Production is Being Prepped for K-drama Adaptation of Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day and K-netizens Discuss the Difficulty of Casting the Right Leads

With the 2021 calendar year wrapping up all the K-dramas expected to air through year end have been announced so eyes are looking into 2022 for what is ahead. A very highly anticipated and high profile project is the official K-drama remake of the hit TW-drama Someday or One Day starring Alice Ke and Greg Hsu (also known as Greg Han). It cemented Alice as one of the best actresses of her generation and catapulted Greg Hsu from relative unknown to mega superstar actor. The K-remake was announced months ago but reportedly casting has started so K-netizens this week discussed how hard it will be the cast the right actor and actress for the lead roles, the way Alice and Greg were pitch perfect. The roles span two time lines one where the leads are adults in their thirties and the other both high school students. The actor and actress needs to convincing portray both in looks and aura and that is very difficult. My dream casting would be IU and Lee Do Hyun, which would reunite them from Hotel Del Luna as they were my OTP there. K-netizens think a great set of leads would be Shin Hye Sun and Chae Jong Hyeop, with other names being bandied about including Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Han Ji Min, and Nam Joo Hyuk.


Production is Being Prepped for K-drama Adaptation of Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day and K-netizens Discuss the Difficulty of Casting the Right Leads — 27 Comments

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  2. Why just why the original is too brilliant. I’m thinking it’ll be butchered like “in time with you” (another taiwanese classic).

    Also Han ji min and park seo joon lool in what universe can they pull of being high schoolers.

    The FL somewhat looks like Kim ji won, I remember even thinking they have similar expressions but even she looks a bit too mature. I think out of the FL’s leads mentioned by k netizens only IU can pull off being a high schooler.

    • Kim Ji Won could pass as a high school student if she is dressed and styled appropriately. To be fair, Alice Ke didn’t exactly fit as a high schooler either but she made it work.
      I like Park Seo Joon but can’t see him as a high school student. Although he did have some high school scenes in Itaewaon Class in the beginning so who knows.

  3. Casting well-known, established actors just wouldn’t feel right for this show. Part of the charm of the original is the fresh-faced cast for the two male leads. It’s not going to happen, but personally I would have liked to see Wi Ha Joon in the male lead role, he’s a good actor and has a very similar look to Greg Hsu. I have no idea who could be female lead though, it should be someone charming, but not especially stunning, who can play both a high schooler and a career woman, a introverted depressed teenager and an extroverted and resourceful time-traveler. Tough choice. After what they did to In Time With You, I am rather apprehensive, it hasn’t even been that long to warrant a remake.

  4. Wi Ha Jun and IU would fit the characters but IU doesn’t have the range to carry a character like that. Kim Ji Won is a good choice too or Kim Tae Ri.

    • I cringe whenever I see Kim Jiwon do moody or emotional scenes, which is needed for Alice Ke’s character. She’s much better suited for light characters a la FFMW. Kim Tae Ri is the perfect choice in my opinion. She can pull of both roles. But anyways, they should just keep the original because remakes rarely work out.

      • Kim Tae Ri will be a good choice to play the female lead role. Although she is 31.she can still play a high school girl convincingly. Love her acting.

        I think maybe Kim Yoo Jung can be considered too. She is playing a 28 year old woman in Lovers of the Red Sky currently airing and a 17 year old girl in 1999 and the older version in present day in Twentieth Century Girl.

      • And she acts like a teenager despite the preposterous age of her character everyone already knows that. Nobody believes a 28 year old would ever act like that this is the suspension of disbelief part. She is too baby faced and her acting is too immature to pass as anyone over 16 people are just turning a blind eye for the sake of fiction.

    • IU isn’t a bad fit. She has shown she can do moody and introspective, as well as extroverted and resourceful.

      +1 on the Kim Taeri suggestion.

  5. Park Bo Young and Park Hyungsik match the characters for me, they can do both the mature characters and the high school chars. Also Park Seo Joon as he looks like Patrick.

      • They look alike for me. But for sure seo joon will not accept a second lead role. Casts should be those who can portray highschoolers convincingly and also can carry out adult/mature characters. Phs and pby have those vibes and they are proven to have a very good chemistry.
        Tbh, I don’t prefer a kversion. Sood is better to stay as the original.

    • Omg, this is brilliant! So Meta to have Park Seo Joon play Mo Jun Jie since Patrick Shih is known to be the Taiwanese PSJ! Alas, It’s never gonna happen tho, PSJ is too big to play second fiddle in a drama.

      @Kailey B I think Patrick Shih in motion does look like Park Seo Joon in certain angles. Less in still shots.

  6. how about lee yoo bi for the female lead? with light make up, i think she can still pull off the highschooler part. i also enjoyed her performance in a poem a day.

    for the male lead, i’m not sure. how about yook sung jae? will he be back from military service by then?

  7. My first thought when I started watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha was that Kim Seon Ho would be the perfect Li Zi Wei for the Korean adaptation. He has the acting chops but also that youthful charisma that would enable him to play a high schooler convincingly (just like Greg Hsu!).

    As for the female lead, I think it should be someone similar to Alice Ke in that they are ‘older’ but can also still pull off the look of a youthful high schooler (mature in present time but young during HS times). Shin Mina is a choice that comes to mind because she has such amazing chemistry with KSH and can pull off a short bob cut and she looks very young for her age! However because I’ve mostly seen her in bubbly roles, I’m not sure whether she will be convincing as a moody introverted high schooler when she has to portray Huang Yu Xuan.

  8. I guess Lee sung kyung pull of both schoolgirl and adult version, plus, she fits the character well. For male lead, Kang ha neul. I dunno but the first actor came to my mind was him. Maybe I could see the chemistry between them. But,it’s my personal preference

    • I love Lee Sung Kyung, I really do. I will forever have a soft spot for Bok Joo, but Alice’s two characters and two timelines in this drama is really a tall order for LSK’s acting and I am not sure if she can deliver.

  9. Yes yes yes for Lee Dohyun as Li Ziwei! Ever since the Korean remake was announced, I’ve always pictured Lee Dohyun in the role. He has that mischievous aura but at the same time he can do emotionally-charged scenes.

  10. believe me or not but Lee Sung Kyung fits the role much. her age and duality for the two generations would actually fit since she can act as a high school girl and an adult.

  11. IU is the choice for c-netizens too
    she really can pull this off

    principally because she still looks so young

    but also Greg Hsu stole the entire show
    hope the female character in the korean adaptation shine a bit more

  12. IU would be a good choice. But there’s a good chance that this remake will turn out to be unrecognizable and unfulfilling (read: bad) and I don’t think she needs to have two bad remakes in her acting resume (*cough*Scarlet Heart*cough*)

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