Kim Go Eun Sheds Yumi’s Lowkey and Comfortable Image for Edgy Chic Couture in December 2021 Dazed Korea Pictorial

I think Kim Go Eun will be Yumi for me for the near future, especially with her going back for season 2 of Yumi’s Cells. She deservingly got praise many years ago for bringing the female lead in Cheese in the Trap to life but the drama was so problematic it doesn’t stand the test of time. If season 2 of Yumi remains as good as the first go-around then it will certainly have a shot at longevity, the kind of drama that can be recommended without reservation the way you would a good book. Settle in for the slow, lovely ride and along the way see what one of the best actresses of her generation can do with the right role and story. I thought she couldn’t pull off Yumi as she’s totally visually different and she proved me wrong, but in the December 2021 Dazed Korea pictorial she’s showing her continued versatility by doing her best rich with a little bit of bad girl impression lol. Love this vibe on her and the clothes look wearable in real life as well.


Kim Go Eun Sheds Yumi’s Lowkey and Comfortable Image for Edgy Chic Couture in December 2021 Dazed Korea Pictorial — 15 Comments

  1. She looked prettier with shorter hair. But with this look, she can do a kick ass role or a villainous turn as the ultimate bad girl.

  2. I just finished Yumi’s cells, what a gem of a show, absolutely loved it. It made me deeply self reflect which is something a kdrama has never had me do. KGE was so good as Yumi, Ahn Bo Hyun was perfect as Woong, the animated cells were utilized wonderfully and brought a lot of depth to the show. I would love for KGE to do more down to earth roles and realistic dramas. She’s already proven she can do real and gritty in Coin Locker Girl too.

    Anyway love her styling here, she looks gorgeous and badass!

  3. Kim es la mejor actriz de Corea en su generacion,todos sus papeles los encarna con naturalidad y exactitud,se sumerge de una manera magistral,ell es bella ,como quisiera verla en un papel donde la vistan como en esta seccion de fotos,tan sofisticada y elegante!!!!

    • Siiiii, opino lo mismo. Esa chica es espectacular y especial. Tiene una vibra tan linda que es imposible ignorarla. Quiero verla con una imagen sofisticada, lo haría a la perfección.

  4. KGE shows us you don’t need to be conventionally beautiful (although I happen to think she’s uniquely stunning) to be a star. Her talent speaks for itself!

  5. She was so good as Yumi. ABH is my favorite partner for her so far. They matched and had great chemistry.I enjoyed that drama even though I regrettably had to ff the cells part. They (cells) were somehow destructing the flow of the drama. So cute though.

  6. Thought she is one of the few actresses who has not got the double eyelid done. She seems to have now?…Stunning nonetheless these pics.

    • Some monolidded people actually do start getting a temporary crease as a result of aging (losing facial fat) or just plain tiredness, looks like that’s it in KGE’s case too since that crease doesn’t look permanent.

      • This is true. I have monolid and I’m korean. As I’m getting older, the loss of facial fat does make me have a slight crease like that once in a while especially when I’m tired. Also false lash glue also creates inside crease like you see in her picture. Her crease is in the inside versus outside.

  7. This woman can give you the punch when you least expect it. Her acting skills in Yumi Cells was right on point. Giving life to a webtoon character, this lady more than gave it to another level. Truly an amazing actress. Rooting for season 2.

  8. Ella es tan bella y excepcionalmente buena actriz… he visto casi todos sus trabajos y me encanta su versatilidad y lo espontánea que es… es tan inteligente y hermosa !!
    Quiero ver Yumi 2 y ojalá pronto en el cine con Hero , donde además la veremos cantar al parecer !!
    Espero en un futuro verla en un papel intenso , pero visualmente bella , siempre y cuando el papel lo amerite !! Kimgoeun es Majestuosa !!

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