Song Hye Kyo Shines with Simple Elegance in New Jewelry CF

This week is actually the 21st premiere anniversary of classic Hallyu K-drama Autumn in My Heart, and I mention it because female lead Song Hye Kyo has basically reverse glowed up herself from that drama to now and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Back then she was youthfully cute but now she’s all sorts of layered pretty. The latest set of CFs were released this week for her jewelry brand pictorial and it’s a very white on beige clean look which normally I would find boring but I think she looks so radiant and lovely here. It’s probably my nostalgia and sense of aging catching up to me, like if any woman can traverse two decades and not only not noticeably age but get prettier then goodness it’s worth admiring.


Song Hye Kyo Shines with Simple Elegance in New Jewelry CF — 31 Comments

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  3. Another overrated and overhyped actress. She’s only in the news whenever she has dramas out.

    And it’s always the usual PR puff “SK’s most beautiful actress” and “food truck sent by friends.”

    To be fair, there are far more beautiful actresses out there who don’t make PR hype about it.

    Her genres are always the same, too.

    She has no chemistry with her male leads.

    Her acting is average.

    Dead eyes.

    • Yikes the sjk fans are out lol maybe you didn’t notice her posting a special picture on her Instagram in celebration of his birthday yesterday. She always posts a sky picture on his birthday every year even after divorce. So clearly they aren’t bad feelings. So don’t hate what is not understood.

      • i’ve been sjk fan for a long time and supported him thru his marriage and divorce but i was never a songsong shipper because shipping real people is weird to me. but knowing this now kills me a little bit. i am not a shk fan but never disliked her even after their divorce since their personal lives are none of our business. but i know there are bad blood between the fans after the divorce.

        anyway, i knew she posted last year but brushed it aside as a coincidence but i had no idea she did it this year too until i read your comment. now i’m just feeling very sad T-T. not even sure why i am so affected by this. i’m like really really sad now? lol 🙁

      • Shk’s on a trip with two actresses from nwabu hence the beach photo.dunno why people think it has something to do with sjk’s birthday

      • LOL @Nad, they were married. You think she forgot the date of her ex husband’s birthday? And that it is a coincidence she posts a picture of a sky EVERY year on his birthday? You can’t be that niave. You must also think the pic she posted of a sky on their wedding anniversary was a coincidence too…

      • @bornyesterday So to you it makes more sense to say shk posted those pics because she still misses her ex husband and wants to go back to him than saying those dates don’t hold any significance to her anymore?

        And since shk did a lot of things with sjk, i think she should remove spain from her traveling list because they went for a honeymoon there.not just spain..US,sweden, italy, china, bali too

      • Actually I don’t think she wants to get back with him. But she is reminiscing on the past maybe? She is not dumb. She knows there are a lot of shippers still hanging on to their relationship. A normal person would post nothing on those dates or atleast something completely unrelated. But she purposely posts a very specific picture and notice no one ever comments on them because her close circle understands its not just a pretty picture of a sky. She didn’t forget the significance of those dates even if she has moved on. But I dont know her snd neither do you to know what goes on inside her head. All I know is its no coincidence since its several years in a row…

    • journalists think shk’s beauty and the 40 food trucks she got are newsworthy, barely her fault.
      you also mentioned those far more beautiful actresses that don’t pr hype themselves., if it’s their own choice, what’s with your bitterness?

    • I dont think theres anything wrong with PR, its their bread and butter right? But there are so many great recent pictorials of top name actresses doing big campaigns – JJH for Alexander McQueen, SYJ for Valentino, SMA for Roger Vivier and Givenchy, Suzy for Dior, and more. Yet I always see this blog post these basic SHK CFs. Her Fendi campaign is pretty good but the rest all look the same and are plain and boring.  Actually its kind of the same for most actresses with jewellery and skincare CFs. They’re really basic and not very exciting. I know this isn’t a fashion blog but wish there was more variety in whats covered.

      • Concur. I don’t mind the occasional fashion editorial posts if they’re good, but this is bland af.

        I think Koala is just hoping to hit another 100-comment fight thread and drive site traffic, hence her frequency of SHK posts.

      • That’s what I noticed. She looks the same in all her dramas and endorsements. Same left side angle, lip pouting, and dead eyes.

        To be fair, not all who comment on her are SJK fans. I didn’t even understand how they decided to get married before when they seemed not to be together off cam.

        Watching dramas and variety shows, there are far more approachable and exciting actresses out there.

        That’s how I noticed all her articles. Nothing real from her. She lives through PR hype.

      • @Fair judging someone’s personality based on what you’ve seen on cam.very fair of you

        idk shk personally, i’m certain you don’t either.. but i’m sure all the well-known screenwriters, directors and actors who sent her support during the filming of nwabu know her better than you and i do and they could tell the real her after personally working with her, which is obviously something you can’t relate

      • JJH for McQueen and SYJ for Valentino campaigns made the SHK/Fendi cover for Korean Vogue’s September edition look very lackluster and bland. She was let down by the styling and art direction and by whoever chose those shots for the cover. The close up version didn’t even look like her. She’s so very beautiful but in her recent photoshoots it’s hard to tell which brand is which because they all just blend together.

    • @bornyesterday clearly its not co, she is very well aware of the fact that it was his birthday yesterday. He was trending on South korea Twitter all day. Her fans think she is all naive but the picture tells a different story. Not that she is pinning for him or miss him. But she clearly knows fans will stories out of it.

      • Been over 2 years since the divorce,even their marriage didn’t last that long. How long does she need to wait before she can do anything on sjk’s birthday?perhaps it’s better for his fans to send a petition to the gov.ask them to prohibit her from doing anything on that day.

      • In case you’re not aware, she posts sky photos can see for yourself on her instagram. Unless she reserves that kind of photo for the 19th of sept every year, i don’t see what’s special about it

  4. Always the same kind of pictures . Not natural . I prefer Sophie Marceau , over 50 years , natural beauty with wrinkles . ( special icone )issue . And Julia Roberts for her new cf Lancôme new fragance ( filmed last week in Paris )

  5. She’s sooo pretty. I’m not her fan, I don’t always watch her works, but I always like her. Autumn in My Heart for me was the gateway to K-ent, so I have a soft spot for her.

  6. Ooze, SJK fans are still in SHK post and being so delusional that she misses your oppa, leave her alone and you stop going gugu Gaga in here. ?‍♀️

    • Laugh my ass off, if every sky post associated with that dude then that dude is a vampire that has so many birthday lolzz , June 26 sky post oh it’s his birthday, June 9 Sky post his birthday,
      Poor SJK have so many delusional fans that it’s just a disgrace to him

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