Yoon Eun Hye Tests Positive for COVID-19, Tells Fans She’s Doing Well and in Quarantine During Recovery

Another week and another positive COVID-19 test in K-ent during this second pandemic year winter season spike. K-actress Yoon Eun Hye is in the news today for testing positive, and those of her fans know that she’s basically not in the news anymore as she’s not had an active acting career for many years. I still love her but have accepted she’s never going back to the decade of 2005-2015 where she was the top of her idol-to-actress rise. Her testing positive means she’s in quarantine but her side has said she’s not feeling sick so that’s a relief. Wishing Yoon Eun Hye a speedy and full recovery and also that everyone keeps staying safe!


Yoon Eun Hye Tests Positive for COVID-19, Tells Fans She’s Doing Well and in Quarantine During Recovery — 24 Comments

  1. Get well soon . I have to accept the fact that she is never going back to her glorious days . I just hope that one day she will just act again . Not hoping for popularity , it’s too late now, but just to act as some good actresses without being popular .

    • Never too late. Who could have imagined Lee Jung Jae would hit this new level of popularity at his age. But it would be great to just see her onscreen acting again. ?

      • Lee Jung Jae is a man. And this is entertainment industry that we are talking about. Age does matter a lot for female. That’s why actresses mostly have shorter career than the actors. We see actors in their 40s still in high demand as male lead acting along side new actresses in their 20s in romance drama. Now, how many do we see for actresses in their 40s to do that? There are a few these past years but still way fewer than the males

    • Well Shin Min Ah did it this year with her successful comeback. So i still have high hope for her. But she’s already successful before. Her house is quite big and she can do her hobbies now. What a great life. Only the fans miss her and hope that she returns. She seems to be contented with her life right now. Hope that she will get married and have a baby soon.

  2. Yoon eun hye last hit was coffe prince. Her career was already B list at best in early to mid 2010s. But she was smart enough to invest her cfs income on property and businesses after cp’s peak

  3. Why does it feel like she was basically blacklisted in korean entertainment industry? I’m not even a big YEH fan and I’ve always found it odd. So she was perceived to have had an attitude, that deserves to not get any access to decent roles for years? What do you all think?

    This is the type of thing that happens if someone upsets someone powerful behind the scenes, it’s just weird to me unless she herself took a step away from acting. Anyway, hope she feels better soon.

    • X files ?‍♂️ don’t know either . She should have signed with a good agency . A mere scandal can’t explain such a downfall .younger ones may not know but during a décade she endorsed Cartier,YSL,L’Oréal,MAC, Samantha Thavasa,Rouge and Lounge,Swarovski,Basic House,Vivien,Burberry,Ferragamo…She made different photoshoots,all amazing ,…Even if i do like a bunch of talented actresses , i still miss her . I feel like when i was young ,reading Sanditon, i was furious because Austen died before finishing it. I feel the same way about YEH .

    • I think it’s a mix of a lot of things, but mostly not having a good agency. She went independent with her manager and has been sticking with them.

      And her leaving korea to participate in a chinese fashion competition show was weird. She majored in film, not fashion. Given the negative relationship between China and Korea, which was getting worse during that time, the plagiarism scandal looked even worse. And by the time, she has stayed quiet long enough for the scandal to fade a bit, she was aging out of the usual age range dramas like to cast in.

      She’s also going through some mental health (who wouldn’t given what she’s been through…an anti-fan once tried to blind her when she was a teen!), and you know how stigmatized that stuff is in korea.

      If she could live off her savings and investments from her hey-day without dealing with the stress, I’d say, “go for it!”

      • All what you state @prettyautumn makes sense , but i think also that she may had offers at a bad timing ( health issues) and the entertainment industry doesn’t wait … See Song Hye Kyo , she used to make a drama every 3 or 4 years and now she is making one after one . She is aging and doesn’t want to lose any opportunities . Another reason may be the fact that she didn’t get an offer for a role enough important for her to suffer the conditions of filming . The fact that she start directing promising short movies and let it go for a chinese show wasn’t a smart move too .I don’t know , she seems to be interested in a lot of things and acting needs focusing . Just saying some thinking . Only her knows !

  4. I always wonder what happened to her. She had such a good trajectory from 2006-2012. She’s not my favourite actress, but I like how she always approached her roles with gusto. Is she not getting any project offers? Or is she rejecting projects a la Won Bin?

  5. Its a strange coincidence that she announces testing positive and shortly after siwon of SJ announces the same. They started following each other on instagram recently as well as Twitter. 1 of her posts show red heart + blue heart = purple heart. Her twitter alias has a red heart in it. Blue heart is used for SJ isnt it? Coincidence much? ? #fantheory

    • And they’re both devout Christians. She seems to follow a lot of churchgoers. In another hand, I do miss seeing YEH’s acting. Her film with Park Sihoo hasn’t been released for more than 5 years and I don’t hope much on casting news.

      • Yes, both are devoted Christian, it’s not a secret anymore that they often taking the same congregation so no wonder they’re got Covid in almost at the same time. Some artists under J’army management (YEH’s agency) are also got Covid. I think she and CSW are just friend.

  6. Whenever I read articles about YEH I always reads comments of how some people/fans miss her on screen (drama) and making some theories of the reasons behind her long hiatus (on acting) despite the unrelated article. For whatever reasons or “mental health” reason behind it one think I know for sure is that she seems happier now, although not taking any acting project for so long.
    Different from any other opinion I think variety show is her “element” Now. She took some variety shows lately and she’s “shines” on it. And she also said recently that she’ll take regular variety show in the future. I don’t have problem with that (not having her on drama) as long as I can see her on screen.

    • Yes you and me both. as long as she still appear on screen I’ll be glad. I’m looking forward for Jae suk to invite her on sixth sense as guest or even permanent member because she has great taste in food and cooking. I wish 2022 is Yoon Eun Hye’s year.

  7. Oh ardilla hermosa deseando que mejores pronto. Ella es mi favorita y si que la extraño mucho, pero si ella es feliz en donde esté, yo seré feliz como buena fan.

    • I’m happy too, and i like to watch her in shows because she is lively and fun to watch . But i’m an egoist and i’d like to see her in a drama but not as a lead . Leading is too much pression and sometimes 2nd roles are more entertaining .

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