Pigs Do Fly as Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Cast in New 2022 Period Romance C-drama Playing the OTP Love Interest

Oh dang, like, I’m legit both speechless and still disbelieving. I’ve been jerked around too much by C-casting with regards to these two that I’ll really only feel reassured when the drama actually AIRS. C-ent is reporting that Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi have been cast in a new C-drama which will mark their first reunion onscreen in 7 years since Sound of the Desert (the Da Mo Yao adaptation), and really it’s been 16 years since they first worked together in Legend of the Condor Heroes when both were wee babes. The running joke/everlasting frustration is that they have been in multiple dramas and were in the same agency but they have never been an onscreen OTP. I thought it would happen in Desert because Hu Ge was everyone’s pick for male lead General Hu Qu Bing and then he ended up being the other male lead Meng Jiu who doesn’t end up with the girl *keyboard smash*. Anyways, I kinda put this pipe dream to rest so this news caught me off guard – the drama is called 庶女錦蘭 (literal translation Daughter of a Concubine, Jinglan) and is a love and revenge story and the two stars are cast as the main leads and story line OTP. She has memories of her past life when she was a kind girl who ends up dead, and in this life she’s cold and calculating to get revenge, and gets swept up in palace intrigue. Man, it better not have a rocks fall down ending but eh I’ll still take it if they end up together regardless of the ultimate ending. Okay ShiGe shippers, it’s been 16 years for the OG crew since their LoCH days so please let’s dust off that ennui and get excited!


Pigs Do Fly as Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Cast in New 2022 Period Romance C-drama Playing the OTP Love Interest — 16 Comments

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  2. Um…@koala where are you getting this news? I don’t see anything on Weibo or other channels, and casting news of this magnitude would be trending.

    On the topic of Hu Ge, is he done filming Wong Kar Wai’s Blossoms Shanghai yet? It’s been YEARS.

    • nothing on weibo and if you search the drama name nothing comes up on weibo. Honestly sounds like a crap drama for Hu ge. Time travel and memories of past life? Yeah no thanks. He isn’t into those ‘idol’ dramas anymore. He isn’t at that ‘level’ anymore, he is beyond that. He does drama that is much more worthy of his time and I would actually be disappointed if he picked such a shitty storyline to be in.

      Clearly sources are not correct.

  3. I haven’t heard about this. If it’s true it should be making waves already but it’s all silent. Hu Ge isn’t going to be starring in a pure romance drama any time soon and Liu Shishi is rumoured to be leading an adaptation of a C-anime.

  4. I do think this is just melon right? It hasn’t made any news everywhere. And Hu Ge in romance drama? I don’t think he will take one in the near future.

    • Chinese Paladin Series 2005-2009, LOCH 2008 – He was a big heartthrob around this time, and slower faded until…

      The Disguiser 2015, Nirvana in Fire 2015 – If you watch either of these films, you will know why he’s big.

      But after those two dramas, he put his drama career on hold to study at NYU and focus on movies.

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  6. Oh, this would be great if it happens. I rmbr reading Da Mo Yao trans here and he got casted as what we all had hope but as the second lead, lol.

  7. I really hope this is true! I don’t normally watch C-dramas – I have completed exactly 3 (Bu Bu Jing Xin, Sound of the Desert and Nirvana in Fire – still one of the best dramas in any language I have ever seen). Based on my undying love for Hu Ge after watching those last two, I attempted a couple of his others and couldn’t get past 1 episode. But if this pairing happens I will DEFINITELY watch!!!! Of course, could be 10 years before it actually airs. Oh well.

  8. I like Hu Ge and LSS separately, but not together!
    I think I’d be more excited if it was Hu Ge and Ariel. In any case, I agree with the majority of you that he is unlikely to film a romantic drama.

    • I am pretty sure I read LSS has a movie filming in October. There is nothing about this on c sites and I don’t think Hu Ge will ever go back to dramas like this. He has been aiming for serious actor for too long to accept a second fiddle male lead in an essentially a female ead drama.

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