Wi Ha Joon Cast as Male Lead in Upcoming K-drama Adaptation of Little Women with Kim Go Eun and Nam Ji Hyun

The ascension of rising K-actor Wi Ha Joon has begun after his breakout role in hit Netflix drama Squid Game, and also a very good impression in his last role in a supporting capacity for 18 Again. He’s just been cast as the male lead in the upcoming tvN drama Little Women, which is as the title suggests a K-drama homage adaptation of the world famous novel. It’s not exact as there are only three sisters this time, and Kim Go Eun has been tapped as the eldest sister with Nam Ji Hyun playing the second sister. The production has not yet announced who will play the third sister but discussions are underway. Even more buzzy is that the drama will be helmed by the PD of Vincenzo and The Crowned Clown with the script by the screenwriter of Mother which was her first drama script but she’s got lots of movie scripts under her belt. Filming is slated to begin shortly before year end with a airing date in 2022.


Wi Ha Joon Cast as Male Lead in Upcoming K-drama Adaptation of Little Women with Kim Go Eun and Nam Ji Hyun — 33 Comments

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    • If this pattern continues endorses will stop signing rising stars for their products and rookie/rising actors may no get longer cast in dramas easily. Idols have had much fewer controversies than rookie actors it might be more cost effective to fill up roles with idols irrespective of their talent. A combination of veteran and idols might be the future.

      • I know, right?! They would have probably glare at son ye Jin after she did The Classic and Summer Scent and be like “who does she think she is?”. Why can’t people be happy for him? He’s been a good supporting actor for years. He’s gotten nominations for best new actor in the past. So this is a reasonable career trajectory.

      • @prettyautumn – exactly lol. What is up with some people and this negative “know your place” mentality towards younger or less-famous actors who finally made it to the spotlight?

      • @Royal We – you see this “know your place” mentality all the time when up-and-comers challenge the old guard whether it be entertainment, sports, business, etc. Some people get really threatened by change.

        I for one, want to see some new faces, so bring on the newcomers.

      • Ikr? WHJ is actually talented and hot. He’s also a sweet guy. It was only a matter of time when he was going to pop. Finally, WHJ rise!!

    • “nugu” has been nominated in the most prestigious acting awards for both drama and film way before squid game. he has auditioned for all his parts and earned them on merit alone. no need to be bitter. he comes from a village and has struggled for a long time

  2. If it’s an adaptation and there are only 3 sisters, I assume the sister they’re not including is Beth?

    So KGE is Meg, Nam Ji Hyun is Jo? Weird cause Jo is the lead character.

    • Its not based on the book it just has the same title because kdrama and original titles don’t go hand in hand *cough while you were sleeping cough* pinocchio cough*

    • ikr it’s confusing, is this drama really an adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel? I think it would work really well in a Korean setting but this drama doesn’t sound like it’s a LW adaptation. The dynamic between the sisters would be too different with 3 sisters and not 4.

      • The synopsis says 3 siblings bond together to fight against a conglomerate. I would say that sounds nothing like the novel. Why do fans insist the drama is based on the book? The production has never claimed the drama is based on the book or has any relation to it. Only the title is coincidental.

    • Honestly, the whole KSH thing has shown us, no celeb is safe. He better if he has or doesn’t keep whatever skeletons that might come out. Any celeb working rn in Korea needs to be on alert.

  3. Kim go eun stays booked. Woozie is thrown to low budget dramas. And she will never have kGE movir career. Netflix wont even cast her in 100 billion won drama . She is flowerpot has been usedup washed up with expiry dates. She id no jjh to get assassination type of roles im 30s. Flowerpot get replaced by younger flowerpots

    • This type of unnecessary comparison and criticism is what makes some people hate KGE fans and spew their venom at her as an end result. They’re just two women trying to practice their craft. Unless you can see into the future you don’t know what’s in store for Suzy in regards to her career. There are plenty of Hollywood stars, for example, that never win an Oscar but are huge box office draws and adored by fans around the world. They’re both valuable to the industry. That should be enough.

  4. Really excited for this. Glad to see NJH back on the small screen. I hope more male lead roles will be announced soon. Not sure if Wi Ha Joon will be cast as the eldest sister or second sister’s love interest. If the k-version follows LMA’s book, there will be actors playing John Brooke, Laurie/Teddy and Professor Bhaer equivalent. Nam Ji Hyun fits perfectly as Jo, the smartest, most creative & literary of the 4 sisters. NJH herself being a child actress is like Jo writing plays and act in them to entertain her family. Hoping Yoo Teo will play K version of Prof Bhaer as he speaks German in real life and born in Cologne, Germany. Chef kiss casting or dream casting.

  5. Age wise & language wise YT is perfect as the much older Bhaer giving NJH’s Jo German language tutoring. Assuming if the order casting happens that way. If Wi Ha Joon plays Laurie, that will be an intriguing 3 way love triangle. Now they have to cast a gorgeous Amy to fill out the three sisters. Fingers crossed the Koreans won’t wreck this classic tale. So much potential to be gigantic hit bit can flop miserably in drama form.

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