jTBC Turns off Talk Feature on the Snowdrop Naver Page, Does Not Provide Live Streaming of Clips, Can Only Watch Live Broadcast on TV or Later on Disney+

K-netizens are understandably side-eyeing jTBC for the efforts its making to shield Sat-Sun drama Snowdrop from any post-airing controversy or negative commentary. For the first time ever, the talk (chat group) feature on the drama’s Naver page has been de-activated so no viewers can post. The drama is also not available for streaming on TVing for clips which dramas do allow normally. So for viewers one can watch only on the live broadcast on jTBC’s television channel or watch on Disney+ which one needs a subscription. It’s clear jTBC is trying to stay ahead of any bad feedback on the drama due to K-netizens preconceived ideas of its maybe problematic subject matter handling but this is too obvious and like swinging a hammer. So I haven’t heard about what the first impression of this drama is but will be checking it out for myself.


jTBC Turns off Talk Feature on the Snowdrop Naver Page, Does Not Provide Live Streaming of Clips, Can Only Watch Live Broadcast on TV or Later on Disney+ — 56 Comments

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  2. It’s a mess. Actual Koreans I’ve seen on Twitter who actually lived through that era and/or are related to those who did say the drama is just as problematic as they said it would be. And then you have international fans – non-Koreans, outsiders, fans of the FL – who are attacking them to shut up, claiming they’re haters or armys who are jealous of the FL. Like I can’t even. ?

    • I found more Koreans back up and started apologize to jisoo and snowdrop cast too so if you’re not aware of the real situation don’t just simply spitting nonsense. The Korean Blue House already check the plot and nothing wrong with it. It just a pure fiction love story based on the true time historical that on 1987*an story. The director itself said on the presscon that the drama did not focused to exposed about the detailed story of political issues in korea that caused the war, it just the love story with the background about that time so ofc it will have to include some of it as well as long as it didn’t change the history or insult the history.

      • Ah, one of the delusional i-stans has found their way here and is posting obsessively under different user names and accounts as if they’re different people to attack anyone who doesn’t sing praises about Snowdrop just because her idol is in it. ????? And you’re bringing the same inane arguments the Koreans y’all attack have shot down here too? And even inventing lies in addition? Look who is spitting nonsense. And for what? An idol who doesn’t know you exist? What a joke. ?

      • I just reply for two comments here with the same name *spitting fact & *spitting fact again yeah ?? find it urself I’m not the fans of of the idol fyi but who cares anyway and ofc as a fan, hae in’s fans specifically?? I’m just backing up my actor from those who spitting hates like you. Open the jtbc ytb channel or Naver pages and you can find a lot of criticism for the drama as well as the apologies speech from the knetz there. All of my statement a fact just you can blend and taking it well.

      • ….just when you think idol fans can’t get more shameless or brainless, here come one like you. That is not what the Blue House said at all, they literally said they would monitor the drama for distortions of history after it aired.

        At least Joseon Exorcist and Mr Queen were about zombies and time travel so you know that stuff isn’t real. This though? Come on. I guess the writer thought it’ll be like Gaksital again (a Japanese collaborator turned freedom fighter/with a FL who’s involved in the freedom struggle too) but failed to think it through or worse, didn’t care about the implications of this specific ‘revision’ of history.

  3. Who the hell tell this kind of premise is good idea??

    It smell fishy that JTBC really protect this drama, did they got very powerfull father sponsor??

    • Yeah if it being sponsored by ‘powerfull father’ as your statement,, maybe the production of the drama not facing the protest and all the signed petition until the filming of the drama been force to stop for the couple of months,maybe they can just simply act and published the whole drama itself without being checked the whole drama plot by the Blue House in Korea. Just think logically, if it being sponsored, don’t you think they needed to stop the project halfway when the drama is supposed to air in the June/July as the plan but being rechecked again and again because the false accusation of the leaked Synopsys of the plot that make by the haters it self. The drama in Korea being published by the Koreans, being acting by the Koreans and based on Koreans background timeline, they’re Koreans and know about their country,their history. Like jtbc won’t allowed this drama to air and make a huge deal with the Disney+ if they know it is violating the history. They know this a project that the production team work hard on it and it will pay back their hardworking work as the time goes.

    • Sponsor = Disney, duh. Too much money at stake to cancel (but why couldn’t they alter the exact plot point Korean viewers were complaining about?)

  4. Lol that just sounds like they don’t trust their product ?

    I can understand staying ahead but this just invites more criticism because Naver isn’t the only platform available for discussion. This isn’t China either. So silly lol.

    • No I guess it because the copyright issues as you know the snowdrop drama itself is widely known because it the jisoo first actress debut so many websites take it from the live stream and they will leaked everywhere for those who didn’t have Disney+ and for the international fans who want it with the subtitle. Like it is the first project that jtbc dealed with Disney+ and the first ongoing kdrama on Disney too. If they don’t do it now maybe they need to face the coincidence to pay the amount of lost that Disney+ facing. If they want to stop the criticism they can just private all the videos at the website and only promoted it on the subscription section and Korean jtbc channel only? the fans of the drama cast itself are so big enough to support the drama I think because look at their fastness of taking these action before it spread and become worst

      • @Spitting fact/Think logically dear/Cheap gems will never shine for a long time/Spitting fact again yeah/Idc

        Stick to one user name and account, dumbass. You’re not fooling anyone. The irony of you telling others to think logically when you think like a sheep and blindly worship a celebrity who doesn’t know you or care about you. How much are you being paid for all this overtime work defending the drama and your idol?

  5. Boring, long, boring….Jisoo is okay but isn’t groundbreaking and servicable…I found editing to be majorly problematic. Writings weak so far as well. Young cast is not very strong nor relatable to the slightest…the more experienced actors feel like caricature but yet may save it.

    • Funny how you say about the editing stuff that completely been direct by the famous SkyCastle team that known for their quality published drama work in Korea and the acting of the cast‽,fyi they’re been casted by the director team itself on the audition, you just watch one ep and started judging them by it.Gosh watch urself fisrt dear before make yourself entering this judgemental society of yours

      • Do you think just because a team did well one time,things going to work out for other dramas too? Lee Eun bok had dramas like mr. Sunshine , dots and goblin under his belt. Yet jirisan was a mess and got heavily criticised for its editing and directing.

      • Honey, get well soon. Life may seem hard now but there’s always better days ahead. Its a drama, me not liking it personally hardly is going to make or break anything. Its mot personal.

      • Val: I don’t think Jirisan directing is a mess… it’s just doesn’t fit with Kim Eun Hee style.

  6. Question: if the drama’s plot is so politically sensitive that JTBC has basically been handling this like a bomb about to explode, why did any of the cast sign on in the first place? Why/how did this script get approved? They all know their country’s history.

    • I don’t know much about the history/background of the era that the drama is depicting but from the reactions of the netizens JTBC was wildin when they greenlit this show plus the fact that Jisoo has very limited acting experience doesn’t help the situation.

      • Sure JTBC might have been “wildin” but whatever made the entire cast sign up for this when the material is so controversial? What were they thinking?

      • What made the actors signed up?
        Well, like JHI said he did not do research on the history around the time period. Many actors just rely on Money, Skycastle writer and PD and overseas success must have been the main drivers. Plus a few millions IG followers from blinks is icing on cake. Why else would Ji soo be cast for a leas role? They truly did not anticipate the backlash. What’s worse?.the producer did nothing to fix the issues, except changing the female lead’s name from young cho to young ro.

      • @Yzma Its team Sky Castle and 2nd, its money. They trusted the team and need money. Not everyone earns fat paycheck from CFs.

      • @Heather. Well jung hae in did say he in the press con that he took the role because of the writer and the director cause he trusted them. Indeed man didn’t care abt the script and just decided to do it because of the star team.

      • @hhh – JHI had the DUMBEST response to the script controversy. I’m seriously shaking my head at him. He is about to lose all that goodwill he built up with DP pronto.

        Also, this time period and its events are well covered in high school history books. No excuse for any of the actors to not be educated on it.

    • Yupp you can think it clearly all the drama cast also includes the senior actor’s/actress that won many awards,highly respected as a line -up of actors who have contributed a lot in the kdrama industry like how can they just simply ignore the history unless the snowdrop drama itself never insult or being in political issues like in the history of korean war itself. They’re Koreans they know their country, that’s the main point for others to think.The plot has previously been checked by the Korean Blue House, and there are no flaws. It’s merely a pure fiction love storey based on a factual occurrence that happened in 1987. The director stated at the press conference that the drama was not intended to expose the full storey of the political issues in Korea that led to the war; rather, it was intended to tell a love storey set in that time period. Of course, it will have to include some of that as long as it does not change or insult history.

  7. Huh? Their page on Naver TV is open to comments though, but the videos themselves are geo-restricted just like TRS’. Anyway, I thought first episode was fun and I dunno if I have very low expectations for her or not, but she’s charming in her character lol I don’t get the beautification of ANSP criticisms either because I’m pretty sure they are portrayed as the bad guys in the first ep. It was too long though, 90 minutes lol btw, why is there no discussion thread for Snowdrop on r/kdrama reddit?

  8. jtbc would probably never do any kind of drama that remotely touches on this subject ever again. After what happened to JE, Snowdrop would be lucky just to be able to broadcast all the episodes till the end.

    Youth of May story also was in this era but managed to dodge the bullet and even got praised.

    I feel that all this negativity on Snowdrop months back somehow affected on how it is edited and presented as it is now.

    It reminds me of another drama which had a very different teaser trailer but after JE was stopped from broadcasting came out somewhat differently.

    • *unnecessary statement I guess*
      Nobody want to know your opinion if you want to watch something else just watch it with your actual own eyes and don’t spitting nonsense about another drama with your typing hand here if you’re not interested

      • *unnecessary statement I guess*
        Nobody want to know your opinion if you want to watch something else just watch it with your actual own eyes and don’t spitting nonsense about another drama with your typing hand here if you’re not interested

  9. I can understand why Koreans are angry because plot and character development aside, the fact that the male lead is a NK spy and the second lead is portrayed as a “straight-laced” NSA agent is highly problematic. They even played a well-known protest song during a chase scene with Jung Hae In’s character, which was insensitive. As far as acting, Jisoo is ok but her pronunciation is really bad and distracting. The rest of the cast are decent but nothing to write home about so far.

  10. Snowdrop episode 1 was honestly not bad. It was lengthy because they wanted to introduce every single character in the same episode which means we met the characters but without much clarity. The color palette and filter are beautiful. Jisoo was surprising not bad yes she wasn’t an acting prodigy but she was honestly not bad either. Her performance was average but considering its her first drama there is plenty of room for improvement if she wants to improve. The girls of dorm 207 are pretty interesting and I loved their interactions. Kim Hyeyoon unfortunately is playing another version of her Sky Castle character so while her performance is good I don’t like her yet again. Having actually enjoyed the first episode I see the problem with humanizing the NSA and ANSP. The North Korean spy angle I’m still not sure about because it could be a twist so won’t judge it to early but the “villains” were too human and real which is troubling considering the time period and what those villains mean to the survivors. If this drama had been based in some other time period and focusing on completely different events it would have been better.

    • Lets be honest, literally any decent young actresses could have played Young Ro. Moon Ga Young would have been phenomenal if this had gone to her is all I could think watching this. Jisoo is decent enough, I’ll give her that. Kim Hye Yoon is playing her Sky Castle character again which is truly a shame but you play what you are offered in this industry especially when you don’t come from idol background with large fandom…..she’ll have to keep struggling to get proper lead roles like Shin Hye Sun and the rest.

      • Based on one episode you act as if anyone could have played the role yet none of the other actresses who auditioned including KHY were chosen for the role. Speaking of MGY she was passable in both her last two dramas and nothing about her acting is extraordinary and she doesn’t have the kind warmth that JS brings to the character. If only people from idol backgrounds can get proper roles then why does SHB have so many lead roles post HP? Why did WJA debut as a lead actress in JBL? Why is HSH literally the most in demand actress at the moment after playing a side mistress role in WOTM? If SHS is struggling for projects maybe the problem is with her and writers or directors don’t think she is compelling enough for better roles. Just btw the director for MQ and Snowdrop are the same so by your logic then JS should be deserving of her role too. KHY also has her other drama where she is the main lead but hasn’t gotten any buzz or praise for her role or drama so clearly she isn’t good enough to be a lead actress. That is her own fault don’t blame other people for it.

      • @Rubic
        The director himself said he didn’t have an open audition, he wanted Jisoo and approached her. So stop lying through your teeth. I get that you like Jisoo but I don’t care if my opinion hurts your itty bitty fangirl or fanboy feelings. I stand by it.

    • @mi ka comment is the only fair and sincere comment here for anyone who is really really interested in snowdrop first episode… Unless you are just another troll then you can keep scrolling to find your fellow trolls

    • @Mi Ka Agree there is no justification for why this drama had to be set in 1987 during the student protests. Worse is that the NSA female agent was the most interesting character for me personally and I hate myself for even liking any character that is in the NSA. It beautifies them and despite it not being my history I would never want to sympathize with any real life monsters who literally destroyed families. I’m choosing not to like this drama for this sole reason.

  11. I think the cinematography of the drama is good and the side characters are interesting. But I feel like jisoo is still not an FL material yet she sometimes blends into the background unless she the focus but overall I don’t think it’s a boring drama.

  12. the story might get interesting in upcoming episode. The one standout is The directing, even Ji Soo look decent in this and all the actor feel alive like watching answer Me Series except this drama won’t be like that.

    • Even without the controversy, drama is BORING and actors look like constipated. Cinematography is the onlydecent thing in this. Yes, I watched it out if curiosity. What’s interesting in the story? Is it interesting for you how the drama distorts history?

  13. I visited qoo and my good there’s a blood bath . Atleast 20posts related to the drama are trending in the HOT category. And most of them are negative. Even jisoo is being criticised for her acting, pronunciation and vocalisation. They are calling her female cha eunwoo.

    As for the ratings , Neilsen is doing some data transfer stuff so it won’t be out until tommorow.

    • There is literally a second Blue House petition to cancel the broadcast and the signatures will probably reach the minimum 200k by the time the second episode airs lol crazy not even 24 hours since it was started

      • The new petition filed soon after ep has already garnered 103K signatories, not even a day. 200K can be achieved in no time.

  14. This drama controversy was never about the quality but more of the plot.
    It doesn’t matter how the fans think about the acting or the directing, it will not be a big problem as much as the actual story.

    People are sensitive about the character motivation and identity because it’s closely related to the big independent story.

    I think the drama will always be controversial because it’s a romance drama at the middle of big political event and the plot choose to have the character that is related to the main event. Risking to distort the event and justified the propaganda at the time while focusing on how “they are falling in love”, “she looks so innocent”, “he looks handsome”.

    Wrong move, Joseon Exorcist at least has zombie which already nonsense based on the context, Mr Queen has time travelled which is hard to take as reality but this is normal drama and will be consume abroad. How would you feel if traumatizing event in your country is paintbrush pink to romantise the atrocity and also put to be abroad and risk of other people minimising the event as just “star crossed romance” background.

      • Yeah,it shouldn’t be a romance drama. Had this not a romance drama then perhaps people will wait for the unfolding plot.

    • Youth of May is a romance drama set in 1987, same as snowdrop but didn’ t get flak like this one. Why? Bec no distortion of history happened. Snowdrop just deserves this backlash bec they have time to correct their drama but instead, they still push through eith their agenda.

  15. Sounds like Koreans watch the first episode how it spans out to get a clear justification for their petition.

    This drama is a mess. Lucky it’s on cable tv. But I think they still rely probably half of their earnings on advertisement. I wonder how the advertisers react to this.

  16. I swear some actors greed has no bounds, if they had some integrity they couldve easily turned this down. Yoon in na and hye yoon who’ve been established as credible first leads agreed to play second fiddle to an idol star and for what lol. I think the actors will struggle after this but Jisoo’s music career will ofcourse be unaffected.

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