C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Novel Lost You Forever Reportedly in the Works for 2022 with Yang Zi, Xu Kai, and Zhang Wan Yi as the Leads

Half of me wants this to never happen because nothing can be as good as the book, and half of me has been waiting for it to happen for so long I just want it to actually happen even if it sucks. C-ent is reporting that the long planned drama adaptation of fantasy romance C-novel Lost You Forever (Chang Xiang Si) by Tong Hua, the writer of Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling With Each Step), is finally legit underway. The drama will reportedly star Yang Zi as cross-dressing in the first half female lead Xiao Yao with current It Boy Xu Kai as eternal lover boy Tu Shan Jing and rising young actor Zhang Wan Yi as everyone’s favorite meanie demon with a marshmallow heart Xiang Lui. I’ve long since despaired this novel will ever get a proper drama adaptation but remain curious to see ANY drama adaptation. I don’t have a problem with the casting because it’s just too hard to cast “perfect” for this drama and ultimately the Tong Hua novels have only ever been properly adapted once with BBJX and everyone hated the casting when it was first announced. Her novels Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao), Song in the Clouds (Yun Zhong Ge), and Once Promised (Ceng Xu Nuo), the prequel to Lost You Forever, all got butchered in the adaptation. I dunno, at least this is an interesting news to start off the new 2022 year with.


C-drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Novel Lost You Forever Reportedly in the Works for 2022 with Yang Zi, Xu Kai, and Zhang Wan Yi as the Leads — 20 Comments

  1. I am also torn about this adaptation, as the novel is dear to me. I’m really glad you translated the drama and introduced me to chinese novels! Since then i have reread it multiple times (altho i dont finished it each time), the story is really beautiful and i love it very much. I really really really hope that they can do the story justice and dont do anything weird with the story. As for the cast, i just hope they have a separate actor for female xiao yao and male wen xiao liu to make it more believeable.

    Once again thank you for translating this awesome novel <3

  2. YZ in another cross dressing and fantasy drama? I like her a lot but I’m a bit tired of her in these type of genres.

    • I cannot count how many times I read this novel in your website , it was just so dreamy. Three Gods, three men . But I’m very TuShan Jing shipper. Hehehe

  3. My only cdrama expectation this year is Joy of Life 2. I’ve started the novel so hopefully when JOL S2&S3 airs, I wouldn’t be so frustrated just waiting. More Fan Xian ftw <3<3<3

    I like Xu Kai in FYIS but his historical projects aren’t my cup of tea. Yang Zi — zzzz

  4. tired of seeing yang zi in these costume fantasy dramas. i wonder if she’s type-casted or just knows that she’s a limited actress. but anyways, she’s still better than xu kai.

    • How can she be type-cast if the only slight cross-dressing fantasy drama she has done is Ashes of Love & that was 4 years ago??? She only had one modern drama broadcast last year which was The Psychologist and she had rave reviews for her acting there.

  5. Yang zi is my favourite c actress and xu kai is beautiful to look at. I don’t read the novel but I love wuxia and xianxia drama. My only problem is cross dressing?? Hahaha , in C drama they never make it believeble . I need to fool myself into believinng that is acceptable in the drama.

  6. I always thought Cystal Liu Yifei would be perfect as Xiao Yao especially latter half of story when her true appearance comes out. I agree about Yangzi, I feel like she will play similar character in ashes of love. I will still check out the show when it airs!

  7. Not thrilled with the alleged casting. I hold the novel dear to my heart because I’m rarely torn so many ways by the characters.

    Yangzi can deliver acting wise even though she’s not my ideal Xiao Yao but Xu Kai has been consistently flat acting wise…don’t know the other guy to really say much.

    Disappointed, i much rather they keep the drama in the drafts eternally.

    Other than bbjx, TH’s novels have all been butchered…

  8. I wish, a producer will adapt Gu Man’s Blazing Sunlight. I love that novel so much and waiting hopelessly for the sequel.

    Havent read this one. Will start soon.

  9. Personally I feel that Tong Ye has very “interesting” setting choices and this novel in particular goes all the way back to Huang Di which is honestly extremely unappealing. Also, Xu Kai doesn’t seem to be in the running for the drama. From what I heard the male leads have about equal screen time so it’s more likely that they are played by lesser known actors. Zhang Wanyi and the rumoured Wang Anyu both belong to that tier of up and coming stars. That said, I’m also not high on this overall because I don’t really feel the premise, and perhaps also because I don’t like Tong Ye at all as a writer.

  10. Yangzi is not a bad choice for this role. There are very few actresses in the proper age range with the acting chops to tackle the character of xiao yao. I think she will do very well. No casting choice will ever satisfy 100% of audiences.

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