this huge issue.

    On the other hand, people like Xiao Zhan are practically exiled from the industry because of a fanfic. So frustrating. I would like the the industry to keep some rationality and persecute rapists and d*cks and ignore issues like fanfic wars and not the other way around.

    • Xiao Zhan, his studio and his massive fandom work together to get a very important website that all fandoms to ever fandom (from dramas, books, mangas, animes, movies, sports and music) rely on to be effectively ban in China. Don’t reduce its importance and significance to mere “fanfic wars”. That kind of mentality of looking down on what matter to others is what gets him in hot water in the first place. I love Xiao Zhan, love his good character and handsome looks, but a wrong is a wrong.

      It’s not like Xiao Zhan is exiled from the entertainment industry. He is still very much active and have lucrative projects offered to him. But when he and his fans break the No.1 rule of fandom culture in China of “You don’t disturb me, I don’t disturb you” by going out of their way to destroy other fandoms enjoyment for their selfish reason, affecting others in the process, it’s only natural he gets so much criticism and hate. Do you expect people to not feel angry? Coddle him like his fans? Especially with the poor way he handled the situation. He never end up taking accountability for it anyway. Just a vague apology.

      • I agreed. Stop making XZ some kind of super vulnerable and innocent victim when there’s some dirt on his part too.

      • Xiao Zhan case is definitely bigger than fanfic wars. Yes that’s true. About collective report to get AO3 to shut down. I don’t know where you get your stories, but it was denied early on by official that no report was made towards the platform, report was made towards the author of fanfic. This is a criminal case anyway, which have been filed by Xiao Zhan and his studio, the investigation is ongoing, the court session also. Reducing this to a mere ‘he, his studio and fans collectively work together to destroy the biggest platform enjoyed by all fandoms’ is just not it. It’s a well planned, deliberate attack to smear him. Cyberbullying at it’s worst by attacking him, his family, his endorsement,and even sniping his resources. Collective mix fandoms are not that well organized to launch all these attacks on various pplatform. KOL, yxh all play a part.But yeah, statement like ‘i love Xiao Zhan’ still doesn’t validate your biased opinion. And don’t tell lies to others please. Things like, ‘number 1 rules in cent is you don’t disturb me I don’t disturb you’ well no it’s not. Because number 1 rule there, is ‘money and capital is king’s as long as you have both, no matter how much of a scum you are, you get free pass even while stepping on others. Smear and attack campaign is real.

    • @hanachii

      Thank you for the detailed response. It is the misinformation, refusal to acknowledge the truth and the antis’ non stop attempt to suppress Xiao Zhan that lead to the massive/biggest cyberbullying in the history of Chinese entertainment. The fans reported the author of the fanfic, not the platform. The attack against him was well planned and coordinated, heavily fianced and aimed at permanently removing him from the Chinese entertainment industry. A criminal case, not just a civil case, but criminal, was filed by Xiao Zhan and his studio, approved by the courts coz the evidences presented warrant for the criminal case to move forward. The antis wanted him to commit suicide by harrasing his parents, mocking him when his grandfather died, performed online funeral for him, harrased the companies he endorsed, harassed TV stations he had projects with. He lost projects and endorsements, and anyone who defended him got harassed, too. Any faint-hearted person would not endure it esp as it happened during covid quarantine. So yes, the I love Xiao Zhan narrative is a classic anti statement. He recovered his career because they cannot find any dirt on him so their narrative failed eventually. He has massive fandom, yes, and all loyal to him because he does things right. Water army can’t compete.

    • I’m not into kpop as I am into dramas, but the condescending attitude you described was always the vibe I got whenever he was on a variety show or anything with Exo. And I’m sure the attitude didn’t disappear once he left Exo. Never really followed news on him after that so I can’t really fathom why he’s so popular in China. He always had a stuck up “I’m better than you” look on his face and in his tone of voice.

  4. He got his carrier big start from exo, fan site back in the day said that he was frustrated because the manager really restrict him. So basically, when he start become super famous he was decent because people restrict him and he plays up a victim image.

    I don’t think it’s weird that he has a big fan and get super popular because he was decent when the fan base started. Then he was too big to actually burried by normal people allegation.

    I am not excusing him, I just say what’s the reason that he becomes too big and how the industry takes this long actually expose him.

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