jTBC Drama Snowdrop with Jung Hae In and Jisoo Finally Shows Hand in Revealing the Politically Tumultuous 1980’s Era College Backdrop in New Preview

Now this is much better! The latest preview dropped for jTBC drama Snowdrop as it starts the two week countdown to premiere day on December 18th. Instead of the cheesy OTP focused earlier previews that made Jung Hae In look like a princely school boy and Jisoo a lovestruck dim school girl, there’s an actual plot with this preview and it’s dark and dangerous. The preview starts with a softly lit college town all idyllic and dreamy before the shit hits the fan and we have guns, political machination, storming dorm rooms, and plenty of secrets and lies lurking below the surface. Jung Hae In looks to be in his element, it helps that his last drama was D.P. so fans remember he’s more than just the perfect dongsaeng loverboy from his breakout drama role in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). It’s also nice to see glimpses of the other cast members like Kim Hye Yoon, Yoo In Na, Yoon Se Ah, but I don’t think second male lead Jang Seung Jo has shown up yet in the promos.

Preview for Snowdrop:


jTBC Drama Snowdrop with Jung Hae In and Jisoo Finally Shows Hand in Revealing the Politically Tumultuous 1980’s Era College Backdrop in New Preview — 8 Comments

  1. This trailer definitely looks much better showing plot besides the juvenile looking nonsense from the previous teasers. Finally shows the rest of the talented cast.

  2. This drama got yoo in na but she’s not FL instead unknown fl? Wow.

    Hope all those talented actors won’t burried the leads.

    Good luck with this drama.

    • Well yoo in na can’t play the role of 20 yr old college student now can she? But I am pretty sure she has a strong character role. Otherwise she wouldn’t have accepted the role in the first place.

  3. They literally make a fool of us by showing those romantic scence they just want to show the real thing at last it all changes into thriller mystery romance genre which I’m big fan of rather than just only romance and fantasy I’m fully rooting for it and wish the one who still have doubt about it will able to know their work and I wish they prove the haters
    wrong ?

  4. That is Jung Sung Jo pointing his gun. I think its pretty clear the romance is going to start the drama on flowery notes only it will get derailed by political turmoil later. I really hope Jisoo turns out to be the spy instead of Jung Hae In. It would be a better twist. I really am least but interested in the romance and mostly what happens to all the characters during the Gwangju uprising.

  5. This was what I was looking for in a teaser/preview – that ensemble epic vibe. And Jung Hae In doing the narration this time helps. I wonder what the production was thinking with all the previous bland teasers. Is post-production behind schedule?

    I hope it’s got a great ost with a stirring score. Something at the level of the drama, Giant.

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