Dali and the Cocky Prince Bursts into Perfect Rom-com Progression and Tension in Episodes 7-8 as the Love Triangle Clicks into Place

I’ll preface this post by saying it’s going to be long (I have a lot to say) and that I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! thank you very much. KBS Wed-Thurs rom-com Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dal Ri and Gamjatang) rounded the corner to midway airing this week, with episodes 7-8 staying at mid 5% ratings but taking off in every way narratively. This is the rom-com I’ve been praying for that I haven’t seen in years, both light in energy but with serious tension and depth at regular intervals. This drama is so so good, like so good if you miss it I don’t know when we’ll get another one like this. Of course it can fall apart in the second half but so far it’s started off well and only gotten better. Episodes 7-8 really showed us what Dali has before her in terms of her two men – first love and former fiancee Tae Jin and creditor/new potential suitor Moo Hak. That I actually like Tae Jin is a testament to Kwon Yul‘s acting and the fact that OMG you’ll get burned by the chemistry and tension between him and Park Kyu Young especially in the flashback scenes, With that said, Moo Hak all the way, Kim Min Jae‘s chemistry with Park Kyu Young is just as good if not better and more importantly Moo Hak didn’t break Dali’s heart into a billion trillion pieces 5 years ago like Tae Jin did. I don’t even care what Tae Jin’s reason was, he gave up the woman he loves and now it’s too late and I can’t wait to watch him burn with even more regret as he realizes he can’t control everything. The directing of this drama continues to be so beautiful and easy to watch, love love the artistic touches thrown here and there organically. The music is also top notch, all the OST songs are stirring and just makes the scenes pop as needed.

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