tvN Holds Vote on Favorite Network K-drama for its 15th Anniversary Including Hits Vincenzo, Crash Landing on You, Misaeng, Goblin, Answer Me 1988 and Many More Nominees

Well this is going to be interesting to see which drama wins, whether it’s quality or motivated by fan mobilization to get out the vote. tvN is partnering with TVing to run a vote (click here) for the audiences’ favorite K-drama in the network’s 15 year span. Running down the list there are SOOOOOO MANY entertaining and well made dramas, and the best ones are both! Recent popular hits like Vincenzo and Crash Landing on You are there, as are critically acclaimed dramas including Signal, Misaeng, My Ahjusshi, and Secret Forest, family faves with Answer Me 1988 and Hospital Playlist, not to mention buzzy dramas during its airing like Goblin, Memories of Alhambra, Cheese in the Trap, and Encounter. Go shill for your fave and let’s see which drama wins the popular vote! On a side note, one drama conspicuously missing from the nominee list is Mr. Queen (Queen Cheorin) which got higher ratings than most of the dramas on the list.


tvN Holds Vote on Favorite Network K-drama for its 15th Anniversary Including Hits Vincenzo, Crash Landing on You, Misaeng, Goblin, Answer Me 1988 and Many More Nominees — 56 Comments

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  2. tvN has so many of my all- time favourite dramas I don’t even know how to choose.

    Misaeng and Reply 1988 will go up there as both being written, directwd and acted well and a story with so much emotions in them. In that it evokes so much empathetic and nostalgic feel from me as a viewer. Rather than being just entertainment. They were memorable.

    • I love Vincenzo to death but I hope the older dramas like Reply 1997/88 and Misaeng get a lot of voter love too. They’re a huge part of putting tvn on the map and building it up to no longer being looked down on for being a cable channel.

  3. S0 -please I want to vote but can’t read hangul. Can somebody tell me how to cast mine for My Ahjusshi which rocked my kdrama world?

  4. I cant choose. I love many Tvn dramas… They produced great dramas every single year!!! HP, Mr. Sunshine, Secret Forest, Signal, IOTBNO, Reply series, Prison Playbook, Misaeng, etc… How can i choose???

  5. Reply 1988 and CLOY are the best TVN outputs. Although several others come close.

    Can’t believe they are ignoring Mr Queen. Such a shame for a highly rated drama that many worked so hard on.

    • I really loved Reply 1988.It connects at various levels, there is something for every generation in reply 1988. The writing is so amazing it’s so real relatable and can stand the test of time.This drama truly transcends time.

  6. I dont know Korean so I can not vote even though I clicked on the series I liked the most but again it says something else after and I have no idea what is says.
    My vote is between Signal and Misaeng.

  7. It’s hard to choose, there are different types of drama.
    Sageuks : The Crowned Clown and Mr Sunshine
    Police : Secret of Forest
    Fantasy : Signal
    Slice of Life : Prison Playbook

    • I don’t get it why Mr Queen is snubbed putting useless movies there…that’s not a fair vote….We just want you to know international community will support it regardless of you snubbing it.

  8. Mr Sunshine and Arthdal Chronicles are definitely at the top of the chain. Doesn’t get better than these. Special mention to Reply 1988 as well!

    • I LOVED My Mister but my issue is that it doesn’t have the re-watch factor like my other faves (Reply 1988, Prison Playbook, Hospital Playbook, CLOY). Otherwise I would put it at #1.

  9. My lone vote goes to Vincenzo. That drama was pure entertainment cr@ck. I was going mad in lockdown and it was my lifeline to sanity.

  10. Signal, my mister and misaeng are unrivalled. Arthdal chronicles was also such an enjoyable watch for me, too bad it ended with a cliffhanger.

    • If only Arthdal Chronicles had a complete story arc…./sigh. It’s a shame because the concept was so interesting and handled very differently from your typical sageuk or kdrama fantasy, damn Netflix for trying to make it into an American drama format with seasons “based on audience response” (which was “???” because of the screwed-up pacing caused by this chasing after seasons without communicating that clearly to viewers. I don’t watch Korean dramas to get half a drama!)

  11. Crash Landing for reigniting the recent Korean wave! It’s such a comfort drama I can just throw it on anytime and laugh at the ducklings antics, swoon over Captain Ri, and cheer on Seri against her crappy family. Every character is well written and well cast. Its funny and heartbreaking from beginning end. And the cinematography is stunning. I saw that so many people are visiting the filming locations in Switzerland. I would love to visit one day too.

    Runner up is My Mister for great acting and storytelling. A bunch of characters that are hurting and consequently hurt others. I’m glad it didn’t turn into a romance at the end. I think it would have cheapened it.

  12. melting me softly of hi chang wook and his unknown Fl was the best. loled. er er… made JI chang wook an A lister with its rating of 20%…..ooopppps

  13. My Mister, Signal, and Misaeng quality-wise are THE trinity from tvN. Storytelling, directing, music, ensemble performance, plot—pitch-perfect. I can’t find fault in any of them.

  14. for me it’s Reply 1997, Misaeng, Secret Forest, My Ajusshi and Vincenzo in my top 5, tvn has some class dramas that really were nothing like what was on network at the time.

    Funny to think it’s been only 3 years since What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim became the first cable drama to outperform weekday network dramas in the same time slot.

  15. So difficult to choose! My Ahjussi wins by a hair’s width over the Reply series, Signal, Misaeng, Hospital Playlist, Oh My Ghost and Nine. Nine being the show that really won my adoration for Kdrama. These shows are so good, I could start re-watching them just now.

  16. My mister, no doubt, it has played a significant part in my life. No need for romance, kissing, just the interaction and good deed between human make me believe in humanity.
    The best of the best

  17. I dare say Reply 1988, My Mister, and Signal are Top 3 dramas not just for tvN but in general. That’s some quality writing, directing, and acting right there.

  18. Just realize that most of my fave dramas were from TvN. Signal, Misaeng, My Ahjusshi, and Reply 1988 are the most notable for me. And was Because Its My First Life (Lee Min Ki-Jung So Min pair) was from TvN too right? I love it too, the OSTs are still lingering till now.

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