2021 Asia Artist Award Popularity Voting Closes with Actor and Actress Winners Kim Sun Ho, Song Ji Hyo, and Jung Ho Yeon

The upcoming Asia Artist Awards, one of those hybrid and trendier awards shows that bring together actors and idols, is all set for early December. The voting was open the last month for the popularity awards and for the actor/actress that won an award there were winners in both awards: The RET Popularity Award and the U+IdolLive Popularity Award. For RET, Kim Sun Ho and Song Ji Hyo won, along with EXO, TWICE, CL, and Lim Young Woong. In the U+IdolLive, Kim Sun Ho and Jung Ho Yeon won as actor and actress, and singing side winners are BTS, Blackpink, IU, and Kim Young Woong. IU won as a singer and not as an actress so that’s why I put her with the idols. The ceremony will also have participants from overseas in the other entertainment industries when it airs next month and fans should expect plenty of live performances so that’s a nice treat heading into the holidays.


2021 Asia Artist Award Popularity Voting Closes with Actor and Actress Winners Kim Sun Ho, Song Ji Hyo, and Jung Ho Yeon — 12 Comments

  1. I heard this time people had to buy votes with their own money??. Ngl, last time I did participate in AAA popularity voting because it was free and u just had to watch ads.
    But this year money was involved.If it were me, I won’t spend a dime on such a trashy award show.
    Anyways not surprised kim seonho won. Reminds of the time when seo yeaji won baeksang popularity after her scandal. His rabid fans were probably super motivated

    • KSH probably also won sympathy votes from the public given the timing of his ‘scandal’ and subsequent reversal. Wonder what happened to his haters, eating humble pie in embarrassment?

      • Based on the poster above (the one you replied to), seems like they are still like mad dogs biting crazily over his so called ‘rabid fans’ and conveniently ignoring the sentiments of general public in Korea.

        It’s hard to admit their own biasness and of course too thick face to feel that they can be wrong. Let alone be embarrassed lol

      • This matter goes beyond only’fangirling’/’hating’.
        If all of rebuttal provided by media are true than isn’t Kim Seon Ho victim here?

    • So now it’s a trashy awards show because you didn’t like the results, but when you voted and spent your own precious time on it, it was a classy awards show?!! I definitely see your logic?

  2. Sympathy votes or not, Kim Seonho is vindicated. Fans, maybe “rabid” but they are not stupid. The fact that KSH,kept a low profile after his apology just shows us what a classy person he is and whoever is his publicist/PRmanager/ agent/ gave him a good advice. Had he said something, the controversy wld have been recycled in the entertainment news over and over again. So best to stay quiet and the scandal will go away on its own as soon as a new scandal over another celebrity happens.

  3. song jihyo’s fandom is really loyal, wish my faves could have this kind of support. jung hoyeon has become the new it actress and her fandom is pretty solid. 287k+ votes for a female category is pretty good considering she’s a rookie.

  4. @ Lianto any objective person can see which side is the rabid one. Maybe the finger pointer missed the subsequent developments as Koala stopped covering the story once it turned out that her earlier position was wrong. It would have been classier of Koala to apologise and own up to the huge blunder of herding a toxic cyber mob based on an anonymous posters unsubstantiated allegations.

  5. Congratulations…Ma Actor Kim seon ho
    I’m happy for you win AAA 2021
    i’m one fans from 7.9M people in the world ..vote for you
    And we love you
    Stay strong ma Actor Kim seon ho
    FIGHTING!!! ??

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