Park Seo Joon and Kim Go Eun Top the Japan Viewer Poll on Favorite K-drama Female and Male Stars

I still remember when Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo would top every Japan viewer poll on anything Hallyu related for a good decade and more after Winter Sonata swept the nation. They’ve dropped off for years now but it’s still interesting to see which Korean stars are resonating with Japanese audiences and I get they definitely have a vibe and preference. For the ladies, a recent Japanese audience poll on favorite K-actress has Kim Go Eun topping the list, followed in second by Han Hyo Joo, then IU in third, Kim Yoo Jung then fourth, and Park Min Young rounding out the top 5 spot. For the men, it’s Park So Joon then Lee Min Ho, third spot is Park Hyung Shik, then Gong Yoo, and finally Cha Eun Woo squeezes into fifth. Some of these names have been popular in Japan also for years but the new arrivals in recent years have got to be Kim Go Eun and Cha Eun Woo. Some of the K-dramas that were popular in Japan which got these names ingrained with J-viewers include Why Secretary Kim, Moonlight Drawn by Stars, Hotel Del Luna, and oldies like Boys Before Flowers, Brilliant Legacy and Coffee Prince.


Park Seo Joon and Kim Go Eun Top the Japan Viewer Poll on Favorite K-drama Female and Male Stars — 10 Comments

  1. I’m glad KGE is so popular these days. I love her in Yumi’s Cells and she has been great in her other projects.

    Talent always talks.

    • I just started watching Yumi’s Cell’s again and goodness she is so good in it. I like her better in more low key, down to earth roles and dramas too. I’m glad she’s getting more love now.

    • Don’t take this list seriously. CLOY is the most popular kdrama in Japan but neither hyun bin nor son yejin are in the list. Imagine thinking park hyungshik is more popular than hyun bin anywhere.

      • I remember one japanese official saying Hyun bin is so popular in Japan that he can easily fill out the Tokyo dome for his fan meets. This is huge cause only few big kpop grps in jpn like tvxq, snsd , twice etc. did that

  2. I am an oldie but bits me ” am fan of Kim Go Eun. I find her acting so natural. She acts and delivers her part so well that it leaves an impact on me…such strong effect that i never what to miss an episode. Fact is i have have been watching over again her other dramas and movie

    • yes!!!!
      I agree to Park Seo Joon being top one.He possesess charm without plastic surgery.Talent vs. beauty is more agreeable than just having face.Park Seo Joon is popular in many countries because of his best performance and attractiveness.Keep it up

  3. Maybe Park Minyoung Japan fan is not aware of this voting flat form because if thet knew PMY would be no.1-2 I have japanese friends who craziely love pmy and if you view pmy post in IG japanese sent her food truck twice to show how much they love her

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