Jung Eun Chae Joins Suzy in the 8-episode K-drama Thriller The Second Anna

The two women intertwined in each other’s life type story seems to be on the rise, with upcoming Reflection of You (A Person Like You) and also with The Second Anna. Suzy has already been cast as the female lead and now Jung Eun Chae is joining the drama as the other female lead. It’s the story of a woman suffering from Ripley Syndrome where she creates a world and identity of someone else but believes it to be herself, telling lies to keep up the pretense. I’m guessing Suzy is that woman the other Anna and Jung Eun Chae likely is the first and original Anna of the story. The drama was initially supposed to be a movie but the director Lee Joo Young of A Single Rider ultimately decided to make it an 8-episode drama to fully flesh out the characters and story. The drama doesn’t have a network yet but it sounds like a drama suited for streaming and one that may benefit from a full drama drop so the viewer can marathon.


Jung Eun Chae Joins Suzy in the 8-episode K-drama Thriller The Second Anna — 5 Comments

  1. “The drama doesn’t have a network yet…” Not sure this will air on any network. It’s a Coupang Play drama like Soo-Hyun’s One Ordinary Day. Good to hear Eun-Chae is joining the cast. And happy birthday to Suzy.

  2. The plot seems very interesting, really looking forward to it, the filming will start very soon, the news of other cast should come out soon too.

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