Burberry Holds Star Studded Store Event in Seoul with Han Hyo Joo, Cha Eun Woo, Jung Hae In, Moon Ga Young, and Wi Ha Joon in Attendance

Burberry either has a ton of endorsements in South Korean or it’s just got plenty of sway to lure this many famous faces to attend this week’s event in Seoul at its flagship store. Han Hyo Joo and Moon Ga Young brought different actress vibes with the former more ladylike and the latter going for cool young hipness. For the men, Cha Eun Woo coasts on his face alone lol while Jung Hae In raided the grandpa section and Wi Ha Joon lost half of his varsity jacket arms section. Honestly these outfits are all just meh and the reason is that Burberry just can’t be worn head to toe. Only one item paired with other brands otherwise it looks like you raided the street knockoff section of Dongdaemun and walked out like the proudest ahjumma. The cheesy coordinated outfits aside, everyone looked great, glowing and healthy and ready to pose.


Burberry Holds Star Studded Store Event in Seoul with Han Hyo Joo, Cha Eun Woo, Jung Hae In, Moon Ga Young, and Wi Ha Joon in Attendance — 15 Comments

  1. I like Han Hyo Ju but her outfit disappoints while MGY rocks. MGY looked amazing from head to toe save for the bag.

    WHJ jacket is a fashion fail for me. JHI looked even younger, I wish he had chosen a different color for his outfit. CEW’s face looked so puffy. Is he even getting any sleep?

    • If they’re selling the clothes, they failed big time. Love the purses though. CEW,he’s not taking care of himself- someone please tell him. JHI, I would love some color on him but of course bbbbrrry will not let that happen. Overall, 2 out of 10. 2 for the purses.

  2. HHJ looks classy and sophisticated but MGY just looks catty in that outfit she’s not made for high fashion. WHJ is a fashion fail but what is that hideous sweater they made JHI wear? CEW should have been given the best outfit considering he’s the global brand ambassador.

    • Ah…fashion…isn’t it all just a matter of preferance?
      I love the bag in MGY,fell like they should have centered the outfit around that. The pants- not bad either, the sweater is take it or leave it- can find the same anywhere. The poncho-i f8nd horrifoc, it just drowns the whole putfit put- just burn it ?.
      With HHJ- love the bag and scarf, amd dress combo- esp tue dress does it for me- but the jacket on top- to me, makes her look like a chaebol housewife that was just lounging around the house drinking tea that got a call from the hospital or such emergency of sorts, panicked and went out picking the 1st thing she found in the dresser next to the door- her dog walking jacket. It just feels like it clashes so much.
      The boys- will not comment- fell like BRBRRY did the all dirty.

      • Now that I think about it…just take the jacket of HHJ and make MGY wear it instead of the poncho- then you got an outfit for a weekend visit to your horse stables or smth. The poncho- still burn it ?

    • Lol, i like MGY’s poncho though, but to pair with the same patterned bag is a little too much. HHJ will look alright without the jacket. She looks like she forgot her blazer at home, and some guy just lend her his jacket.

  3. Omg’ I love Burberry and they all look classy, great and very London,style is non other but Burberry and if you do buy there fragrance you’ll notice all there bottle design is a fashion statement that’s where the idea comes from…lovitt

  4. The guy’s red leathery vest needs to go. It looks like sea squirt with the pockets.
    JHI looked like he works at the departmental store, with a name tag on his chest.

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