K-ent Youtuber Lee Jin Ho Drops 12-minute Video Explaining Salt Entertainment’s Delay in Providing an Explanation is Due to the Identity of Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Being a Hugely Problematic Hit to His Reputation if Revealed

Well known Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, who was a K-ent reporter before turning to his own YT channel, was the first to announce that the Actor K in the allegations posted by a woman was Kim Sun Ho. That was yesterday and today he posted a new 12-minute long video (link) providing his own explanation for a variety of issues surrounding Kim Sun Ho’s scandal – to refresh, a young woman said Actor K got her pregnant, he didn’t want the baby but she wanted the baby, so he promised to move in together and then marry her and asked that she not ruin his career, she agreed to an abortion believing that and afterwards he dumped her. It’s been over 24-hours and still Kim Sun Ho’s agency Salt Entertainment has not provided an explanation and went a whole day before announcing that it was still investigating. Kim Jin Ho explains what’s going on behind the scenes – (1) he says Salt’s statement has already tacitly admitted that Kim Sun Ho is Actor K in their “checking on the truth” statement, otherwise they would have said it’s not true, (2) but the reason Salt can’t release an explanation is because the ex-girlfriend’s identity is hugely problematic and will be a big hit on Kim Sun Ho’s career if revealed. So even if there is an explanation for her allegations, i.e. some facts are not true or accurate, it appears that simply having dated her and had sex with her is very very damaging to his Good Boy image.

Lee Jin Ho says that K-ent reporters earlier heard this rumor already, and that the ex-girlfriend’s reveal of the timing of the relationship matches what the reporters knew and heard. Now that it’s out in the open with so much damaging allegations, news publications and the 13 endorsement brands that hired Kim Sun Ho have been calling Salt nonstop to get their response but Salt is not answering their calls. He said initially Salt wanted to just say “no comment” and hope this went away, but the reporters and brands demanding explanation is putting them in a tough spot. To date, 7 brands have deleted all CFs and images of Kim Sun Ho from their official Instagram accounts. Lee Jin Ho says the fallout is especially bad as Kim Sun Ho’s been on a hot streak with landing CF campaigns and his rate went up with the success of Hometown Cha Cha Cha. That means the penalty will also be higher for breaking the morality/good image clause in those CF contracts, in the industry its now 2-3 times what he got paid. Lee Jin Ho says Salt is on the hook for nearly $12 million USD in damages if Kim Sun Ho’s reputation tanks from this scandal and that is why Salt is unable to quickly respond. Lee Jin Ho added that that the ex-girlfriend’s allegations are not 100% accurate, and if Kim Sun Ho came out and admitted to what is true and explained what is not true, and then sincerely apologizes, there is a sliver of chance for him to salvage this scandal. But not saying anything is why this is growing bigger and that’s why the CFs have dropped him within a day. Basically Lee Jin Ho’s scoop is that Salt and Kim Sun Ho are between a-rock-and-a-hard-place on this one.


K-ent Youtuber Lee Jin Ho Drops 12-minute Video Explaining Salt Entertainment’s Delay in Providing an Explanation is Due to the Identity of Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Being a Hugely Problematic Hit to His Reputation if Revealed — 83 Comments

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  2. I doubt the legitimacy of this Lee Jinho dude. Sounds smarmy. There are also reports KSH’s contract with SALT had expired in Sept ‘21 but got extended for HCCC promo management, and that he was being courted by other agencies.

    So yeah. There are definitely layers to this issue. But his career is definitely over for now. People are just so keen to gleefully dance on his grave for unverified stories—just straight on ask the guy to off himself, why don’t you? Haters gonna party when that happens for sure. Humans sometimes really disgust me.

    • He took not that long to reach stardom and now he immediately exiled or banned or reach D-list level because of this. What karma is this. His fans must be in shambles right now. RIP to his fans. He can’t be saved. Looks like the allegations are all true and they can’t say no that easily because they the woman has strong evidences it seems. Now ksh can only apologise and admit his wrongdoings, comeback after a year with cheap dramas and unpopular casts or go back being theater actor his fans especially international will stay loyal to him

      • Who gives a crap about his fans? It’s the artists themselves and the people closely involved that will suffer from the fallout of these blown-out “issues”. I’ve seen actors and actresses self-destruct & commit suicide for less… and all for our entertainment, we who eagerly gobble up these types of news cause they’re just.so.juicy. Because it’s such fun watching someone else’s misery.

    • I think its due to the way his fans (some if not most) behave since Start Up. Criticizing NJH, Suzy & Start Up team. They are also the ones who proudly call & trend KSH as good boy.

      I hope this issue makes people stop being too obsessed with celebrities, and treat them as purely entertainment.

      The more you invest your time in something & the more obsessed you are, the more worried you become & the more disappointed you will be when it does not go the way you wish for.

      Compared to SYJ, KJH or other celebrities with scandal, i think this issue can have greater impact towards KSH due to the good boy image. Like LSG, even dating a woman whose family Knetizen has issue with was a big deal that time.

    • not sure why fans are mentioning the contract almost expiring (?) as a possible gamechanger. it’s not proof of anything being true or false?

      this is the danger of being a celebrity, and managing your private life is key to having a long lasting career. haters celebrating the fallout is inevitable, i’ve seen it happen plenty in kpop as well and recently in c-media too. no need to be dramatic, it is what it is, the rules of the game. they know what they get into, especially someone in his mid 30s.

      in any case, i stay neutral and this issue didn’t stop me from watching the last episodes of the drama lol but in this industry image is everything and his nice boy image took a hit so big that i’m not sure it can be recovered (unless they go for the Big Full Denial route).

      • I suspect they’re mentioning the almost expiring contract because of KJH’s case. Possibly an attempt to spin it as Salt trying to sabotage Sun-Ho’s career for leaving them.

        And yes, OP is being dramatic. Them pulling the suicide card is just like how delulu SYJ stans pulled the same card and even disrespectfully used Sulli’s name to defend their scandal queen.

      • You said it yourself, there’s no proof of whether this is true or false, and people baying for his blood isn’t me being dramatic, just take a look at this blog’s threads on this issue and all the other sites and look at all the gleeful, nasty comments rejoicing in this man’s downfall. And in case you have been living under a rock, the rate of suicide in SK is one of the highest in the world, and that includes those in the public eye. It’s people like you and your blasé attitude to these types of behaviour, calling it normal just because actors/ idols chose to be in this business, that perpetuate horror shows like this. Vile and rotten?

        And don’t be so naive to think that this guy’s contract expiring with Salt and him being courted by other agencies don’t have anything to do with these allegations coming to light. It has happened before.

      • @Smells Fishy

        Apparently, Salt released a statement that those contract expiration rumors are not true. That it’s not yet time for his contract to expire.

    • @smells fishy, there are quite a few posters here like @helen who have a hate boner for rising or as they call it, nugu celebs, and worship veterans, and they are just salivating to see newbies get into scandal and be cancelled.

  3. USD 12 million!! That’s more than what PSH makes in a year. Her fans were saying she is the biggest star in salt but apparently not.

      • Is that really normal? A penalty clause thrice than the money he can realistically pay back?

      • @Dakchigo though I don’t know how CF contracts work, but it sounds pretty reasonable to me. 13 endorsement brands and $4m-6m means KSH and his agency is paid around $400k per endorsement and penalty fee is $800k-1.2m per endorsement. Let’s say a brand company pays him $400k as endorsement fees, then the company spent another $200k-400k to push the endorsement ads out. The remaining amount is compensation for damaging the brand’s image and potential earnings losses.

    • I’m guessing she’s a room salon girl or similar. Her actions are pretty calculative, choosing the right timing etc, so it’s unlikely she’s a minor. High status daughter is out of question as she can just use her dad’s power to exile him from the industry and she has more to lose than KSH. For her identity to be “hugely problematic”, it should have something to do with sleazy stuff. KSH’s image is goody-goody, so for him to date someone working that sort of jobs is definitely damaging to his image.

      • Because of his image highly problematic probably just means escort or something, which isn’t problematic in itself but since they spent so much money building this goody two shoes virginal image it became highly problematic.

      • People actually bought that a mid-30-something year old guy in the acting industry was a virgin?! I’ve got a bridge to sell to them.

    • She might be of age or else how would she know it’s not easy for her to conceive unless the abortion part is false… The youtuber said all she said is not true…

      • He didn’t said all she said is not true though. Just it’s not 100% trustworthy aka some stuffs maybe exaggerated but for most part it’s true

  4. It’s starting to mess up when the articles said that his contract with Salt expired since Sept but it was extended till HomCha ends so that means he’s a free agent now? It does make sense of why Salt took long to issue a very vague statement.

    • I read that too. But considering the potential contract damage/repayment Salt is liable for as KSH signed quite a few deals while with them I wouldn’t think they took their time because of the contract expiry. If KSH goes down they’re also in deep. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

  5. This guy has made blatantly false statements in the past. I just want to see how they counter it before commenting. Not wanting a child isn’t a crime but forcing to get an abortion is trash behavior. So we’ll see. These seem speculative statements by the youtuber.

  6. entertainment world in South Korea is really cruel and unpologetic. in my country, no matter how shitty the person is, they will find a way to come back and getting popular again. so the celebrity in my country is pretty much can open up either they are shitty person or decent human being. in fact they openly talk shit about each other to add spice every time divorce case announce lol…

  7. Looks like it’s gonna be a Kim Sun-Ho Week all week on Koalasplayground.

    Meanwhile, his stans on Twitter are vehemently insisting their boy is a virgin. They’ve been bending over backwards and twisting themselves into all sorts of painful shapes to defend their ‘Good Boy’. This stanning business… the salary and benefits must be bloody worth it. Else what’s the point of putting your entire being into someone you don’t know who doesn’t know you back… Whew.

  8. No wonder I dropped the Hometown Cha Cha Cha within 6-7 episode. The character he acted is out of this world. No one is that perfect in real life and his character gave me goosebumps. I find the chemistry between Shin Min Ah and Kim Sun Ho is lacking. So I don’t really like this drama. And I don’t really like Kim Sun Ho to begin with. He’s not that handsome. With this scandal, he can kiss his career goodbye

    • You’re so judgemental and want to justify what happened in real life because of your opinion of the kdrama? What a small mind. One has nothing to do with the other <>. Don’t feign E.S.P. because you would have guessed this when eps. 6 & 7 were airing and not after the fact. Ha,ha,ha!

  9. Her identity is problematic.hmmm….what could it be? Is she an escort girl? A minor is unlikely. A bi-sexual?? I don’t know but very intriguing indeed

    • But according to her statement they dated for a year. So it doesn’t seem to be a one night stand or a girl he picked up somewhere. I could be wrong though.

  10. At this rate, when will his agency issue an explanation? A few more days?They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, so might as well pick the lesser of two evils and go with it.

    • I bet the statement will read “lovers quarrel..misunderstanding..currently reflecting..blah blah” It won’t do much for the image damage but at least it’s a statement.

    • Issuing explanation is pointless. Huge damages have been done. Suing people is their best course of action, e.g. Reporter Lee as there’s clear evidence against him or the rumored ex gf if they have evidence that she spread these rumorss.

      • In her statement she said she has kakao chat texts od their conversations. So if true the agency needs to tread very carefully. Which is why they are taking their time to figure out how much she can prove. That will dictate what KSH will own up to.

  11. As an actor, having goody two shoes image can sometimes be detrimental if their personal life does not align with public image. When it’s too good to be true, it usually is. I hope pressuring her to get an abortion is a lie, otherwise he is a piece of pure garbage. Hate the kind of man who wants to get into someone’s panties but is too coward to take precaution/responsibility.

  12. Big lessons for celebrities not to sign onerous contracts. How can someone stupidly sign a contract for trouble he didn’t cause or something way beyond his control?

    Then, don’t be too greedy and sign up many commercial deals especially for products they don’t use. They should really start using their brains. They don’t need to say yes to everything.

  13. I still get goosebumps when i recall Kris Wu’s fall in China dude is in jail now.. one of the most dramatic falls i remember in my time and look we have all witnessed some bad ones but that one kinda shock me. I was also personally shocked by the Kim hyung jung one he was a big star when it happen and him being a BOF star made things even more spicy

    • Kris Wu was really an eye-opener on how most of these celebrities have gain confidence from the privileges accorded to them, his was the ultimate abuse of power as it involves underage girls from drugging, rape and gaslighting. In SK, I think there was a variety guy who was involved in underage sexual crimes. There were also Kim Hyung Jung and Yoo Chun. LBH and Park Shi Hoo we’re also big ones.

      • And Lee Byung-hun and Park Shi-hoo still do so well, while women like Yoon Eun-hye get blacklisted for mistakes relatively so minor that they won’t even merit a fine. Welp.

      • It’s not at all problematic for me, but for knetizens it might be, idk. Many foreigners can write in Korean, that’s not a reason to discard the possibility.

      • Some may have opinions, but dating a foreigner (who also happens to be fluent in Korean) is hardly considered problematic or scandalous, even for knetizens. If you think that’s a possibility then anything goes, she could be the daughter of an ex-convict, a North Korean defector, his high school teacher, etc.

  14. Did the Korean entertainment industry always had this much scandals? I don’t remember it having this much problems.

    Lol at people feeling justified at hating him. I can’t help but think they’re Nam Do San fans.

    • Not everyone here is NDS fans, it’s just that’s at the very least annoying to just watch his rabid fans idolize him as if he’s Christ himself and associate the fictional character he played in a drama as a statement of his virtue and piety, while completely trashing and disrespecting other actors and professionals. He’s a person, made out of flesh, with virtues and defects, not an angel, and I can’t deny it’s slightly sweet to see his die hard fans react to this – although they’re twisting themselves to support their oppa and blame the victim, who could’ve expected differently ?

      • You hit the nail perfectly. I don’t get why some people keep assuming that anyone who dislikes him is automatically some salty DoSan stan. If NJH was bland and uncharismatic AF and got overshadowed in his own drama, that’s not this d-bag’s fault.

        Most of the hate he gets is because of his delusional and obnoxious stans who put him on a pedestal, worship him like a religion and use him to bash established stars who’ve been in the industry long before this wanker came along.

        Even now, they’re still raining curses on the girl for trying to destroy their precious and pure oppa who doesn’t deserve this, spamming the SNS accounts of the brands that dropped him in retaliation, mewling that they can’t live without him and will move to SK to be with him, writing embarrassing messages under his SNS and more.

        Ironically, the same stupidities that SYJ fans did. And those two fandoms have a LOT in common than just problematic faves.

        With the way they’re ready to die for him, it makes me wonder why he didn’t bone them instead. They would have thanked him for it and eagerly had an abortion or even a hysterectomy, if he asked them to.

      • You guys have trouble separating artist from the fandom. I don’t see people hating on Beyonce this hard because her Beyhive is batsh!t crazy.

      • All those established celebs you guys keep worshipping have just as toxic, if not worse fandoms. Just look at this site alone.

      • No one assumes Beyonce is Saint Mary, though, and if she did something trashy, disrespectful or problematic, I’m sorry, you wouldn’t see the level of delusion we’re seeing in this case. This cult he gained was due to the very well written – by the talented writer who was repeatedly bashed last year, people forget that – character he played, whose sympathetic image became ingrained with his own. He’s talented, of course, but this rise to fame would absolutely not have happened if it wasn’t for the role he played.

  15. Hugely problematic – could the girl be also in the entertainment industry??? A young B or C list actress?? Judging by his rising status, why would he choose to hook up with room salon, bar or escort girl probably full of STDs servicing other clients too. There would be plenty of female fans, rising actresses, minor idol girls who will throw themselves at him. Hmmm. The plot thickens.

  16. Salt’s lawyers probably tearing their hair out now. If it’s a very clear cut case, the denial statements/defamation lawsuits will be out by now. Girl could be hiring her own lawyer to negotiate with team KSH. Perusing thru sh*t tons of evidence to use, negotiations falling apart, damage control, multiple scenarios playing out here.

    • Is Salt even on the hook to handle this mess given that his contract expired in September and was extended only because of Hometown Cha3x?

      How does this work with the contract expiration?

      • The fact that Salt themselves have not announced the end of the contract smells fishy. If the contract has expired, won’t they quickly announce it to save their own reputation? I dunno. The whole thing seems suspicious.

      • @cheeky, that’s why I said make this scandal into a Netflix drama. Netflix shares would jump higher. Who doesn’t like real life gossip and scandal?

      • @cheeky – Reports (take with a grain of salt) are that the contract was set to expire in September, but they extended it to until Hometown Cha3x ended. So Salt got caught by the crappiest timing. If this scandal blew up next month, it’d be off Salt’s hands if KSH decided not to renew.

        It’s like being on the hook for the giant mess a part-timer / contractor caused.

      • @cheeky – I’ve been wavering on the buy Netflix decision since it hit an all-time high. I’m a bit cautious that Netflix is surging too quickly and entire market is due for a correction soon. Netflix is a FAANG company and that sector has been shaky recently.

        I’ll wait until Q3 earnings are announced.

      • @pearl, good to be cautious. I reckon a FAANG company won’t be allowed to fail too much long term. Anything else is collateral at this stage. Sh*t-storm about to happen anytime from this quarter onwards till next year. If you follow King World News too, things ain’t looking good.

      • @pearl, reg. KSH-salt business r/ship. Best they part ways. Awkward to proceed in anyway. Might as well KSH join Story J like Kim Jung Hyun. Story J seems like a rehab specialist in repairing damaged reputation actors with SIG and KJH in their stable.

  17. I’m sensing the mystery person is not escort/bar/room salon girl. These types most often shut up fast once $ exchange hands coz they don’t earn much in the first place. This girl’s family probably furious with KSH coercing their daughter aborting their unborn grandchild thus going for the jugular of KSH. Please drama gods, somebody make this into a k-drama next year. Who’s nominating their fav oppa to play KSH’s part?????

  18. Me gustó este medio para opinar, nadie se ha insultado, hasta los que leí. En cambio en twitter, no se puede decir nada que ponga en duda la virginal reputación de KSH, se tiran como si estuvieran defendiendo a algún familiar, yo creo que ni a sus parientes defenderían así. Espero que la verdad sea contada, y no le estén tratando de sobornar a la chica para callarla.

    • Exatamente hahahaha! O que mais me intriga é a quantidade de mulheres – convenhamos, são só mulheres – prontas a defender um homem que nunca conheceram e que provavelmente defeca e anda para elas como se ele fosse o próprio Cristo. Elas não se identificam muito mais com a vítima não?

  19. Okay. Let’s vote. The girl is:

    A) Escort/bar girl;
    B) Kinda nugu idol/C-list actress;
    C) The daughter of someone rich/influential;
    D) A foreigner (?).

    Make your bets.

    • Oh yes, also

      E) A minor/barely legal fan.

      I think a minor is unlikely because she seemed to have more knowledge about her reproductive condition, which younger girls/women don’t have as much.

      • Nah, I’m ruling out C and D based on Korean media reporting. Rich families shush things up behind the scenes. It’s a Korean/Asian thingy. Save face and family reputation at all cost. No to A as escort girl doesn’t have enough /connection/clout/money to hire lawyer nor the time to negotiate this long. My bet is B.

      • Since she’s on birth control pills & she’s accompanied by his friend and friend’s younger brother to clinic as her guardians, I would say she’s a former musical theatre or theatre actress. Who knows?

      • Someone in the entertainment industry – make-up artist, fashion stylist, hair stylist, wardrobe assistant, etc.

    • They said she was a former broadcaster who worked in the mid 2000s to mid 2010s. She retired from broadcasting to run a commerce business. I hope she is doing well and is safe. Thank you for your bravery in exposing him. Think about it, your ex who gaslighted you is everywhere you go in Korea from TV, CFs, pics, and etc. It’s a painful reminder all the time.

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