Park Yoochun to Hold September 2021 Japan Fan Meeting and Also in Dispute with Current Agency President

Man, if there is a slang for the opposite of hitting the gym hard during quarantine COVID year then the opposite is what happened to disgraced idol-actor Park Yoochun. That he’s still in the news is just annoying because I think at this point he should use whatever savings he has to go open a restaurant or something that isn’t trying to still be a celebrity. Alas he actually still has a Japanese fanbase (all others have left him) though its no longer the size it used to be (massive during the DBSK and JYJ eras). Next month he’s holding a fan meeting in Japan (see awful poster above) and has signed with a new agency there. But it’s led to a dispute with his current agency president, some poor sack who actually stuck with Yoochun after his toilet and drug scandals and opened his own agency to rep him. Then Yoochun dumps him in the Japanese market for another agency and leaked to the news that the agency president embezzled money from the coffers. That led to the agency president suing him for defamation and breach of contract, and revealing dirt like Yoochun has gambled overseas (illegal under South Korean law), charged personal expenses on the company credit card, and has texted his fans trying to arrange a threesome. See, when one is a scuzzbag the dirt never stops coming.


Park Yoochun to Hold September 2021 Japan Fan Meeting and Also in Dispute with Current Agency President — 25 Comments

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    • Well. As Everyone made mistake once in their life. He already paid what he did. But he still need to make a living and breath. The past is the past. He is still young. He need to focu on better future rather stuck in the past.

  2. He is not attractive looking to me…never was… Beauty is really in the eyes of the. beholder… His fans wears rose tinted glasses.

  3. Even in the alternate reality where he wasn’t a rapist, the poster just screams “I’m desperate.” And whoever signs him onto their agency is sketchy.

  4. Gosh that poster is atrocious. And embarrassing. And pathetic. Side eyeing both his former agency and his new one.

    Also, he aged terribly…

  5. Unfortunately for us, I don’t think he had any savings, hence he will continue being this thick-skinned and milk whatever is left. If the ex-manager’s statements are fact, then it seems he filtered away whatever earnings he accumulated.

    • Yeah, I cannot imagine him having enough assets left being out of a career for so long and having to compensate the woman he sexually assaulted. Understandable that he will be this pathetic, but still disgusting to see his face especially when there is no showing that he is trying to change for the better.

  6. I mean I’d feel bad for the manager except I’m kind of over mgmt knowing all the icky things going on, but it’s all good as long as they themselves are making bank as well. It’s only a problem when the person leaves.

    Anyway, the only thing about this guy is he actually was one of the better idol actors. He really had it all and just absolutely blew it.

    • Yeah, and he ended his brother’s career also.

      About the manager I say, he knew he took in a rotten egg. And it really turned out rotten. That can happen when you choose money over conscience.

  7. I used to had a huge crush on him. He’s the reason I got into K-pop after watching him in Sungkyungkwan Scandal and started following K-ent news. So I’m very disappointed in him. Sigh

  8. Of he look this bad in poster (which usually get edited), imagine how he will look in real life. His Japanese fans is amazing

  9. This guy is really rotten through and through. He was never good-looking in my opinion but his face really matches his personality now. that poster is tragic.

  10. I hope he turns his life around. Not a fan but I liked the Rooftop Prince from way back when where I first saw Han Ji Min.

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