Watch an Entire Drama Love Story in One Picture: A Visual Homage to Some of the Best K-romances

This post doesn’t need any editorializing, and really just needs to be viewed and savored. A talented and oh so generous K-netizen (doing the drama gods service!) created a one picture image for some of the most popular and beloved K-drama romances in the last two decades that captures the beginning and end. It’s called “Watch an entire K-drama in one picture” meaning from the first image seeing two people who don’t know/don’t like each other to when they are happily together, even without seeing the entire in between we can glean the progression of the romance from their chemistry and body language. The above remains a classic, the Hallyu top actress and the alien professor neighbors in You From Another Star. Others that tug at my memory strings include It’s Okay, It’s Love, Coffee Prince, Kill Me, Heal Me, and Answer Me 1988. The sole misstep was not using the two teen actors in the Will it Snow for Christmas of the pre-romance portion and instead just the two adult leads. Without further ado, please enjoy!


Watch an Entire Drama Love Story in One Picture: A Visual Homage to Some of the Best K-romances — 23 Comments

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    • Pasta and Master’s Sun???. I’m smiling but at the same time I feel really sentimental reminding of times when I was so happy watching these masterpieces?

    • Tbf, I never feel that Deokman ever loved Bidam. She cares about him because he has been her strong supporter. The whole engagement thing between them was just her scheme to protect Silla. Bidam oth truly loved Deokman.

      But can’t blame viewers fascination with this OTP cos KNG had great chemistry with LYW. They should do another sageuk together.

    • Its a scam, lol. But my heart still hurts for bi dam. His last scene was legendary. Dang, i rmbr crying over it and was just a teenager then.

  2. Okay I know all of these besides the one below kill me heal me and the one above reply 1988. Can anyone tell me what those are?

  3. May I know what’s the drama with Shin Ha Kyun and Lee MinJung? I could recognise all others except this. Thank you 🙂

  4. This brings me so many fond memories ? Three of my all time favourites kdramas are here: It’s ok It’s love, Master’s sun and Thirty but Seventeen ???

  5. Same, OMG that last scene from Queen Seondeok, I had wished they would at least show Deokman and Bidam were being together and being happy in the after life but no.. Bideok ship was my first heartbreak in K-drama universe..

  6. I legit got 5 people into kdramas with My Love from Another Star.

    Unknowingly to me, my 7 year old niece was getting sucked into it during one of those times and was getting a bit obsessed, I did not want to get in trouble with her parents for getting her addicted to kdramas at such a young age lmao.

  7. COffee Prince and Queen Seondeok <3 <3

    I remember I was so relieved when they changed the loveline to Seon Deok and Bi Dam because Lee Yo Won and the older guy who played Yushin had zero, nada, nil, zip non-existent chemistry. They even looked uncomfortable together and the brief attempted loveline was just totally unbelievable.

  8. Queen Seondeok my 2bd drama everto watch and first one to finish over a 12 years ago. It jump-started my K-drama obsession. My first heartbreak Bidam ;(.

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