Janine Chang Does Damage Control After C-netizens Accuse Her of Being Pro-Taiwan Independence Based on Past Statements

I’m really tired from so much ado about what is so small of quibbles and issues, but then again I do have a job and a life and better things to do. TW-actress Janine Chang is this week’s target of C-netizen pitchfork mob after someone found her college BA thesis where she wrote about “Our Country’s Entertainer Management Legal Issues”. The use of “Our Country” to refer to Taiwan has C-netizens up in arms that she dare to call Taiwan, which China considers a province and not a legal nation, a country and thus she must be pro-Taiwan independence. They also added on an interview where she discussed Taiwan’s entertainment industry and was really proud of it and says it can’t lose, i.e. it needs to represent. Reportedly this fallout has lead to her scenes in an upcoming C-movie getting cut and her two other pending C-projects are now on hold. She issued an official press release with her agency that stridently denied she was pro-Taiwan independence and proud to be a Chinese person. Of course she’s caught between a rock and a hard place, in China the C-netizens are not swayed by her explanation and in Taiwan she’s seen as selling out to beg for the right to work in China. Sigh.


Janine Chang Does Damage Control After C-netizens Accuse Her of Being Pro-Taiwan Independence Based on Past Statements — 21 Comments

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  2. It’s a lose/lose. I’ve seen enough of this go around all over the place to know that no apology or explanation is going to work. Better to stay quiet and see if the trolls go after someone else in the normal 48 hour news cycle.

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  4. I feel bad for her, she really doesn’t have a choice if she wants to work in China again.

    Taiwan is a separate nation from China and I will always view it that way. It’s a shame no one is willing to stand up anymore. China has become such a powerful nation and billions of citizens have been brainwashed by the CCP. Chinese netizens are hella obnoxious with their whole nationalistic propaganda they’ve stormed Reddit, IG and Twitter.

    I remember when a Japanese gymnast, Daiki Hashimoto beat Xiao Ruoteng in the Olympics, Chinese netizens spammed all over social media how Daiki was a cheater. Shame on them. The Japanese gymnast won rightfully so.

    • So there are 2 things. The island of Taiwan has been a part of China since the Ming Dynasty and that’s a fact, regardless whether you like it or not. Did you learn about the Chinese Civil War before opening your ignorant trap?

      The other thing is about immature trolling that can be found everywhere, not just China. The fact that you call 1.4 billion people brainwashed makes me question your integrity and who is truly brainwashed here.

  5. I really feel for Taiwan and HK celebrities right now. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is fast becoming impossible for anyone to remain neutral and walk a balancing act – you have to take a “for” or “against” stance.

    This is why I said Korean celebs should not have China in any career growth plans. If/when things go south politically (and things are going south at speed of sound right now), they’re at risk of losing both markets.

  6. Come on, Taiwan is your country. Selling out your home….sorry Taiwan is better off without people like her. You know a person’s true character by how they treat their motherland to which she owes everything.

    • I understand wanting to work in Mainland China. But if a rich celebrity like her can’t afford their convictions… how sad for all the normal people in TW and HK fighting so hard to preserve autonomy and free press/democracy.

      How demoralizing for them to see their national celebrities roll over and toe the party line.

  7. For Taiwanese – Do you want MONEY? or your country?
    HK is now considered part of China now, isn’t it? Just look at how many HK artists working in China – all for the money!!

    • I am a born and bred Sporean who has lived in NAmerican for a very long time.
      And have lived, played, worked, mingled with friends, people from China, Taiwan, HK, Korea … and CBCs. Observed Asians here in general, to know all the subtle nuances that go on.

      Was shocked one day holidaying in Singapore, to learn Taiwan is NOT a country. I think it was the year China sent out some memo to all the airlines insisting that they had to stamp Taiwan, Republic of CHINA on the tickets/boarding passes issued or something.

      22 Korean groups/stars are now removed in China – BTS is one of them. “China social media site Weibo suspends 22 Kpop accounts” (source BBC)

      • many, many more chinese accs are suspended because china is cracking down on their entertainment industry in general. your kpop oppas aren’t special at all.

    • To be honest, Hong Kong has always belonged to China, the land was just leased to Britain from 1898 to 1997. Taiwan on the other hand is a different case. I see Taiwan as a country but not Hong Kong.

  8. Anyone with a brain should not enter the entertainment industry at this rate. Being constantly bombarded by fans and now govt restricting your every moment. It’s not a lucrative place anymore.

    I heard Ruby Lin’s studio suddenly got shut down. I bet it’s all because she’s Taiwanese.

    Welcome to the age of communism. It doesn’t just exists in China but in the western world as well. Never thought I see a day where human rights are taken away in a span of a year. Covid was the ultimate weapon use to control us all and that comes in form vaccine passport. Soon they’ll make us all have app and track our every movement. Reality is stranger than fiction.

    • If your using mobile phone your already been tracked (to put it simple).

      Lol to your idea that the vaccine (passport?) is used to control anything than health risks.

    • I still believe in human rights but all in the context of where I am physically located. I cannot trash the house if I live under that roof, correct? If I trash it, then I have nowhere to live. People are free to leave if not like it, unless that person is in jail. Yes, any mobile device is easily tracked, especially we now sign up for many apps – Instagram, FB, various games etc etc… Location can always be tracked. You do not need a special app to be tracked. Don’t be naive. lol.

  9. The late chairman Mao should have attack Taiwan the moment Mr Chiang,landed there,then Taiwan would remain in China as they wish.what do they expect when the Taiwanese have been building up their place without any interference and input from China all these years.

  10. Do you want money or do you support independence? Is it realistic to expect the Chinese to let you earn money in their country if you stand on the opposite side of their interests? If someone goes to Taiwan and say that they are against independence, the Taiwanese will rise up in arms as well. I don’t see how TW celebs deserve sympathy on this; they do have a choice. They just don’t think whatever nationalism or patriotism is worth the amount of money thrown at them. They are getting out of it with their pockets full anyway.

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