Rapper Lisa of Blackpink Tests Postive for COVID-19 After Return from LA, Rest of BP Members Getting Testing and May Need Quarantine

I still contend that the news about K-stars testing positive for COVID-19 this year in 2021, the second full year of the pandemic, is around 2-3 a month. Nothing wildly high but it’s been steady and not surprising as stars need to travel overseas for work (as permitted) and also film dramas/movies/CFs/perform on stage without wearing a mask. Thankfully the increased vaccination means the news isn’t accompanied by worries someone won’t make it but more just a oh hey this star tested positive and here’s the fallout. Blackpink member Lisa, who recently had her own solo debut, just tested positive this week and she recently returned from the US on November 16th after work engagements there. Her fellow members Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo are all getting tested/are tested and may also need to quarantine depending on the result or contact tracing. Wishing Lisa a quick recovery and thankfully filming has wrapped on jTBC drama Snowdrop so if Jisoo needs to stay home for two weeks it won’t impact the project which is premiering in early December.


Rapper Lisa of Blackpink Tests Postive for COVID-19 After Return from LA, Rest of BP Members Getting Testing and May Need Quarantine — 12 Comments

  1. Jisoo, Jennie and Rose all tested negative and Lisa is asymptomatic and she should be out of quarantine in a few days. Yohan only had to quarantine for a week or so after testing negative. He even attended the press con for School 2021.

  2. I thought I could get away from reading about Lisa and Blackpink, who would have thought that news about them would also popped up in drama blog. Sigh.

    Getting infected with covid is basically a common thing these days. I have colleagues and family members infected and recovered well, thanks to vaccination. So it’s not actually a really big deal as it was pre-vaccination.

    • asymptomatic doesn’t mean they aren’t a spreader! It’s even more dangerous to others, because without symptoms and without testing, nobody knows they could get infected by that person. It’s good, if people are regularly tested. Vaccinated or not. If someone has it,they should stay in quarantine until their healed. With corona everyone is depending on everyone.

    • If it bothers you, maybe it’s easier to think of it as a stretch, since Jisoo is also mentioned in this post. She is an affected group mate of Lisa and Josoo is an acting idol

  3. Bp members r more happy with partying than making music. They did it without masks. One album in 5 years. 24 songs. They make money through their global cfs anyways and very less members to share. Lisa’s cfs r so huge throughout asia. But they have no interest in music. Her solo was lame. They reunite every 2 years to keep brand going. They r not ecen close to each other. No fan service. Yg was smart to give them high fashion look which brought them so many fans. Who stan their cfs than music

    • I agree and disagree

      BP are more happy partying than music- I don’t know how true this is but who wouldn’t I will rather party than be overwork with depression in a very toxic Korean environment where every idol walk on eggshell.

      2) I agree with you on the number of music and CFs expecially Lisa that has the SEA countries on lock.. She is the richest blackpink member for a reason but they need to release music.. It is a shame.. that 24 songs in 5 years is insulting to the fans tbh

      3) lalisa was kinda lame with mixed reactions but money was on fire in every international charts… Infact, no kpop idol or singer apart from Bts members have ever charted that kind of high outside Korea.

      4) they are actually very close to each other contrary to what many people may think even though I still suspect there is a kinda subtle friction between Lisa and jennie..but I may be over thinking it.

      5)actually fans stan them even without fashion looks..say what ever may about them.. You can’t deny their star power.. They are not your regular kpop group… Maybe that is why you just saw them in a drama blog

    • Ehh… I rather they keep it cool between them than selling ‘we are bff schtick’ and hate each other irl. No idol should be expected to like/love their group mates. As long as they are professional and can work together, that is fine by me.

    • Unfortunately that’s their company’s fault, rather than Blackpink. It’s not like Blackpink members know how to write their own songs like other groups in YG like Big Bang, Winner or iKon. They have no choice but to wait for songs to be composed for them and for YG to green light a full album promotion.

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