Mon-Tues Youth Sageuks Pause Ratings Rise as Both The King’s Affection and Secret Royal Inspector Joy Start to Tread Water

I may have spoken too quickly when episode 13 of The King’s Affection hit 10% ratings because since then it’s not been able to surpass it. The next two episodes got 9.6% and 9.9% and the most recent episode 16 dropped to 8.8%. There are four more episodes left but I really wanted a sageuk to break free this year and really hit a home run. Still, batting what will end up being a second or third base hit for this drama is notable and great for the cast and crew. On the other Mon-Tues youth sageuk front, Secret Royal Inspector Joy seems to have settled into a ratings range as well. The highest ratings so far is episode 3 with 5.257% and since it has been in the 3%-4% range, the last two episodes got 3.912% and 4.332% respectively. Inspector Joy is midway through its run but the drama appears to have a stable core of viewers that like the comedic and problem solving combination done with hearty earnestness.

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The King’s Affection and Secret Royal Inspector Joy Give Hope to Mon-Tues as Both Rise in Ratings and Also Garner Increasingly Positive Reviews

The slow but steady rise in ratings the last three weeks for KBS Mon-Tues sageuk The King’s Affection (Yeonmo) paid off as the most recent episode 12 this Tuesday broke 8% for the first time to hit 8.8%. Even better … Continue reading

tvN Youth Sageuk Secret Royal Inspector Joy Releases More Comedic Stills and Previews as Expectation Set at Silly and Sweet

Expectation will be this drama’s best friend if it succeeds and it has a chance. Upcoming tvN sageuk drama Secret Royal Inspector Joy is giving off full blown comedy vibes, physical, verbal, and supremely silly especially in a sageuk setting … Continue reading