Jung Hae In Returns to K-netizen Good Graces After the Critical and Popular Success of Netflix Drama D.P.

I track how long I’ve been blogging at times by how many actors I’ve seen go to military service and then come back. I also can track it by both the rise and fall and then maybe rise and fall again, ergo the cyclical nature of some star popularity moments. K-actor Jung Hae In is a great study, he was the It Boy in 2018 after Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) after breakout supporting hits in Prison Playbook and While You Were Sleeping. Then he stood in the super wrong place at the Baeksang Awards ceremony winners shot and was excoriated by netizens, losing their favor just as his next two dramas One Spring Night and A Piece of Your Mind did not get ratings or buzz. OSP is an amazing wrong and his performance is probably the best I’ve seen from him EVER, but Piece I couldn’t get into and it got a shortened run due to the super low ratings. Since then he’s smartly laid low on promos and just did the one thing he needed to do to rise again – pick the right role in the right drama and that’s the Netflix series D.P. (Deserter Pursuit). The drama premiered last week to rave reviews and overwhelming viewer buzz thanks to the realistic take on a tough subject matter (bullying and mistreatment in the South Korean military). K-netizens are back to loving Jung Hae In, which I’m glad because unlike other It Boys he is a very talented actor. He revealed this week that the PD is writing the script for the second season of D.P. so great news. I will leave with a cautious note though – his next drama to air later this year is Snowdrop on jTBC and we all know the netizen pre-airing furor over it. I hope that drama really does not have any subject matter that netizens can hate on and drag him back down over something he has no control over.


Jung Hae In Returns to K-netizen Good Graces After the Critical and Popular Success of Netflix Drama D.P. — 37 Comments

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  2. Lol, at this point every Korean actor and their agency should be banging down Netflix’s door to get casted in a Netflix Original. The network has proven they can both launch and re-launch careers.

    Just saw the new trailer for Squid Game, and Lee Jung Jae is about to get that Netflix treatment.


  4. A Piece of Your Mind is really good and his acting was great. It’s just they didn’t adress easy subjects with mourning and depression. It’s sad because the story was really beautiful.

    I liked his dramas, they have interesting themes. He never acted the typcical cold and rich male lead who changes thanks to the FL.

    • I agree. It is one of my favourite dramas from that year and it was such a shame they shortened it. He was great there as well as the other actors. The story is different and fresh. The characters were developed well IMO, I just wish there had been at least two more episodes to tie it all in, although I think the writer did okay with how she managed.

    • A Piece of Mind is actually a masterpiece, the drama is so poetic in its delivery, the script beautiful with a different story plot, it’s sad that it’s not being appreciated enough. Jung Hae In amazing in melodrama

  5. Hahaha no way,snow drop will get rating flop because he can’t carrying drama alone without veteran actress like ha ji min and son ye jin. In netflix we don’t know about rating because they always say trending in the world just like king eternal monarch, sweet home, save heaven etc etc etc.

  6. “One spring night “ is one of my favorite Kdramas.I finished but never was into Prison playlist. Dropped Something in the rain and While you were sleeping.I enjoyed DP and I enjoy his acting in every drama I see him. I liked him in a movie I saw him with Go Eun and I always check his work. I find him a good actor that has many things to give and happy to see k netizens positive feedback for DP and him.

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  8. Loved him in Pretty Noona and was sad to see the fallout after Baeksang. I think he was just in the moment and didn’t realize his faux pas. I keep seeing DP on my Netflix recommendation list so I will watch it for sure.

  9. He deserves to get his popularity back because he acted so well in D.P. and he can proves that he didn’t rely on his co-partner/FL only.

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