Dali and the Cocky Prince Bursts into Perfect Rom-com Progression and Tension in Episodes 7-8 as the Love Triangle Clicks into Place

I’ll preface this post by saying it’s going to be long (I have a lot to say) and that I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! thank you very much. KBS Wed-Thurs rom-com Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dal Ri and Gamjatang) rounded the corner to midway airing this week, with episodes 7-8 staying at mid 5% ratings but taking off in every way narratively. This is the rom-com I’ve been praying for that I haven’t seen in years, both light in energy but with serious tension and depth at regular intervals. This drama is so so good, like so good if you miss it I don’t know when we’ll get another one like this. Of course it can fall apart in the second half but so far it’s started off well and only gotten better. Episodes 7-8 really showed us what Dali has before her in terms of her two men – first love and former fiancee Tae Jin and creditor/new potential suitor Moo Hak. That I actually like Tae Jin is a testament to Kwon Yul‘s acting and the fact that OMG you’ll get burned by the chemistry and tension between him and Park Kyu Young especially in the flashback scenes, With that said, Moo Hak all the way, Kim Min Jae‘s chemistry with Park Kyu Young is just as good if not better and more importantly Moo Hak didn’t break Dali’s heart into a billion trillion pieces 5 years ago like Tae Jin did. I don’t even care what Tae Jin’s reason was, he gave up the woman he loves and now it’s too late and I can’t wait to watch him burn with even more regret as he realizes he can’t control everything. The directing of this drama continues to be so beautiful and easy to watch, love love the artistic touches thrown here and there organically. The music is also top notch, all the OST songs are stirring and just makes the scenes pop as needed.

I like that the art museum debt debacle has a broader conspiracy because that helps fill the time and throws in obstacles here and there, but really it’s to help Dali grow stronger and also give Moo Hak a reason to also realize that he care so much about Dali and wants to help her. I think both are fully aware they have attraction/feelings for each other and Dali took the first physical move in kissing Moo Hak (you go girl!) but Moo Hak one upped her by so sternly and sincerely telling her to think about what they did (the kiss) and whether it was an accident/mistake because to him it certainly wasn’t and he doesn’t make mistakes about what he eats/says/kisses. Swoon, sometimes that gruff boy says the most insightful things. It’s even better that Moo Hak’s dad was the only one at the art exhibition to see how Da Li and Moo Hak are looking towards each other when the other is not aware. Methinks Dad would be the perfect cupid, sad Dali’s dad is no longer around to help her as well.

I found myself laughing so often at the unexpected comedy, like when Moo Hak’s stepmother freaked out seeing him in the art installation coffin, or when Dali shoved Tae Jin in the car to avoid Moo Hak seeing her at the house., and of course Kids, Keith, and Keats that Moo Hak can only associate with Kiss ahahaha. I don’t think Dali needs her two men to always save her and despite her sometimes making stupid decisions because of her own general life hardship cluelessness she’s really thoughtful and articulate when she realizes she needs to keep getting street wise which Moo Hak has in spades. But her ability isn’t useless as shown with how the art she has curated for the exhibition really touched Moo Hak and he opened up to her about his mom’s death. The kiss at the end of episode 7 was lovely of the reversal in Dali making the first move but more importantly it was chaste and that’s fine because I am now a billion percent more excited for when the time comes that Moo Hak kisses Dali, god I’m going to need to buy a large fan to fan myself when it arrives.


Dali and the Cocky Prince Bursts into Perfect Rom-com Progression and Tension in Episodes 7-8 as the Love Triangle Clicks into Place — 12 Comments

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  2. Fully agreed with you, Koala, that this is indeed shaping up to the best romcom in recent times!

    It has the charming mix of a delightful vibe grounded in strong characterization of 1FL and 3 MLS, each with different but totally intense chemistry. The chemistry of Dali and JTJ is burning the screen and had he not done what he did, it’D a tough call who she should end up with – but there’s no doubt MH all the way.

    For now, the acting, directing, music…are all hitting the right note. Please don’t falter in the second half and make the villains less cartoonish.

    And I love love all Dali’s clothes and styling (and as someone who likes HTCCC, the styling of the FL there is day and light from here – it proves brands clothes and accessories aren’t everything).

  3. The teasers didn’t much interest me but I checked it out after your prev post and dang, i almost missed a good romcom. I liked it more than i thought i would. I think this is Kyu young’s best role so far. And I so love love Dali with Moo hak but a part of me wants her to give ex fiance a chance. He obviously loves her then and now but then i also want him to suffer for breaking her heart. lol.

  4. ROLF when the poor guy tries to pronounce Keats that does not sound like Kiss !
    It does look like Tae Jin will have a noble/makjang reason for dumping Da Li. Me thinks he will turn out to be a strong contender for Da Li’s heart.

  5. I agree this drama is just perfect . I begin to watch because of Kim Min Jae and Kwon yul (My park Hoon ! and favorite Brain’s resident) But i stayed for the whole package , i like how the actress is so good at conveying multiple emotions without overacting and the “ayego thing” . It just flows … . My fav rom com since …

  6. Loving this too!!! For all the reasons you mentioned. First drama in a while that I can’t wait for the next episodes even if I’m still watching the last available episode lol. Everything just perfectly gel together, or at least for me, the drama hits all the good spots. So happy for the 2 leads, the rest of the cast and crew.

  7. This drama has been such a unexpected surprise for me. I really went in with zero expectations. I can honestly say I haven’t looked forward to watching new episodes so much in a LONG time. I’m ready for Dali and Moo Hak to be together now, kthanks.

  8. I’m glad others are enjoying this drama, but I finally dropped it. I really liked Dali, and if it the drama had simply been about her rebuilding her life, I would have been all over it. Unfortunately, it is a rom-com for which both the romance and comedy fell flat for me. I didn’t feel any chemistry between the leads, and the drama had too many characters I didn’t care about, doing annoying and/or boring things.

    • Thank you. I fully agree. I tried this show after beanies and koala hyped it up. But if I’m to write how terrible I found the drama from the inane characters to the bland plot and unfunny humor, it’s gonna be a tediously long essay. Dropped.

  9. Interesting, I will definitely check it out. I have a feeling more and more complaints will start coming up about as it gets closer to the end as is custom with kdramas.

  10. If koala writing so lengthy about this drama then it must be good, I must check this out since I was so depressed watching Han Soo Hee in My Name.

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