Hometown Cha Cha Cha Heads into This Sunday’s Final Episode 16 with K-viewer Complaint About the Big Back Story Behind the Male Lead’s Angsty Guilt

It’s an impressive feat that tvN drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha is currently sitting at number 2 in 2021 ratings for the Sat-Sun timeslot for the network, behind Vincenzo, though Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) isn’t counted as a 2021 drama since it premiered in 2020. It’s last few episodes have been in the 9%-10% ratings with the highest being two episodes that broke 11%. I think it can break 12% for the final episode this Sunday but that aside it’s rare to hear last minute critique on a popular drama but here’s what K-netizens are annoyed about with a last minute reveal. Viewers learned that Kim Sun Ho‘s male lead Du Sik has been living in the seaside village doing odd jobs and being helpful to all because it gives him purpose after he was so despondent he contemplated suicide. That was over the death of his friend’s dad who entrusted funds to Du Sik to manage as a fund manager and the money was lost over bad investing picks. Viewers are upset that this paints fund managers in a bad and untruthful lie that when a client loses money its the fault of the manager especially here when Du Sik didn’t even pick the investments. He was blamed by those around the dead client and his guilt ate away at him. K-netizens think this is a dumb plot twist which I think in the history of terrible, awful, no good last minute K-drama plot twists this is small potatoes. The drama sounds like it’ll still wrap up with a happy ending so at least the ardent fans will get plenty of satisfaction.


Hometown Cha Cha Cha Heads into This Sunday’s Final Episode 16 with K-viewer Complaint About the Big Back Story Behind the Male Lead’s Angsty Guilt — 68 Comments

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  2. I loved this show till about episode 10. But after they get together, its gone steadily downhill.. Shin mina’s aegyo is cringe and whiny, the chemistry vanished completely and the big dark secret was an absolute damp squib. But I’m super happy that ksh is solid lead material so looking forward to whatever comes up next.

    • Agree!!! I have no problem with Dushik but Hyejin, duh, she acted like she was a teenager. Super clingy and very uncomfortable to watch.

      Ep 14 gave me hope, but the last part totally absurd. He got beaten for not knowing about someone is WEIRD! lol that person didnt even mention his dad’s name nor asking where dushik worked but got all mad bcuz of it. Like, seriously?? Havent watched ep 15 and 16, but will do later.

      • I left due to Shin Mina”s clothes/ fashion. How can I watch in peace with her horrible clothing? It keeps distracting and disturbing me! Gosh, whoever is the wardrobe manager of this drama should be replaced.

      • I HATE when grown women act like backward teenagers, it’s why I have a hard time watching most JDramas! And, I can’t remember what series it was, but it, TOO, had a stupid explanation of the whole angst-driven secret–ruined the show for me. That’s just bad imagination on the writers’ parts. So, I’m thinking this show might just be an el passo for me! Sad, because it has been getting good reviews, but judging by the comments on here. not good enought to justify the problems with it.

    • Yes, totally agree with you. Actually by the 7 episode, I keep dozing off. Meaning the show is really boring and I don’t find their attraction to each other is heart fluttering

    • I cringed when they kissed each others dimples. Like, too much cutesy stuff from characters in their 30s. The show lost its momentum for me. It’s just an easy, relaxing watch.

      • Yes HP2 fizzled as well, ratings wise. I’m not saying the ratings for homecha aren’t good just that based on the trajectory of the first 5-6 episodes, seemed like it would go higher than 12%. I think the plot didn’t advance enough and that became clear at the halfway mark.

    • I think audience feels the same because the ratings just kinda… stalled. For a while I thought it would climb to Mr Queen/Vincenzo or even Cloy territory since it started off with better ratings but it just fizzled out.

      • How come Homecha rating is stalled and fizzled out? They started with 6% and ended in 12%. Same with Vincenzo and Mr Queen. Vincenzo started with 7% and ended in 14%. Mr Queen 8% and ended in 17%.

        Cloy is different. From 6% to 21%. We cannot argue that Cloy is phenomenal.

      • I think it’s because it doesn’t have any too striking conflict or plot and no cliffhangers (except for the last 4 episode) like Vicenzo or other dramas, so the Korean viewers didn’t feel the need to watch it real time. They could watch it later in streaming service, such as Tving and Netflix, which is why it’s always on the top spot (no. 1 or 2 on Netflix, no. 1 on Tving). But the impact is real, to the fact that tourism in Pohang increases due to people visiting the filming site.

      • If we are talking about ratings stall, then HP2 takes the cake. Blasted out of the gate at 10%, then ended at 14%, lower than HP1.

    • 100% agree. The beginning + middle were excellent but then when they got together and the drama literally FELL apart. I agree chemistry vanished, things became very cartoony – especially the female lead’s character, and now this big ‘secret’ is about the guilt of something HE had zero control over (his friend dying in a car accident and the uncle’s suicide – not his fault). I get it that he’s sensitive but would have preferred something more realistic or at least the direct result of his actions.

      • He also felt guilty that he didn’t answer the phone when he called = same guilt for not being home with grandpa when he had heart attack

  3. I don’t think it was weird that Doo-Shik felt so guilty about this. He’s a senstive person who cares about every people around him.

    For the family’s reactions, yeah there were completely unfair but it’s often the case in KDrama. People thinking only about their family and think it justifies everything they said or done is a very used trope in KDrama. Like you can marry an orphelin, a single dad/mother, a son/daughter of a criminal, etc.

    I don’t think they painted badly the fund managers. The both were ready to help the guy.

  4. It kind of weird that many Kdrama got awkward when the couple are together. They becomes less convincing. I don’t know why. They are super good at push and pull stage, make love triangle but weirdly bad at making a loveable couple story

    • The only k-drama I have watched by far where the couple took chemistry to new heights when they officially become a couple is “Live Up To Your Name”. That drama has the best OTP ever, very rare to have K-drams showcasing OTP in healthy, full grown up relationship. It was a combo of good writing and phenomenal chemistry between the leads.

      I agree with you, most drama sensation falters once the OTP got together and that’s really wasteful.

  5. Given the uncle who died is finance illeterate it is possible for them to put the blame on dushik. If the clients are high net worth individuals who are suave in finance, it is less likely to happen for them to blame the investment manager.

    • An unlikely thing to happen is for dushik to recommend a high risk investment to invest on the uncle’s money. As an investment manager he should be able to measure the type of investment that is suitable for his clients. I think this is a plot hole in this drama

      • He didn’t recommend it though. The guy came to him and said he wanted to invest and DS tried to tell him it was risky. He gave him a number to call and the guy ended up investing in an even riskier plan.

        I didn’t mind the family blaming DS because the dad did it all behind their back. From their perspective, it looked bad.

  6. Spoiler:
    It was not the death of his friend’s dad.
    The one who died is his sunbae and college roommate who has been liked his elder brother during his stay in Seoul. The sunbae even asked DS to get that job in his asset management company.

    The cameraman’s dad attempted suicide, because he lost money in the funds. It is explained that it is not Doo Shik’s fault. DS did not recommend the high risk funds to him and DS had asked him not to be reckless. The dad bought from the employee in charge of the sales, not from DS directly. Obviously, this part can be explained further whether the risk profile assessment were done properly to ensure that the dad’s risk profile is suitable for the funds, but this is not a drama on financial services, so it guess, it is just a brief mention of it.

    As Sayaris above said, it is inline with DS character to feel guilty, because he cares for people around him. He originally did not want to go into the asset management industry because he felt it is too money oriented.

    With his hyung’s death (though it was not shown in ep 15), he probably felt that the comments he heard during his grandad’s wake, that ppl around him will die, hold true. Hence, in his mind, he could not reason why he’ll be the only one living.

    The agyeo during the dating period is too much, but i blame in on the writer and director, not the actors.

    Anyway, this drama is an easy watch. No perfect characters (except Ijun), but no bad characters either. Everyone has their own flaws, but they also ready to admit their mistakes and be a better person. A feel good drama to watch in a difficult period with the never ending pandemic.

    • I clicked the imaginary LIKE button multiple times for your comment. 🙂

      It takes a very mature viewer to understand, and empathize with DS character. This lovely drama had so many meaningful life lessons sprinkled throughout the 16 episodes. I’m sad to see it end but am sure I’ll rewatch again and again for the beautiful scenery, funny bantering between the leads, the awesome supporting cast, etc.

    • You are correct and insightful in your review of what happened and again in your assessment of this series. Thank you… I was getting frustrated with all the errors in several other posts!

  7. I’m a longtime lurker on this blog, but I’ve decided to comment just for this post (maybe).

    I’d like to think that at this point, koala intentionally chooses to write Knetizens’ complaints about this drama. This reminds me about her previous Homcha article about the leading lady’s need to be saved and relying on the male lead.

    Her two recent articles on Homcha share similar writing styles – presenting viewers’ complaints while being “understanding” of those and ending both articles on a positive note.

    • Yes, I agree with you. I guess she didn’t watch Homecha. Since she was perceptive, if she watched it, she must know the answer why Dushik is devastated for Doha’s father and the death of his hyung.

      • I mean Dali and Gamjatang and Red Sky get positive posts every week but HomeCha only gets posts when viewers have complaints.

      • I would love for it also, especially since there are so many positives articles in Korea about Homcha. But well it’s her preference and we can’t force her on that. It doesn’t matter to me tho, cause I still love Homcha (and I know I’m not the only one) and nothing will ruin that feelings for me 🙂

    • Agreed! She hasn’t been watching the show and ends up writing negative articles, with inaccurate plot. I’m gonna miss the hell out of this show! Sting female lead, sensitive male lead, lovable secondary characters that actually have depth. It was an emotion roller-coaster in the best kind of way!

  8. They lose the emotional impact because all big reveal from episode 11 onwards doesn’t feel natural…. I think the movie handle the conflict more realistic. it’s just feel like the writers just want to make audience happy hehehe… abit underwhelming about the story unfold. but happy for Kim Seun Ho. he is seriously good and shine when the character need character depth. even outshining Shin Min Ah.

  9. Did these people really watch the drama? The client dad didn’t die. He tried to commit suicide. Also we got Dusik’s side of the story and it was made clear to the audience that it was the client’s own fault for being risky with his own money when he was expressly warned not to by Dusik.

    I bet Doha’s family made their own speculation on what happened since the dad was in a coma and I bet he never explained what the real story is even after waking up and Dusik definitely took blame on himself (cause that’s the type of guy he was). Also I don’t think he was as much upset by the money loss but more the fact that he didn’t pick up the dad’s phone call which is the “if I only picked up the call he wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide.”.

    • Exactly! He felt guilty for ignoring repeated calls from the SECURITY MAN, WHO DECIDED TO COMMIT SUICIDE, BUT DID NOT DIE. (Yes, Ms. Blogger, you should make the necessary correction) And for allowing his hyung to drive him to the hospital, his hyung dying in the car accident. It was an overwhelming amount of guilt he couldn’t let go. Sensitive viewers can empathize with this.

  10. Agree with everyone who said that the show fizzled out midway. I gave up during episode 11 after getting back onboard because it got so cheesily sweet that I felt like I was getting cavities.

    This drama is basically the Kim Sun Ho show. The plot is weak and it began to show midway when the show started dragging. HCCC is a good example of leads star power, charisma, acting ability, and chemistry holding up the show’s ratings.

    As to people comparing about Koala having it out for this show, I saw this ep15 complaint echoed everywhere. Even on a discussion on the Blind app (of all places!).

  11. I didn’t mind the reveal. I sort of wish DS had done something wrong, but they set up why DS would feel so guilty. Anyway, I really enjoyed this drama and wish there were more like it. I also thought it was well written, for the most part, and that was a big reason for the drama’s success, along with the light, warm tone and wonderful actors.

  12. I’m wondering if people actually watched this drama and just are complaining for sake of complaining. The dad doesn’t die; he gets paralyzed. There’s a different death that I think eats at Du Shik’s nightmares more.

    And the show pushes the fact that it’s really not his fault, because he correctly consults the man. He feels guilt because he didn’t answer the man’s call before the guy commits suicide but the show proves that people grieve and some need to turn that grief into hate in order to move on. The family’s chose to hate DS, and DS chose to hate himself.

    Painting fund managers in a bad light? Seriously? *rolling eyes* It’s a drama people. And even then, it was barely 10 mins of DS doing his job correctly after an unpredictable setback and a man’s foolish and impulsive decision despite appropriate council.

  13. It’s a bright and easy watch drama. All characters are not perfect people but they deal with each other perfectly: with acceptance, understanding and no jugdement. They dont hesitate to apologise and quick to forgive. Such a nice place to be.

  14. I have tried to like OTP sooo hard but the chemistry just ain’t there for me. Love grandma Gamri & Yee Joon-Bora mini OTP. SMA’s chemistry with SJS is way better in OMV. Now the biggest breakout character is TOTALLY ADORABLE Eun Cheol & his Mi Seon slow burn love saga. They totally stole the show for me. They are the only reason I watch hccc. Giant props to Kang Hyung Seok and Gong Min Jung who portrayed this cute couple. Wish they have more screen time. EC’s line “I date to marry. I intend to marry you someday” sealed the deal for me. He’s totally dorky, derpy but so sincerely honest & devoted. An excellent example of turning a minor character into magic fairy dust. I ffwd all the other scenes just to watch them. I predict Kang Hyung Seok will have a bright future and become a solid ML one day. He reminds me of the old school movie star & handsome HK-TVB 5 tigers. I’m officially a fan of Kang Hyung Seok now.

    • Wow. I completely agree with you. I was zonked out after episodes 7,8,9 whatever. The PD sunbae arrival didn’t interest me one bit. Didn’t care about Ijun’s divorced parents’ & first love plot. Only woke up when Eun Cheol sprang into action to drive Mi Seon all the way to Seoul when her mum needed surgery. Rotisserie chicken has suddenly become a lot more meaningful to me. DS-HJ & EC- MS can double date for life now. Lol.

    • There are YT vids dedicated to these two supporting characters. That Kang guy is a cutie I must admit. Nothing else interests me. Hehehe.

    • It’s okay.. Don’t try so hard to like the OTP. Everyone has their reason to watch Homecha. That what makes Homecha outstanding between romcom drama nowadays and get high rating.

      Probably if so many people willing to voice their opiniom for this couple, maybe this pairing will get their own drama.. maybe a spinoff. Just like Kim Seon Ho get his Dushik which mirroring some Han Jipyeong, but in a different path and get his happy ending.

      • Gong Min Jung is 6 years older than Kang Hyung Seok but the age gap doesn’t affect their chemistry at all. In fact I find their interaction more organic, believable & interesting.

  15. I dropped it lol it’s been hard for me to watch when the episodes are more than 1 hour long… but I’m happy for Kim Seonho for the success of HCCC, he’s a really talented actor

    • The clue to the ex-gf claim that this k actor scream in a show n was told off by pd. I did read about someone like that many many months ago but can’t recall but it is definitely not Kim Seon Ho otherwise i would have remember. Kim Seon Ho was never told off by any pd, only praise by pd and co workers.
      U may think it is safe to write rumor or spread or even hate remarks on internet but it is not actually safe. Many celebs agencies have managed to find people like these n sue their pants off.
      Homecha had dealt on gossip with no damage but healing. I don’t care about ratings n not affected by negative complaints about the drama. There are many positive articles and commenters who are logical n mature makes homecha enjoyable to watch where the issues the people there face, some if not all, i do see them in real life n letting me see healing. What i did not expect is the impact homecha has that brought many people to visit pohang n that is good for the local community as before starting work on homecha, Seon Ho went to Pohang n saw a need there. He then started fun raising to create work for grandma n the fund far exceeded it’s target. People have the likes n dislikes n i am ok, but don’t tarnish a person just becos of dislikes. Everyone is battling a battle in this pandemic even without pandemic, everyone struggles to survive, be kind to others n be kind to yourselves too.

    • SK has strict defamation laws. The claimant and commenters better tread carefully. Anyone mentioning his name in relation to this claim should be sued off their pants if untrue. Is this the standard MO for Korean jilted ex-gfs to pressure their celeb ex-bf/booty call partners to pay them off more money?

    • Well good lord. Do we have a Seo Ye Ji level (or bigger) scandal brewing to cap the year?

      The pixelated photo of the actor has been released, and it’s definitely Kim Seon Ho. Whether or not the rumors are true are TBD, but the photo is him.

    • Gosh, some people just can’t stand seeing an actor doing well. Great timing, isn’t? Just when someone has a good drama, being buzzy then wham a scandal will pop up to ruin the actor’s career.

    • Gosh, an innocent human life has been taken. I just can’t understand why consenting adults won’t have some form of protection when they have fun times. Even ONCE can produce a baby, hello. Sigh.

    • Any other credible media sites reporting this? Maybe a big nothing burger. KSH is like a saint in SK. These accusations are wild.

      • The allegations are top news on Naver right now and blowing up kdrama Twitter. The pixelated photo released is him. His agency needs to send out a statement ASAP to quell the flames if it isn’t him.

      • Thanks @peanut. Goodness, this is definitely a sh@tstorm all right. At least the last episode been aired. Can’t wrap my head around this.

  16. Quite few very good scene,
    Reconciliation of older couple after more than 15 years separated, which gives the son a heart warming family, desires to have full union family dinner together, this ia excellent and awesome! 🙂

  17. Good details about how a childhood +young adult life incidents trauma causes bad consequences, eventually comong out of trauma is truly essential to move on in life, important and necessary!!

  18. Real life incidents of couple giving 2nd child birth, far too many similar situations where hubby can be naive and taking for granted suffering of wife or homemaker, even a working wife homemaker,
    Real incidents.

  19. Ilove it till the end. I also love the expensive clothes handbags n shoes of the leading lady but most of all the very good performance of Kim Seon Ho. It’s a happy show to watch

  20. For me, it’s one of the best k-drama i ever watch.. i really like it, and there’s many life lessons.. i also recommended to my friends, hope they like it!?

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