SBS Kicks off Promotions for Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong Ahead of November Premiere

It feels like the a scrum with the sageuk crowding so upcoming SBS romance drama Now, We are Breaking Up may be the right modern drama to break up the period domination. The network kicked off the promotions with the release of first stills of leads Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong as well as the script reading pictures with the full cast. The top stills were seem earlier in network pre-releases but the below pics are all new. Jang Ki Yong is in the military now but he recorded all the drama tidbits before he enlisted which I think is realllllly important because this drama is all about the leads romance/breakup/romance and whatever they are putting viewers through with the push and pull. Song Hye Kyo feels like she’s closest to playing herself, a fashionista career woman not beholden to society and familial pressures, like a different career version of her Kang Mo Yeon in Descendants of the Sun. I truly want this drama to be good because I love the leads and am always up for a moody rich in emotion classic vibe romance.


SBS Kicks off Promotions for Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong Ahead of November Premiere — 18 Comments

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  2. Kyo looks better with long hair like in this drama stills above. She looks younger here too unlike her last drama, encounter. The styling probably plays a part also.
    I really hope the storyline of this drama will be interesting. I’m all for a career driven woman but am just on the fence with chemistry and noona romance though.

  3. The top two posters… guess it’s K-drama law that the leads ALWAYS have to stand in the rain with the male lead holding an umbrella over the female lead.

    Looove that red outfit. I’ll be checking this out for the fashion. But let’s see if the story will make me stay.

  4. Hum… I will try by curiosity. I think both actors are good-looking but their acting often is outshined by their costars.

  5. I don’t know but the vibe seems off. I like JKY’s visuals but Noona romances are not really my cup of tea especially if the age gap is more than four years.

    I hope this would be SHK’s last Noona romance.


    • More like 11 years. She turns 40 next month. Luckily she looks younger than her age but I still don’t like the age difference. I’m over the pairing of much younger rookie actors with older established actresses.

    • Yup. When it’s women that is older, they don’t have a problem with it. Yet when it’s the leading man who is older and the female lead is the younger one all criticism will be directed on the female lead. F*cking mindset.

    • Age gap romance dramas when the leads have a decade or more between them always weird me out, but to each their own I guess lol

  6. This OTP can work. I love Jang Ki Yong with Jang Na Ra in Go Back Couple more than her & Son Ho Jun. JKY has that versatility where he can give off an older mature man vibe. This was evident in GBC. He was devastatingly handsome & tall like HB’s Capt. Ri in his army uniform and walked hand-in-hand with his tv daughter in the last ep. SHK looking positively gorgeous here way younger than her Encounter role. Will tune in just for the visuals.

    • omg me too. i was rooting for jky be with nara. their chemistry way more palpable than junho. height is a crucial advantage for ml.

  7. Vitriol was directed at older MLs too. JCW got lots of flak when he was paired with KYJ in BR. Antis basically saying he’s a cradle snatcher & an old ahjussi not longer worthy to be paired with queen YJ. Sheeeesh.

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