First Teaser for 2022 SBS Drama A Business Proposal with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Showcase Rom-com Vibes

A sense of deja vu isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it certainly means having to compete with the memory of the predecessor. The first teaser is out for SBS 2022 rom-com drama A Business Proposal (Office Blind Date) and the first off is that I like the original Korean title better. It’s adapted from the same name webtoon and deals with the romance between an ordinary office worker and her company boss after the two have a blind date under mistaken assumptions. The preview gives off total Why Secretary Kim vibes and Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung are channeling Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young lite vibes. It’s not a diss on them, the two youngsters are a decade younger so can absolutely be the next great onscreen pairing ala the Park-Park couple in Secretary Kim. There is the polished, charming, and brusque male lead and the office cutie female lead and plenty of hijinks, it probably helps that this drama is a few years removed from when Secretary Kim aired but it’ll come down to whether viewers are in the mood for this type of rom-com. I’m always in the mood but the story and chemistry has to delivery big time for me to stick around.

Office Blind Date teaser:


First Teaser for 2022 SBS Drama A Business Proposal with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Showcase Rom-com Vibes — 14 Comments

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  2. Im excited for the show. Sejeong has good comedic timing and a pretty lively actress. I reserve my reservations on ahn hyo seop though. Hes been a miss for me on every drama I have seen of his so far (maybe on still 17 he was ok. Then again its a supporting role). Still will watch for the premise and sejeong. Hope she pulls a multi and sings the ost too.

  3. The vibe is so different from the manhwa…. Ahn Hyo Seop looks and feels like he’s playing dress up. And Kim Se Jeong seems more lively than the manhwa counterpart who I pictured to be calm but sexy in a quiet way. But I’m not hating her portrayal…. It seems more natural than AHS.

    It’s funny to me how FLs in manhwas I’ve read are calm, mature, and sexy while in their 20s, qualities I see more natural in women in their 30s or older. I wish manhwas have older women as FLs and don’t make it seem like they’re old when they’re really not. It’s like manhwas and dramas think older women are married by their 30s and if not, there’s something wrong with them cuz they seem “abnormal”.

    • I agree with you about the vibe. Not because of the casting…but the trailer is so serious and dramatic, when it’s really just a sexy rom-com. I also agree with you about manhwa FLs in their 20s. Because of the medium, we do get to see their inner freakouts even when they remain outwardly calm. It’s hard to do that in a drama without excessive voiceovers. I don’t have too much to quibble with the casting since I like the 2 actors, though I think it would have worked better to have actors who are a little bit older to carry the sexy vibe.

  4. Didn’t mean to be mean but the style AYS’s wear are so PSJ in Secretary Kim. ?
    Hope this will work, I love good old Rom-Com.

    • I think hot manhwa guys all sort of look a like, especially if they’re CEO type characters. Always the suit and black hair – black hair to emphasize their arrogance and domineering personalities. Brownish hair if they’re more beta. 🙂

      K-actors seem to favor the slim look. The only actor that I think could match the manhwa-domineering-ceo look with the height and broad shoulders is Sung Hoon.

      It’s too bad that once you get to be lead, it’s sort of better for your career to stay there because I think Ahn Hyo-seop could have been adorable as the second lead in Office Blind Date (the ML’s secretary who falls in love at first sight with the FL’s best friend who was supposed to go on the date)

  5. I’m not high on this. Romcoms need chemistry. From what I’ve seen I don’t think Ahn is capable of generating chemistry.

    • Its funny because whenever he plays supporting roles, he does generate good chemistry with his female partners. Like his one sided crush on Shin Hye Sun in Still 17. Cute as a button. And now I finally recalled him being the young suitor of Yoo In Na in One More Happy Ending too. He had good chemistry with her too. Somehow when he is the lead I think he tries too hard and overacts or in other times just go bland. Extremes really. Maybe he is just weak in interpretation and hard carrying multi faceted leads don’t quite cut it for him.

      • yes, he was so good back in One More Happy Ending and also Queen of Ring (mini-drama) where he was a lead role with Kim Seulgi.

        Maybe the burden of being a lead in main drama did affect his skill.

  6. Yeah, I was completely off put when they announced Sejeong as the FL since this is my favourite manhwa of all time and she just doesn’t fit the character of Hari (the FL). AHS is also just too…….slight and lacking the charisma to play Taemu (the ML) despite his good looks, plus, who can forget his blind “acting” in Lovers? They also don’t look like they have the slightest bit of chemistry. I might just hate watch this to see how bad it gets but yeah, the expectations are in the dumpster for me.

  7. It reminds me The Secret Life of My Secretary too. Except he doesn’t have an issue with faces.

    I like Kim Se-Jung. AHS is kinda bland for me. I think his shyness is visible in his acting.

  8. you literally spoke my mind koala AHS does look or style and even acts like PSJ character from wwwsk
    I don’t know should I be happy or worried about
    with this comparison we can see that PSJ brought a lot of uniquness and originality to the age old chaebol characters in kdramas while AHS is just plane copying
    I hope he brings some originality to his character

  9. I like Kim Se Jung since i saw her in School 2017, i watched all her dramas as for Ahn hyo Seob it seems that he is still uneasy when he acts even if he is not bad i find that he lacks charisma . So i’ll see .

  10. I am actually quite excited about the second male and female leads, Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah. They are both pretty underrated actors.

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