TV Chosun Weekend Drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Becomes 2021 Cable TV Highest Rated Single Episode 15 of Season 2 Get 14.811%

TV Chosun weekend drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music continues to play on with more and more viewers tuning in, despite it being season 2 and towards the end of its run. The crescendo of buzz has brought in a new 2021 cable channel record ratings as episode 15 got 14.811%, which is the highest single episode of any cable show this year. It dethroned Vincenzo which got 14.636% in its final episode 20. There could be a chance for another currently airing drama to take over as sitting in third place is the second season of Hospital Playlist with 13.151% in episode 6. After that it’s Mine episode 16 with 10.512% and rounding out the top 5 is Bossam: Steal the Fate episode 20 which got 9.759%. However today Sunday will be the final episode of Marriage Lyrics and I’m curious to see how high the ratings will go.


TV Chosun Weekend Drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Becomes 2021 Cable TV Highest Rated Single Episode 15 of Season 2 Get 14.811% — 19 Comments

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  3. Are we forgetting that Queen Cheorin ended with 17%+ this February? Marriage/Divorce peaked at 16.6% for the finale.

  4. I was going to say does Mr. Queen not count since it started in 2020? It still finished in 2021 with 17%.

    I’m happy for the cast of Marriage Lyrics and Divorce, I guess, but not the writer. She gets people to tune in but oh,the writing is terrible. Her old habits are coming out more and more. I’m just waiting for her to go on a killing spree in S3.

    • Just ask lydia,mr.queen not worth mentioning because the writer controversy and korea still angry with joseon exorcist.

      • The controversy doesn’t take away that it had the highest cable rating this year.

      • @disney/beautyinside & several other usernames

        Controversy or no controversy, Chinese ties or not, Queen Cheorin is still the higher rated drama at a whopping 17.371% over this drama’s 16.582%. That achievement can’t and won’t be forgotten or dismissed no matter how angry the same K-viewers who lapped up the drama and gave it those ratings now are.

    • Agree with you, Mimi. She’s back to the same outrageous, cancerous writing that got her cancelled back then. She toned it down just a bit in S1 because it was her comeback so she was feeling things out. But after seeing how the K-audience will eat whatever sh~t she dishes out, she turned it all the way up in S2. And look at the sky-high ratings of the finale. The I-audience, on the other hand, is pissed af and wishing hell on her. LOL.

      • If they’d kept this momentum and had more episodes, I’m fairly certain this could have broken 20%. With a new season, they’ll be kinda starting from scratch and have to work their way back up.

      • Yes the writer should have just add a few more episodes to conclude everything. The last few episodes are already pretty good with the husbands realised what they have lost. They could easily achieve higher rating than 16%. But the writer isn’t satisfied to finish with 2 seasons

      • I doubt they can turn out a S3 as fast as they did S2. If we are looking at S3 airing six months or a year from now, I’m sure people will watch, but it will have lost all momentum.

  5. Considering the drama has no big star/popular actors and only depends on the writer, it done really well. But the finale, no one expects that

    • Makjang doesn’t need big stars/popular actors. It sells itself. And considering this woman practically invented makjang, this outcome is her forte.

  6. This is neither here nor there but Marriage must have an older audience. I had noticed that until the last couple episodes, The Devil Judge was winning the time slot in the 2049 demo, Younger viewers might be watching on Netflix, but it just struck me how much 50+ must like the old school makjang. I guess that’s why dailies are still popular.

  7. My daughter and I, we treat this show as a comedy. We tune in to laugh at the crazy writing, cringe dialogue, the wooden acting from those brothers. By the end of the episode, we are ROFL. As they say, “laughter is the best medicine.”

  8. The show isn’t outrageous on the levels of Aurora Princess or Penthouse but its getting there if the writer doesn’t reign it in. I particularly didn’t like how the cliffhanger ending was done. And why are they shuffling the couples so much. The only story line of growth came from 50s couple’s family, both Si Euna and Hyang-Gi have come in terms with the divorce and are making progress positively. Especially Hyang-Gi is acting like an adult now that her anger has lessened. Still don’t understand why Nam Ga Bin had to forced on to Si Eun and Hyang-Gi post her break up with the professor, her emotional break down isn’t their burden. They had no option but to console her and its unfair to be putting them through that. I loved how Hye Ryung one upped her stupid in laws and dead bit ex-husband but would love for her to get some real growth if we get season 3. She still has a cavalier attitude towards love and relationships despite being married, having been cheated on and then getting divorced. I don’t care for Yu Shin, his step-mother/first love or A-mi for that matter. They are the weakest part of the story. The whole ghost possession is ridiculous and I rolled my eyes so many times when they’d force those scenes.

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