Yeo Jin Gu and Moon Ga Young Confirmed for tvN Fantasy Romance and Suspense Drama Link

This is certainly great news to start the week. K-ent has a new drama pairing lined up with Yeo Jin Gu and Moon Gao Young, the two now being confirmed for the upcoming K-drama Link. It will be announced shortly but the two have been connected to the project for a few months now. This project late last year was in discussions with Kim Sun Ho but he ended up doing Hometown Cha Cha Cha and the project went through different iterations. It’s about a man who develops the ability to feel what women are feeling and his strange, romantic, and suspenseful romance with the female lead. Directing is the PD from Remember You (Hello Monster) and the screenwriter of Remember You who also wrote Suspicious Partner. Sounds like the right production team for this multi-genre story and of course love the two leads cast.


Yeo Jin Gu and Moon Ga Young Confirmed for tvN Fantasy Romance and Suspense Drama Link — 14 Comments

  1. Two of my favorite actors with a writer who’s been a mixed bag. Please, TVN does not have a good track record on these rom-com/other genre dramas recently. I can sense Doom vibes already. Yay?

  2. YJG excels in sageuk and did well in Beyond Evil but the real star there was SHK.

    In Hotel del Luna I was more fascinated by the hotel guests and their story.

    So for him to partner with MGY is an unexpected combination which may work or not depending on how the story is developed.

    For now not excited with this pairing.

    Somehow I can imagine Kim Min Jae in this role instead of YJG.

    • Maybe this is a good choice for YJG, as he is the more seasoned and known b/w the two. He does have the tendency to get overshadowed in most of his adult works, like in Hotel De Luna (by Lee Dohyun’s character) – which is arguably his work that has received buzz and a ratings success.

      • I have never thought he was overshadowed in Hotel del Luna. He did well in the part. He acts in different types of dramas so I am looking forward to his next project.

  3. Oh this project doesn’t seem promising at all, what with multiple actors turning it down. Regarding YJG, I get that he’s still very young and should experiment with genres but he really should consider giving up on mixed genre romances/romcoms, he’s terrible in them compared to his work in serious projects like Crowned Clown, Beyond Evil or Hwayi. He should try a mature melo with an older FL instead. Every actor has their niche, it’s okay to stick to that.

  4. Yeo Jin Gu and Yoo Seung Ho are the same. They excel in dramas without romance, but once romance is involved, I find the chemistry lackluster and/or they are outshined by the second male lead. Maybe it’s because they’re both former child stars who grew up in the spotlight and lack romantic experience? I don’t know, but for now, they should stop forcing romcoms.

    • interesting observation on lack of real life romance resulting in lacklustre chemistry for pure romcom. I haven’t watched all his romance drama but i do think the chemistry with kim yoo jung is fire and with lee se young was not as lit, but good nevertheless. in hotel del luna, he is more like a good friend lol.

    • I doubt this is true. There are many actors who have had multiple relationships IRL but their onscreen chemistry is still lackluster. Shk, LMH, SJK, LBH and many others are good examples. Hyungsik for instance usually has cute chemistry with the women he’s paired with, but how many relationship rumors has he been embroiled in? Zero. Some actors are just good at pulling off the romantic gaze, real life experience or not. YJG is just not particularly good in romances/romcoms, moreover he picks terrible romance projects. I mean Absolute Boyfriend? Orange Marmalade?! His character had no substance in Hotel De Luna either.

    • i found YSH great in i am not a robot and he had good chemistry with CSB. I have also seen YJG have good chemistry with actresses who he didn’t end up having a romantic storyline with. same with YSH. i think the problem with both of them is they don’t have the eye for good romance projects (actually one of the main issues i have with YSH is he doesn’t have the good eye for projects period. i have not enjoyed a single work of his apart from IANAR as an adult actor)

  5. Yeo Jin Goo is so good. Now i watch Hotel Del Luna for his raw and beautiful expressions. and i love Reunited world by him. He was so good in Masked clown and Beyond Evil. He is gonna go places compared to Yoo Seung Ho. I love Yoo Seung Ho but he keeps choosing wrong projects and no much chemsitry with his female lead for the last 3 or 4. He was good with Park Eun Bin and little girl in God of study though, sigh.

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