Ahn Hyo Seob Rises to the Sageuk Challenge in Lovers of the Red Sky and Rocks the Modern Man Look in Elle Korea October 2021 Pictorial

Much is written about how young actor Song Kang is in, like, every other drama which feels like it but fellow young actor Ahn Hyo Seob is also ridiculously on a busy roll recently. He’s opposite Kim Yoo Jung in the currently airing drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi), has started filming upcoming office romance drama Office Blind Date with Kim Se Jong, and he’s confirmed to return alongside Han Seok Kyu in the third season of Romance Doctor, Teacher Kim 3. Assessing on Red Sky alone, he’s thus far 6-episodes in just giving a solid performance, his visuals have really gone up a notch from the young skinny boyish vibe to a more refined manly aura and it’s perfect for the role of Ha Ram. I’m glad he’s doing well in his first sageuk and hopefully this improvement will give him more confidence to keep pushing himself. I felt like his potential in Thirty But Seventeen took a major nose dive in Abyss and Red Sky is the first time I feel he’s back in my good graces. The latest Elle Korea pictorial also highlights how much he’s grown up and glowed up in just the last year alone.


Ahn Hyo Seob Rises to the Sageuk Challenge in Lovers of the Red Sky and Rocks the Modern Man Look in Elle Korea October 2021 Pictorial — 36 Comments

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  2. He had amazing chemistry with LSK in RTDK2 so let’s hope they both end up doing RTDK3. He’s shining in his current drama and frankly out acting almost everyone else. His character is the most interesting and least cliched out of the lot. His red eyes steal the show but the devil make up needs to go. I’m glad he got first billed because boy deserves it. His romcom with KSJ is going to test his skills because he’ll working with a paper thin plot and character but KSJ and him are going to be a cute visual pair without a doubt. He’s got a solid line up till end next year and SBS obviously loves him.

    • Your billing comment is unnecessary.
      The production itself said that they alternate it because AHS waited for 1 year. Their names in the drama introduction were written together. But KYJ comes first. I love AHS because he is humble. Not like you

      • What does him being humble have to do with his billing? He still got most of the focus and story so obviously he’ll be billed higher. He is also the one with more promotional activities because the drama is focused more on him. Why would he brag about that? No actor brags about billing but the industry takes not. He’s also higher on the buzz rankings.

    • i was surprised that he got more buzz for 2 weeks already. i thought he’ll get less due to the billing issue. i think haram character really make many girls crazy ? in my country, many ppls called this as haram drama ? i guess many ppls love his character here

      • They are both deserving of the billing. They are the main leads anyway. But most of the scenes were really focus to Hong Chun Gi and her painter role story. In Korea, a lot of articles are written towards KYJs matchless acting in sageuk. And AHS also getting good reviews. Hong Chun Gi title really live up to its name when it comes to buzz and search. KYJ is number 4 in most buzz, AHS is number 3. For most searched actors, KYJ is number 1 for 3 consecutive weeks and AHS number 2 for 2 consecutive weeks. I am happy that the production really focused on her character.

      • @Jave LOL. The story is not focus on him. Are you really watching the drama. hahaha! And KYJ is still first billed. Check the drama’s intro. Don’t spit fake news

      • @Jave Are we watching the same drama? For the past 6 episodes, the plot is focus on KYJ, her painting career journey, her romance with Haram, side love with Prince Yang Myung, her devoted daughter life, her divine power as a painter and so on. What lies are you saying?

      • I love both leads! Let’s cheer for both of them and the whole production for giving us such a masterpiece drama. Let’s not talk about who’s more, who’s not.

      • Why do I feel like people are pitying them againts each other? Hahaha… While I’m here thinking that they might be dating for real. Hahahaha

      • Story wise and plot wise, of course it’s focus on the character of Kim Yoo Jung as she is the titular role. And even when you watched the first 6 episodes, the highlights are more on her, so I don’t know what @Jave is saying. Of course AHS is also a main lead and the story revolves around them. But to say that it is Haram drama is quite annoying. Maybe @dawang were saying that because dramas are most loved by females and I can see a lot of videos swooning over Haram’s naked body in episode 2. But that’s it. Anyway, the leads has really strong chemistry and the ratings keeps increasing. It’s double digit now. Let’s support the drama till the end and avoid unnecessary fights.

      • @Emma I feel you. I don’t know, but following both of them even before they paired up, I can sense that they like each other for real in bts and the way they described their ideal type from past and recent interviews. They also have a lot of similarities but quite different personality. Hahaha! I mean, the way they talked and interact, it grows on me that I started collecting hints.
        Hahaha! My delulu mind is activated.

  3. Good for him! Loved his performance in Doctor Romantic 2. Plus his chemistry with LSK (my darling Bok-joo!). And he’s doing a good job in Red Sky. It would be awesome if they could bring back all the characters from Doctor Romantic 1 & 2 for the third season. Looking forward to it, either way.

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  5. He has def glow up!! Everytime he appears on screen, all the attention is on him and his voice. Which is hard to do given his partner is KJY

  6. Fun fact: The popular and breakout role of SK, current IT BOY, in LA was originally offered to AHS.

    Imagine what level of stardom AHS will have today if he has taken that role over Abyss.

      • Well, you have a point there. It is risky and no one knows what will happen if he accepted it. I am just imagining why if AHS receive same popularity as SK if he has taken that role. Maybe, he will skyrocket to A-list because LOTRS has a potential to be a full hit.

      • It’ll take 10 mins for AHS to become overrated too. Everytime someone hits big they become overrated. He’s already has 3 dramas lined up soon that’ll turn into 5 and he’ll be everywhere on magazines, dramas, endorsements and people will be all like ‘hes so overrated’. This is a pattern for popularity.

  7. AHS is surprisingly good in sageuk. And he really look good together with Kim Yoo Jung. I can’t imagine Hong Chun Gi and Haram as other actors. They really blend well together in this sageuk. So much chemistry, plus the romance is so good with fantasy elements.

  8. I like AHS acting in Still 17. He really is so skinny there. And I was amazed on how he glowed up in Red Sky. He became masculine. He has amazing chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung as well. I keep on giggling on their interactions in the drama and even off cam.

  9. So far, I love his acting in Red Sky and he really have a strong chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung. I also thought that Kim Yoo Jung best partner to date is Park Bo Gum. But he is also levelling in that on fire chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung. I hope they don’t have a sad ending in the drama.

  10. never seen him act before, so i’m pleasantly surprised that he is good and even can have good chemistry with yoo jung. i was really reserved about him after reading lots of lacklustre comment about abyss. was even sceptical whether he can create chemistry with yoo jung after i read he failed to do so with queen of chemistry bo young!

    thankfully, he is good as haram and the chemistry between him and yoo jung is also there, but for me really not up to the par with LITM yet. for LITM, the chemistry is great but the off screen interactions are even more amazing, hence i guess feeds up to the onscreen fire. may be bo gum is more extrovert type hehe..

    also, kind of bummed out that he might have real life gf. i know it is childish to associate his real life with reel life, but i guess i was hoping the off screen spark as great as LITM?

  11. AHS is so good in some scenes that I feel like wow! So good!
    In some scenes he could have done better i felt and start imagining jingoo(how would he act in this scene).
    But together they really do have chemistry a lot.(can’t beat yeoyoo couple)
    If this couple were together in cwpfn as planned it would have been my fav Romcom.

  12. Sorry people, but i dont get it why do you need to fight over petty things? Can we just enjoy their chemistry and hard work? They both work hard to give us this masterpiece. Please let us both support them regardless…

  13. Funny thought, where are the people questioning AHS capability as soon as he was confirmed joining this drama? Like as if your fave is that high that they don’t deserve him, anyways he’s literally killing it, of course Yoojung too like she always does.

    • Yep. Many people really doubted his acting, I’m one of those people because I know it’s his first major sageuk drama and his acting in his previous dramas wasn’t that phenomenal. It’s fascinating how he proves me and other people wrong. That’s a better route than other you expect to be good but ended up being disappointing ? Though I still see a bit of things he can improve like his laugh as Haram ?. But overall he’s good than I’d imagine him to be. He really improved a lot

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