Jung Hae In and Jisoo Dance the Night Away in First Throwback Era Romantic Poster for jTBC Drama Snowdrop

Okay, I legit LOVE this poster. It’s not original per se but it just washes over me with this epic period romantic vibe for upcoming jTBC drama Snowdrop. The first official poster is out for the drama headlining Jung Hae In and idol turned actress Jisoo in her first acting role, with supporting leads Jang Seung Jo, Yoo In Na, and Kim Hye Yoon. The drama was swept up in the Joseon Exorcist controversy in March with netizens accusing it of distorting history despite the drama not having aired yet. The network assured viewers it wasn’t and even passed a petition review started from the public that reached the government. I just want a swoony, teary, dreamy period romance and this poster projects that feel, apparently it’s paying homage to La La Land and I totally see it. I’m glad its coming out after Jung Hae In is back in netizen good graces with D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) so the drama can be viewed objectively and less a critique of other external factors.


Jung Hae In and Jisoo Dance the Night Away in First Throwback Era Romantic Poster for jTBC Drama Snowdrop — 26 Comments

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  2. Imagine all these beautiful cast playing second fiddle to a rookie actress with zero knowledge of acting and no blink should bring up her cameo in producers and Chronicles of artdal.

    • Exactly. Which is not to say she can’t be good (look at the rookie actress in Squid Game who killed her role despite it being her debut) but couldn’t Jisoo be cast in a minor role first? To jump into a lead role with a cast full of people who have worked for years and years to get to this point in their careers seems like a slap to the face.

    • Ikr? Kim hye yoon even already won baeksang and here she had to play supporting role. .and the lead role is an idol without acting experience!! Such a joke

  3. I don’t get how Jisoo got such a high profile role off the bat though. Did her agency pay the production company or director?

  4. I’m neither a fan of Jisoo nor Blackpink but a simple research can tell me she was given the FL role coz of her worldwide profile. She came ready with a brand recognition. With 47.7 million IG followers, there’s immediate international recognition & a ready made fanbase. These factors translate to advertising revenues, commercial profitability & countless sponsorships to make a handsome profit for JTBC & Drama House. The drama can be confidently pre-sold to 100s of countries sight unseen due to name recognition alone. People can bleat about it endlessly but talent sometimes takes a back seat when it comes to popularity.

    • Your comment just reminded me of Lydia1 who said LMH’s international popularity trumps everything else. His acting skill is questionable but man can he sell dramas like it was no tomorrow. Lol. Any PPL being placed in his dramas will sell like hotcakes. I think money-minded K-producers love bankability. Similarly, stinker drama of 2021 Doom At Your Service according to Wikipedia was pre-sold to 150 countries. Abysmal domestic ratings and critically panned by everyone from fans to antis still roll in the money for producers. The K-drama world has never been fair I must say.

      • Same bleating by people who never understood why tale of nine tailed is greenlit for 2nd season despite so many other dramas deserving of it. Unless there’s an insider dishing out secrets, we may never know why. Wish I’m a fly on the wall in the meeting room of k-drama decision-makers.

      • I would actually love to watch Snowdrop on Netflix. One for convenience so I don’t have to watch it on illegal sites and two for research purposes. Anyone can tell me whether it’s on Netflix or not?

      • Rumors say it will be streamed on Disney+, and with that poster I’m starting to believe it lol

  5. I have to tune in just to see how Jisoo stacks up against heavyweight experienced actresses like Yoo In Na (goblin, sg, touch your heart), Kim Hye Yoon (ey, inspector joy) & Yoon Se Ah (SC). Will she crumble like limp tofu or become another IU in My Ajusssi?

    • If Jisoo’ acting can match IU’s level in Hotel del Luna, it’s good enough. I suppose her 47 million ig followers don’t count as she’s not an actress per se. Maybe after Snowdrop, she can add another 13 million? Lol. The highest ranking actress on ig is Jung Ho Yeon who surpassed LSK. Talk about Netflix power.

    • I just hope Jisoo can hold her own grounds else all her supporting cast will be dancing circles around her!!! That would be really bad.

    • IU was in Dream High, You’re the Best with Jo Jung-Seok, Bel Ami with Jang Keun-Suk, Producers with Kim Soo Hyun, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo with Lee Joon-Ki and then My Ajussi. She wasn’t new at all.

  6. It is nothing new or groundbreaking to see a total newbie like Jisoo stacked up as lead against seasoned actors or actors with solid acting reputation. Maybe she would shine, maybe she is just good enough and ensemble cast will be able to cover the many cracks, maybe she’ll fail. Like somebody pointed above casting her was the easiest way to get investment, advertisers and streaming deal for the project. It would affect her brand reputation little even if she turns out to be mediocre or plain bad and she’ll keep getting offers again and again even if she is not good like so many did before her. Pointless to argue about it. I am curious to see why Kim Hye Yoon signed up for this. Just loyalty to people who gave her the first proper career break or fear of not ruffling feathers so early in her rising career or is there something meaty in her role…cause she did 2 films and filming a sageuk in between. So girls been busy. We shall see.

  7. I mean…she doesn’t necessarily need to be FL to bring in the money. A secondary role would be fine too. Her fans would gobble it up regardless and a seasoned actress would wouldn’t lose out on a great opportunity. Win-win in my books.

  8. The fact that experienced actors are taking supporting roles is a good sign for the dramas quality. It shows that they have confidence in the drama and don’t want to miss out on these roles. They are also likely pleased to have someone with the reach Jisoo has being the main lead and draw attention to the drama, in addition to having a good role that might give them even more recognition. Of course I also don’t think Jisoo would have been chosen for the part if she wasn’t the celebrity that she is, but I also would not underestimate the casting choice considering the people who are behind this drama.

  9. With the exception of the FL, the others are really strong cast, and would deliver on the meatier supporting roles required of a period drama. It is also a smart move to get her to bring a buzz, otherwise period dramas are not a popular genre.
    I’m not a fan of all these blind idol-worshipping trends but can’t deny that’s how the world works right now, and she is just going with that flow, not to begrudge her getting a lead role.

  10. Wow, an idol is getting a lead role while there are so many talented actors/actresses out there still need to find their places..
    I do not care if she has million followers on instagram/ social media, this is drama field and it requires acting skills. Lets see if she can carry out her job well or other casts will need to carry the work for her.

  11. Once the drama is out, viewers can see for themselves if she is worthy of the role. Who knows she might turn out a good performance.

  12. The FL… I hilariously remember her when she said ‘I’m not scary’ instead of saying ‘I’m not scared’ Anyways… I am of the opinion, somebody deserves the FL role; not her.

  13. How Yoo In Na become second lead i can’t even think. I guess she will steal the show as she did in Goblin. I really believe idol with massive fan shouldn’t be an actress.

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