Song Hye Kyo is the Cover Model for the Most Exclusive Vogue September 2021 Edition

The stars are aligned with this one – top actress Song Hye Kyo is back on the promo circuit due to a new drama Now, We Are Breaking Up premiering in mid-fall, and it so happens to be a drama set in the fashion industry. That timing means she’s the perfect cover model for the most exclusive Vogue Korea September issue. Vogue remains the granddame of fashion magazines ahead of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle as the next level in couture. The two covers are out and she’s framed against what I think is the rising sun against the Seoul backdrop. Those better at discerning sunrise and sunset lighting can correct me if it’s a sundown look. She’s styled more sleek and subtle in this look, not my fave but still eye-catching with how she just dresses with fierce confidence.


Song Hye Kyo is the Cover Model for the Most Exclusive Vogue September 2021 Edition — 18 Comments

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  3. Same with me, i’m not a fan of the style of the clothes for the front cover, too subtle. I think Fendi has other clothes in its winter/fall 2021 collection that would have fit the theme of the international vogue covers- new beginnings better. Also since this is a sunrise shoot, i would have loved the hair to be freely styled and overflowing to look fresh and not in a tight bun. Nevertheless, I like the aesthetics and warm tones of the photography and kyo’s beauty of course, always reliable and bankable in the fashion & beauty magazines.

  4. Cannot believe these are for their September issue… so bland… but it’s Vogue Korea anyway lol Dazed Korea has the best covers there and sometimes W. Chinese magazine photoshoots are always miles better

  5. The cover with her head only…yikes. Who thought that was a good picture, for a cover no less? Not flattering at all. They have a pretty subject and should have done better. Shin Mina would have killed a Vogue cover. She is a striking model and has a new drama out this month.

    • Who is the creative director and photographer? Terrible job. The angle of her face on the cover highlighted her eye bag lines. Totally unglamorous. Yikes.

  6. Sorry, doesn’t scream high fashion. Her stance in the full-body cover looks awkward. What happened Vogue? You can do better with this muse.

    • Gemma Chan’s Vogue UK cover for Sept is an identical layout – “New Beginnings” and sunrise + time. They did right by her.

      • I think they shot at that down-up angle to give her the look of height. Agree with you on the Gemma Chan cover.

      • Gemma chan’s one was framed in a way that the sunlight highlights the edges of her face just enough to give it a soft glow…this one looks like lightbulb is growing out of Song Hye Kyo’s eye balls.

  7. I wish she’d get a Vogue Italy or Vogue US cover. Not that she needs Western validation but Western audiences need to bask in her greatness too.

    • “Bask in her greatness”. ??????? Sorry to disagree; many in the west have a different opinion/view of beauty. She is not a contender.

  8. The styling and the creative direction of this shoot is the very definition of bare minimum. Doesn’t even look like Song Hye Kyo in the close up shot. They have a subject with top class visuals but this cover is so uninspired.

  9. Who styled this cover? The outfit is horrible (the nude is the exact same color as her skin, and those fur shoes need to be burnt), the makeup is so powdery white that it verges on geisha-makeup (is this a new k-beauty trend I’m unaware of?), and angles for both shots are awkward.

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