Squid Game and then D.P. Selected by Joynews Insider Poll of Best Streaming Shows of 2021

Looks like the Joynews Best Of insider poll this year has split the television programs with the streaming only programs. That’s fine though it would be interesting to see the same program stacking up against each other since where it aired doesn’t matter as to quality. The entertainment industry group selected Netflix drama Squid Game with 120 runaway votes as the best streaming program of the year. Next came also Netflix drama D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) with 39 votes. Third spot went to variety show EXchange with 15 votes. Weirdly Yumi’s Cells took fourth spot with 8 votes for streaming on TVing. And rounding out the top 5 was each getting 3 vote ties between Kingdom: Ashin of the North, variety show Spring Camp, Netflix drama My Name, and Netflix streaming movie Space Sweepers. Other shows to get 1 or 2 votes include Move to Heaven, Mad for Each Other, and Girl’s High School Mystery Class.


Squid Game and then D.P. Selected by Joynews Insider Poll of Best Streaming Shows of 2021 — 27 Comments

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  2. I would have DP over Squid Game. Thought knetz didn’t like Squid Game. Looks like global popularity changed their minds.

    Did Joynews also release a best OTP list or did they skip that this year?

  3. DP and Move to Heaven >>>>>>>>>>>> Squid Game.

    Squid Game wasn’t so good to deserve so many vote compared to the DP and Move to Heaven. The story, the characters, the acting were better.

  4. They did release the bst OTP this year
    1. Hometown Cha2
    2. Vincenzo
    3. Ik-Joon and Song-Hwa (Hospital Playlist 2)
    4. Seong Hyuk and Min Ha (Hospital Playlist 2)
    5. Youth of May
    6. Beyond Evil
    7. Penthouse 3

  5. All their lists have been off the mark but Squid Game over Deserter Pursuit and Move to Heaven? Yeah, the game is definitely rigged in favor of popularity and ratings. The OTP list is also another hoot. All the other OTPs had way more chemistry than the bland HomeCha couple.

    And can they make up their minds already? Some of these shows were on the first Best list as well as the Worst and now they’re on another Best list again? I bet if there was a worst streaming show list, they’d wind up there as well. LOL.

    Given how they split the TV dramas from the streaming only dramas, I wonder if award shows will eventually create a separate category for the latter or just merge them all. ?

  6. Bitter people crying over Squid Game because their flop local shows didn’t get half the recognition or popularity. Same thing they did with Parasite and Handmaiden. Anyway, DP is primarily appealing to Koreans or people who know about korean army culture. No wonder it failed to make any mark on the worldwide lists. Move to Heaven was contrived sadness with LJH’s theatrical overacting. The real hot take is that SG was a more engaging watch overall.

    • Only a clown stan will get delusionally possessive of a freaking TV show like it’s their personal property and automatically sulk over any viewer criticism of that TV show as jealousy and bitterness. Who the hell gets jealous of a K-drama, of all things? All shows are made for public consumption so people will have different opinions on them. If you can’t handle that, get off the internet and go suck on your pacifier, kid.

      • Ok bitter and jealous ? DP and Move to Heaven FLOPPED worldwide, SG was a critical and commercial success. Y’all praise every drama that Koreans deem good but are suddenly mad when they vote SG i
        onto the top place? Which one is it, Korean people are right or are they wrong? Koala stans always display bitterness over successful shows which don’t star their hallyu darlings, what else is new. I will criticize their nonsense whenever I like deal with it.

    • @Circe/Kaguya/Rapunzel/Belle/GiaJun/Jennifer/Isis (same font posting) is just pressed no one likes her shows. She’s the same ? who couldn’t stop hollering about Korean ajummas and JBTC shows in the Inspector Koo posts.

      Font has a weird hate boner for Korean viewers. This isn’t the first time she’s been dissing them and hollering superiority over their viewing habits.

      • I am pointing out you lot’s tragic hypocrisy actually. Y’all criticize every low rated drama but when Koreans vote for a global hit to be on top, suddenly they’re voting for popularity and it’s overhyped? LMFAO.Just say y’all only like dramas with hallyu stars and go. Your tears won’t make SG any less successful.

    • we talk about best drama here, not most popularity drama. So based on that, we have a reason to make an argument if we feel disagree with the result. this is a blog. moreover, they claim it mostly from profesional. so there is that

      • Yeah suuureee, Koala frequenters who overhype trash dramas because of ratings or popularity of the leads and criticize low-rated works irrespective of quality, are the biggest connoisseurs of taste lmfao. They’re just bitter about the overwhelming success of Squid Game.

      • @Circe, where are you seeing that? Many high rated shows get criticized, Jirisan being the latest example. HCCC and Vincenzo and others all had their detractors. On the other hand, low rated shows get praised. People had nothing but praise for Yumi’s Cells and IONTBO.

  7. Lol! You can only hope that the “insiders” from these polls are not in a position where they get to make a lot programming decisions.

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