Joo Sang Wook Radiates Intensity in Posters and Stills for KBS Sageuk Drama Taejong Lee Bang Won

Well this certainly isn’t yo momma’s sageuk. Or maybe it is exactly that, the type of more historically accurate and slow burn long form sageuk that moms all over South Korea watched growing up and still have the appetite and patience for. The younger gen have their fusion and youth sageuks with pretty boys and cross dressing so it’s nice that KBS is bringing back the classic long sageuk in the form of the 36-episode Taejong Lee Bang Won (Yi Bang Won). It follows the adult life of the third King of Joseon and this ruler was also the central feature of Six Flying Dragons. He’s gotten older from Yoo Ah In playing the role this time it’s smoldering with seriousness and intensity Joo Sang Wook and Koala approves haha. Joining him in a who’s who of veterans with Park Jin Hee, Kim Young Chul, Ye Ji Won, and many more. I can’t wait for the premiere on December 11th!


Joo Sang Wook Radiates Intensity in Posters and Stills for KBS Sageuk Drama Taejong Lee Bang Won — 11 Comments

  1. TV Chosun – Uncle 21:00
    TVN – Jirisan/Bulgasal 21:00
    KBS – Taejong Lee Bang Won 21:40
    MBC – Red Cuff Sleeve 21:50
    SBS – Now We Are Breaking Up 22:00
    JTBC – Inspector Koo/ Snowdrop 22:30
    OCN – Chimera 22:30
    TVN – Happiness/ Bad and Crazy 22:40

    Saturday timeslot is warzone.

    • At least there is variety but agree it is overcrowded. If the purpose of shifting out of the Wed-Thurs was to get better ratings don’t see how this programming schedule will help channels.

      • @Sila True Mon- Tue has 4 slots but they don’t overlap as badly at the Sat- Sun slot. Everyone moved to the weekend slot and abandoned their week day slots. Only KBS has dramas in every slot Mon- Sun. JTBC needs to find a new formula because all their slots are flopping.

    • It’s packed! I think KBS should have made Taejong Lee Bang Won a weekday drama rather than weekend drama on KBS1 too. I think it would still rate highly. I can see it as the kind of show adults settling in to watch it on a weeknight after the evening news.

      OCN should move out of the weekend timeslot. Their ratings are still abysmal so they might as well try to find a niche on a less packed weekday night. I don’t get why TV Chosun decided to debut their drama now either when it’s so packed. They left such a big gap between their previous weekend drama when they could have debuted this new one a couple of months ago.

  2. I thought it will be a serious sageuk but the first teaser was strangely kinda funny.

    It’s weird, 2020 had no sageuk at all and now just KBS has The King’s Affection, When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon and now this one for the second semester.

    • I know it’s a sore subject for KNetizens, but I really do think the success of Mr. Queen in late 2020- early 2021 brought back the saguek trend.

      • I hate how every award show just ignore mrqueen like it never happened… Shin Hye sun got robbed so bad… She deserved best actress award

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