K-ent Looks Forward to the Discharge of Four Male Actor Leads in the Next Few Months: Park Bo Gum, Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, and Yook Sung Jae

The year 2021 is winding down and another batch of enlisted male lead level actors are returning from nearly two years away in mandatory military service. That means the casting calls for next years K-dramas and/or movies will have returning names to shake up the scene. The biggest name return is also the last to come back in this batch – Park Bo Gum will be discharged in April of 2022 and of course he’s already receiving love calls based on industry buzz. Woo Do Hwan will be returning on January 2, 2022 and he’s confirmed for the Netflix drama Hunting Dogs (Hounds) so he’s set for his post-return project. The first one back is next week with Yook Sung Jae on November 14th but so far no word yet from his agency on whether he’s hustling to dive right back in or will take his time to assess. And last but not least, Yang Se Jong follows in discharge on the following day November 15th and I’m expecting to see him back on the small screen for sure in 2022.


K-ent Looks Forward to the Discharge of Four Male Actor Leads in the Next Few Months: Park Bo Gum, Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, and Yook Sung Jae — 21 Comments

  1. Looking forward to Park Bo Gum’s military discharge in April 2022. Expecting more demanding and strong character in movies with a lot of substance or content.

  2. Yay Bohummy will be back soon! I’ve missed him. Hopefully he’ll pick a better quality and more interesting project for his comeback drama. His choices have all been rather questionable these few years.

  3. Cannot believe how time flies in terms of end of their military service and yet at the same time how time seems to slow down because of the pandemic. I feel like those who enlisted during the pandemic might have been better off in terms of seemingly minimal impact to what they have missed in k-ent due to pandemic restrictions.

    • Sungjae is technically on vacation and still technically enlisted. He still can’t have activities until his official discharge. As explained by leader-nim Seo Eunkwang

  4. Compared to when LMH, LJS, KSH, JW were being discharged this line up is pretty weak. Only PBG is relevant here the rest are still not big stars. The next big lineup of popular actors will be when SK, LDH, NJH and KYD enlist. Can’t believe the 94-95 line will be up for enlistment soon.

  5. Yook Sung Jae? I’m surprised in his this list. He never really had a main role. Mystic Pop-up Bar, it was more an ensemble of cast. He never had to carry a drama. I don’t say he can’t. I just don’t know.

    I realized it’s very different. Some actors are really good in second role but failed in lead ones like Ji Soo (before his scandal) or Jang Ki-yong, they are overshadowed by the other actors.

    The time flies fast. I’m happy for them to come back to their life 🙂

    • It’s bcs he’s rejected a lot of project before bcs he’s want to do more activities with his group. Maybe you don’t know but he’s an idol and in a group called BTOB. You said he never carried a drama but I’d say he carried ‘Who Are You School 2015’even tho he’s a second lead. FYI, Sungjae is really big in Korea and he’s one of the highest paid actor despite having less drama or movie project.

      • I know he’s an idol. But I don’t think it’s a reason, a lot of idols can do both. And he was an entertainment shows like We Got Married or Master of the House.

        It was Kim So-Hyun who carried Who are You School 2015 by playing 2 roles! I agree that he was better than NJH.

        He’s acting since 2014, he’s not a newbie anymore.

  6. Okay, am I the only one that confused Yook Sung Jae with Seo In Guk, Yeo Jin Goo with Kim Min-Jae, Wi Ha Joon with Kim Kyung-nam? Seriously, someone needs to do a drama/movie where they act as siblings, seriously. Also, Park Sieun and Park Bo Young.

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