Jeon Ji Hyun is a Spirited Park Ranger with Mellow Counterpart Joo Ji Hoon in Second Teaser for tvN Drama Cliffhanger

With Hometown Cha Cha Cha doing great ratings on Sat-Sun midway through its run, made even more impressive with it’s rom-com and slice-of-life genre, the stage is looking great for its successor drama the mega high profile Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) to premiere in a month. It’ll be a 180 change of genre and pace not to mention lots of mountain vistas and rescue action plus with Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon bringing double the star power. The second teaser is here and it’s got a lot more previews of the two leads and it’s basically Jeon Ji Hyun channeling Cheon Song Yi as a park ranger, so much feisty attitude coupled with gorgeous looks. Joo Ji Hoon doesn’t really stand out in the promos probably because he’s the straight man role to her off-the-wall energy but what really will make or break this drama is whether it has a compelling story paired with rich characterizations.

Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri:)


Jeon Ji Hyun is a Spirited Park Ranger with Mellow Counterpart Joo Ji Hoon in Second Teaser for tvN Drama Cliffhanger — 32 Comments

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  2. I think the show will start off on the comedic side, then mysteries will start unfolding and it will go into serious mode. Given the writer’s track record, I am expecting a well written and unpredictable storyline. I will be very surprised if this turns out to not be a hit.

    Anyways, incoming comments complaining about Jeon Jihyun’s character in 3…2…1…

  3. There isn’t really much about the plot revealed, but the colors are much more vibrant here in contrast to the gloominess of the previous teaser. If nothing else, I’m looking forward to how they make use of their backdrop to create different moods throughout different seasons in the show.

    And they look good but Jun Ji Hyun doesn’t really suit the bangs. She looks more like a teenage girl and less a gorgeous lady. Or maybe that was the intention.

  4. The teasers are confusing. I thought the last teaser and posters showed disaster action. Now it’s comedy with JJH playing park ranger Cheong Songyi, but with a murder mystery and action thriller mixed in…

  5. I have no idea what they’re trying to tell with these teasers… The first one was an action movie, this one is a comedy… Neither of them look good honestly. The only thing that inrests me is the theme of the mountain.

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  7. I have a bad feeling about his. The last time such theme confusing contrasting teasers came out it was for DAYS. And we all know how THAT one panned out. Is this part of the reason why it’s not picked up by Netflix? In terms of star power, it should be up there with CLOY. Since it’s been banished to Iqiyi and Viki for international fans, it speaks volumes. After DAYS, never trust a tvN drama hype until one has watched it all.

    • Ouch that was harsh. Doubt it would fail. They dumped 32 billion won on it. With reliable veterans Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung Se as supporting cast, it will be a moderate success or a hit. SDI has the tvn midas touch thru Reply series & Prison Playbook.

    • “Banished” when it has top stars and top production team who all had successes on Netflix lmao maybe because iQiYi was willing to pay more for its streaming rights? (Chinese) money talks

    • Yeah they can “talk” with all their money however loud they want. Wait till the cane whack their backside like sissy c-stars, Alibaba, Tencent & TikTok/Douyin limited to 4 hours a week between 8-11pm for kids. Evergrande real estate crash contagion spread to the rest of the imploding Chinese economy & world share markets, then these Chinese streaming money will dry up faster than the Sahara desert. XJP: Too much K-stars hero-worship, whack, whack, whack. Next year, poof no more iqiyi. Lol.

      • If I were Studio Dragon/tvn, I wouldn’t put my biggest egg in the Chinese market/streaming company. Not a good bet when geopolitical tension is at an all time high at the Taiwan Straits, Japanese Senkaku island dispute, South China seas island disputes. Sure, they can make lots of moolah but one wrong move and it’s JE all over again.

      • Ouch ouch ouch. I can see your point. Like how Huawei got kicked out of UK, Canada, Australia & NZ. If IQIYI crosses xjp in anyway then it’s game over man (quoting Bill Paxton in Aliens.)

      • If just one innocent mooncake found in Iqiyi sponsor gifts sent to JJH for Chuseok, she’ll be hung out to dry by k-netz. Lol.

      • Couldn’t care less if that happens to them, that’s the major risk they have to carry lol just said funding/money is probably the reason it’s on iQiYi and not because Netflix did not like the project in the first place

    • How do you know that this project was rejected by Netflix? I’m sure iQiyi and other platforms are also hungry for k-content, so they might offer higher prices to snag big projects. I already see some big projects next year being are gonna be streamed on Apple TV,disney etc.

    • I think it’s all about the highest bidder. Make money now then deal with any backlash later. In terms of global & PR reach, Netflix still has the mojo. Once it’s shown there, anyone from the English speaking world to non English speaking world can watch it. So it makes sense that HomeCha got into Netflix as tvn wants to push KSH to Hallyu status but not Cliffhanger as the cast is already quite established. Quite a smart business move.

      • Good point @observer. As HCCC is going up in its ratings, one would think that is an excellent way for the momentum to segue into Cliffhanger. TvN is spreading their eggs evenly in different baskets after all.

      • @observer – I see where you’re coming from, but I am not entirely convinced that it came down to the highest bidder. What’s the point of Netflix inking business partnerships with TVN and others if it still has to enter auctions to win streaming rights to their projects?

      • @Ophelia, you have a very good valid point. I relooked the tvn data and came to the conclusion that it’s looks more like a mixed business model. I’m happy to be proven wrong and admit that I’m wrong thru healthy debate & robust discussion. Some tvn dramas go to Netflix and some to iqiyi, viki, viu, tving despite Netlfix entering into a business deal with tvn.

      • @observer – My working hypothesis is that Netflix gets first dibs on X number of productions due to partnership privileges, which means that it did pass on those dramas going to the other platforms. It has done a good job of picking the cream of the crop (biggest Hallyu hits) so far (time period being the two years since it inked the TVN & JBTC deals).

        Let’s see how this hypothesis holds as more info and data points come through.

  8. Does JJH not know any other style of acting? She’s still only doing different versions of her Sassy Girl character from 20 years ago.

    • I thought this drama she will portray a diff role like more dark or sth.. butttttt the 2nd teaser is back to her characters in love from star n legend of blue seas… hopefully its just that moment and not the rest of the drama..

    • she plays a similar version of the same character in almost every drama she’s been in. gong hyo jin is also like this. i mean, nothing wrong with that, they just have limited range. but it really makes one appreciate the versatility of an S-tier actress like son ye jin.

    • Disappointed if it’s the same Cheong Song Yi type of character. Legend of Blue Sea was bad enough, I was hoping for a more serious character this time.

    • JJH shows more versatility in her films. I too, am surprised to see her doing another My Sassy Girl copy. I thought her character here would be more serious and somber.

      • No I disagree even with her movies. Sassy Girl, Thieves and Windstruck were basically identical characters and even in the movie with Hwang Jung Min she wasn’t very different. Assassin was one of her more different roles but she wasn’t very good in it. It was an improvement but not something that supports the years of acting experience she has.

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