K-ent Insider Discusses Junho Vaulting to A-list Drama Leading Man After Critical Acclaim for His Performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff

There are only a handful of true double threats in K-ent, a star that is a great singer/idol and also a great actor/actress. So it’s with great excitement within K-ent to welcome 2PM member Junho (Lee Jun Ho) to the elite group after the widely acknowledged success of MBC drama The Red Sleeve Cuff and the universal praise of his sageuk acting. K-ent is reporting that Junho has effectively vaulted into A-list drama actor category and this critical step up mirrors that success of Kang Ha Neul after he did When the Camellia Blooms. That’s a really apt comparison actually. He has reportedly been fielding nonstop offers for dramas and movies starting midway through Red Sleeve airing and also an exponential increase in CF and endorsement love calls as well. The K-ent reporter also said that Junho’s salary per episode has also jumped going forward. Junho’s agency has confirmed that he’s turned down a lot of offers his way recently because he’s taking his time and up next for him first will be a fan meeting as he mulls over the next acting project.


K-ent Insider Discusses Junho Vaulting to A-list Drama Leading Man After Critical Acclaim for His Performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff — 74 Comments

    • Please be mature enough to not post hateful comments. And do not attempt to camouflage your hate as an opinion. I have been following TRS since day one on all Korean/ International social media outlets and have witnessed first hand his meteoric rise to become the current sensation that he is. This article is just stating the obvious.

      • Agree!Junho is a thespian! His acting is way better than other Hallyu stars. Just my opinion. He will make more memorable dramas and movies he is an epitome of a real multi talented person.

      • I am not Korean and I couldn’t watch live to increase rating but all of Junho’s dramas are hits for me. Before the Red sleeve cuff aired, I already fell in love with Just between lover and Wok of Love, even they are in my top favourites after watching hundreds of dramas during my years being K-drama viewers!

        Junho’s tone and voice acting in The red sleeve is super outstanding (and maybe because of the fact that it is a historical drama, his excellent voice acting is even more to be seen (same as Seyoung). Though I don’t know Korean, I really felt the charm and attractiveness anytime they speak!
        In modern dramas, you don’t see quite clear on that maybe…but in Just between lovers, his voice is capturing your heart a lot, you feel all the emotions inside his acting! In Wok of love, he has a deep voice acting and very clear diction of the script…
        I meant, all his good performance were there but somehow only until the Red sleeve cuff a combination with other factors and context really helped showing off his talents!
        And totally agree with you. Some people just like to post hateful comments. Even before the Red sleeve, I already felt his rise soon after his military discharge. Unfortunately I did not know 2PM before a few years back so could not comment on his previous popularity but watching again his solo careers makes me feel Wow, such a talent, how and why didn’t I know him before? He must have been really famous then with such beautiful and explosive performance on stage. But that is another story, as he is 2 different persons as an actor and singer. And he prove his quality work for both areas.
        I meant he is famous. So I don’t think he needs to do some mediaplay for being more popular. He was just working hard to do his job well in all projects. And he succeeded so naturally he will earn even more attention than before!

  1. Kang Ha neul and junho ,same aged, both were the cast of the movie twenty, and now both had a successful military comeback. But yeah in 2021 he got love both as an idol as an actor. A very rare feat.
    Seeing the post above, i can already see people going to swarm in here calling out the “alleged” mediaplay. But junho getting his bag so who cares.
    As for his A list status, i think it might take 1 or 2 more hits, but junho undoubtedly is the hottest topic rn. Anything related to him starts trending.

    • Yes. Not exactly a junho fan but one can’t deny how his status has risen now. Those deniers like the obnoxious whatever above is coping with their predictable “mEdIaPlAy” comments lmao. But what can you expect when there are still posters on this blog that deny han so hee’s popularity and her being in demand, when literally she’s being cast left right and center. They’re delulus, probably mad their faves are being overtaken by these rising stars lmao

    • I’ve been watching him ever since Cold Eyes/Twenty, was super impressed by him in Chief Kim (it takes talent to play such a slappable character while sharing the screen with Namgoong Min), his rise was slow and steady from supporting roles to lead but I’m VERY happy to see the success of The Red Sleeve.

      Same with TRS leading lady Lee Se Young actually.

      He and Kang Haneul were costars in Twenty and took a similar slow and steady approach by taking on different kinds of roles and supporting roles even when they could easily have scored lead roles much earlier. But it paid off for both of them because by the time they have a drama hit they’re already recognised as talented actors.

  2. Oh , I am glad if Junho becomes a A list Star.
    He is a hardworking all rounded entertainer who doesn’t take his natural talent for granted .
    He is brilliant as a young man.

    He is a natural but still works hard to be perfect and RS is the fruit of his efforts.

    Unlike some lucky famous actors , he gladly takes the challenges offered to him to improve more.

    All I hope is he will choose the next project wisely .

  3. DESERVED!!! I am not a 2pm fan and I hadn’t watched anything for him before TRS. He OWNED the role with his Charisma. He’s a force to be reckoned with in the acting world. I impatiently wait for his next work and wish him All The BEST.

  4. 2PM was one of THE biggest kpop groups in SK at one time so Junho was definitely an A list idol to begin with. The transition to A list actor was inevitable because all A list idols with this amount of talent are guaranteed to become A list actors just like DO did and potentially BTS V will in the future. There are idols who are good actors like Hyungshik and there are idols who are extremely popular like Eunwoo but Junho was always both. This status boost was always going to happen but its good to see it finally cemented. Both DO and Junho delivered in their respective sageuk dramas and proved their versatility and ratings power.

  5. This is my first time to be really excited for any actors. I had paid attention about Lee Junhobefore the The Red Sleeve and I was so surprised of how good he is the drama. He totally nailed and own Crown Prince Yisan and as the King.

    Out of curiosity as to why he is good and end up browsing anything about Lee Junho and found he is a Superstar in the making who excel in everything he does.

    Set popularity aside, just look at pure talent.

    As an actor— his acting skill has been noticed and critically acclaimed by PDs and colleagues in the industry ever since his acting debut in the movie Cold Eyes in 2013. After seeing him in that movie, Joen Do-yeon personally recommended him to be cast in the movie Memories of the Sword. Since then he’s been cast on major or lead roles both in movies and dramas and his acting skill has always been noticed and praised by people within the industry and viewers, Korean viewers in particular. And recent, he showed truly remarkable performance in The Red Sleeve and all the attentions he is getting is absolutely well-deserved.

    As an idol (Singer/dancer/performer) – he owns the stage as a performer and has a stable, great voice control and wide vocal range. I’ll definitely watch him live and so his group 2pm. They are a powerhouse vocal group and amazing entertainers. They sing LIVE. Yah they do.

    As a singer/songwriter – he plays the guitar/piano/drums and few other instruments and has 110 copyrighted songs as of Jan 2022.

    On top of that he values his work and has great work ethics, very humble and values hardwork in everything he does.

    Thanks to the internet. I got informed in a short amount of time.

    I am so happy for Lee Jun-ho and super-duper excited on what he’s going to do next. ?

    • ***correction*** I meant I had not paid attention of him before The Red Sleeve. This is my first time gushing about Lee Jun-ho purely for his outstanding talent.

    • Well said! Not only Junho is an all-round entertainer you can’t help but love/admire, he’s also a cat lovers. Man is just perfect! He deserves every bit of his success. Haters back off!

  6. Not his biggest fans but gives credit where its due, he deserved all the praise from TRS successful. He is amazing in it, full of charisma not many actor can pulled that. Looking forwards for his next project

  7. he deserves it . I ‘am watching him since some dramas and he always delivers a good performance . His role in Chief Kim and his chemeistry with NGM was so good . Becoming an A lister is hard but it takes only a few bad choices to fall . Good luck to him as i wish to see him in another good role .

    • Bad choices make A listers fall? Since when? LMH, SHK, JJH, SYJ can’t relate. True A listers are like Chaebol families, they never fall. Even JDY can keep churning of dramas that flop in ratings won’t stop her from being the Queen of Cannes her whole life.

      • If you are an established A list star, a bad project or two can’t make you fallen.
        But a bad scandal can.
        As a rising A list actor ( I wont say Star cause he is already an established idol ), he better avoid scandal that will make him look bad.

        Young male A list star equals to that amt of stress.
        It’s so suffocating to see those celebrities.( I feel pity for KSH ).

        He needs to stay with only his cats for a while though.

      • @MMM Okay but what explains LMH then? He sky rocketed to fame overnight with BOF (just like Junho) then he did PT which tanked then he did CH which was a hit then Faith which tanked then Heirs which was a hit and then LOTBS which was panned by everyone despite the ratings then TKEM which tanked big time. Basically in his almost 20 year career he has exactly 3 hit dramas many years apart from each other. So at what point did he cross the rising A list to established A list because by the time he did Heirs he was already the King of new Hallyu. You don’t need multiple successes to enter the A list you’re in it the minute the industry says you are and you never leave it no matter how badly your drama fails or how typecast you become.

    • *chemistry . 2PM was really popular in 2010’s . Taecyeon was in Dream High ( most of the cast made it big since) , he played with Moon Geun Young in Cinderella’s sister, The Kpop group made 2 memorable cf Cass Beer with Yoon eun Hye and another one with Girl’sGeneration . Lee Jun Ho was in the movie Twenty along side Kang ha neul, He wasn’t overshadowed by Jang Hyuk in Wok of love wich is not easy as Jang Hyuk is a great actor , In Confession he had the chance to work with amazing veteran actors . Now i’d like to see him working with Ji Sung . I think that i may have a heart attack if it happens .

  8. His performance in TRS hardcarried the show when the script became laggy and repetitive trapping the female lead in non challenging and less interesting scenes (she got back on track in the last 3 episodes), so I can definitely see how he came out of this drama super strong. I’ve liked him in past shows as well, a rare case of an idol-actor who can act. In fact the first time I watched him in a kdrama, I thought he was just a young new actor lol I might watch the only drama of his I haven’t, which is Confession, while I wait for his next steps.

    Maybe I should check his kpop group but his image as an actor is so strong in me that I fear whiplash hahaha

    • You can check his but breaking chopsticks, he was famous for that ?. After that it was hard for him to build his name but he succeeded!

    • If you want to go to that rabbit hole, just a little bit warning… 2PM is wild, like really wild. The wild level of 2nd generation idol is on different level ?

      • Hi, oldreader! I’m curious what does 2pm being wild means? Ha! I’ve watched many Junho’s videos on youtube since his drama Just Between Lovers and I’ve got nothing wild except his sexy but* kkkk

      • @dandelionplusme Oldreader meant that 2PM is one of those “no filter” groups. They don’t really hide their words and actions, leading to hilarious situations.

    • His real personality is close to Seo Yul in Chief Kim. Fiery, grumpy and cute. You can see that whenever he’s interacting with his bandmates, so be prepare?

  9. Good for him! He gave a great performance, and deserves credit for it. Unlike many other kpop idols that get handed lead roles right off the bat thanks to their agency/nepotism/what have you, despite being thoroughly undeserving of them and then drag their co-stars down with them, Junho took a drama that could’ve easily flown under the radar and elevated it. He gave a performance that complemented his fellow actors and they all brought out the best in each other. Well done ?

  10. I was waiting for this article to appear here! From what I seen, he’s been well regarded for his acting abilities prior to TRS. PDs would say he has an actor’s face, it was about his schedule making it work. I liked that he never chose fluffy rom coms. He’s not performing as much compared to 2pm’s heyday, so he’ll have more time with acting.

    As for A List status, I think he needs 1 more drama as the main that does well both ratings/critical. I hope Lee Se Young also gets tons of offers, b/c she had a hard task of her role being more subtle. Someone said here that he gives them Lee Je Hoon vibes, and I think that’s someone his acting career could go. He excels in tortured broody roles. If he chooses well and JYP manages him well, he could be one of the top actors in the 30s range in the next 2-3 yrs.

    • From what I’ve noticed, he is already there. He has few 3 box office hit movies under his belt.

      His debut drama Memory was a hit and he even made a cameo with Lee Sung Min in the Japanese remake of the drama.

      He won Excellence Best Actor for Good Manager and he was the even made to be at the forefront in the promotion of the drama as if he’s the lead.

      Wok of Love had decent rating and buzz and he had top excellence acting nomination.

      Just Between Lovers was critically acclaimed even to this day fans love this drama and praised how amazing his performance in this drama.

      Confession did received good rating as thriller drama and as usually he’s praised by his brilliant oerformance.

      He’s been creating buzz in Korea and Japan even while serving in the military. Their single My House went back to the chart because of his fan cam and went back up the chart in Korea and Japan. JYP had to release a compilation album in Japan due to the resurgence of their popularity.

      The Red Sleeve just sealed the deal.

      • I wonder how he/JYP will manage his career now, given his acting career has flourished higher. In Korea, actors are looked more well upon. I know Junho said he wants to do both, & doesn’t care about the Idol actor prejudice. He got noticed b/c of Chief Kim on a broader scale by the general public. Fun fact: He got paid only $3,000 for Chief Kim!

        I remember a comment here a few months ago that said he had no charisma which I found interesting. He has a good screen presence, and expressive. I like that he doesn’t go for pretty & easy roles, and is ok with looking like a fool. TRS is his 1st as a main where it has both the ratings/praise/big buzz.

        JYP use to have an actors division but they scraped it, Choi Woo Shik left to go to Soop. I wonder how they’ll handle his acting career, esp. after TRS will cement his acting career. His bestie Song Joong Ki has managed well, so all Junho needs is a Hallyu drama/Hallyu actress/romance genre. I’ve no idea which director his agency/himself will choose his career to go. Is he going to model his acting career to Park Seo Joon (Hallyu star) or Lee Je Hoon (critically acclaimed)?

      • That’s totally your perception though. It does not mean it’s true.

        About the talent fee, give me your source that he was paid that much. As far as I know Lee Jun Ho doesn’t do that kind of media play and fees are confidential unless with the consent of parties involved. Sounds like myou are just speculating there, Korean media don’t even get it right.

        The no charisma thingy, that was the first 5 years since his debut at 2pm, when he was between 18years and 22 years. That’s because he was young. However it’s not the same since 2013, when he debut as an actor and as a solo artist.
        a. Since then,
        — in addition to 2pm dome/stadium/arena tours (the group held many until 2017)
        – As a solo artist, LJH has been holding arena tours as solo artist in Japan and Korea from 2013 until 2019 when he had to serve the military.
        b. He released 11 albums during these period, OST’s and songs for 2pm and other artists.
        c. At the same time, he did 5 movies and 5 dramas during this period.

        About Managing his career, sounds like he is pretty much in Control of it. Lee Jun-ho is Lee Jun-ho. He will not follow anyone’s path. If you know him, you’d be surprised how big he is.. but what’s good about him, he is not a show off and he remains humble. He always work hard for anything he does. That is why you’d find Cha In-pyo, Yoo Tae-ji and PDs and actors he’d worked with admire him.

      • @Bless Seems you are more well versed on him lol. Talent fee, it was online that he got paid 3,000 per episode for Chief Kim. It was under a comment under this same article. Considering he got paid for a standard starting actor’s fee, and for a supporting/2nd ML role it doesn’t seem too far fetched. His fee obviously went up after. He’s part of a big agency, and he has been acknowledged by PDs/actors of his talents.

        Now, is the most exciting moment of his post military career as TRS cemented him as the next A List leading man. I’m just speaking objectively overall. As @dawang said, he just needs that Baeksang nom/possible win to cement his A List status.

      • @anon I only know few actors mediaplay their fee. I heard or read nothibg about Lee Junho, so show me.

        As for your own Alist, suit yourself.

      • 3 million won per ep for a supporting role in Chief Kim seems in line with info available for dramas that year, some dramas pay even less eg Rebel Thief Who Stole the People paid only 2.5 million won per ep to its lead actors Yoon Kyun Sang and Chae Soo Bin.

      • @Royalwei, whatever you are saying is funny. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

        lol I am curious which part of the world are you from and the standard cost of living in your area that you think actors on lead role only earn that much. Because that tells your thought process. Especially opinion about Lee Jun ho was absurd. Lee Jun ho who had box office movie and well received drama prior Chief Kim and factor his brand value as a singer and his participation in the promotion of the drama. Do you think JPY a publicly listed company would allow their top artists to be paid only that much? The compang have to earn too. How much would JYP earn from it? $300 per episode. haha

        Bless you all. lol

      • @Bless my source for the pay info about Yoon Kyun Sang and Chae Soo Bin in Rebel was a Korean news article from 2017 with info about what leads of several dramas got paid.

        The article was also translated on pannchoa, so if you have a problem and think JYP would “never allow” their idols to be paid 3m won for a supporting role that’s your problem, not mine. I’m just conveying what was reported about other young actors who were in lead roles that same year, stop throwing tantrums in the comments for nothing.

      • No arguments needed. You missed one zero, probably lost in translation. YKS and CSB pay was $25,000 per episode few years back. Accounts Clerk is even paid $4,500 per month, so $2.5k or $3k per episode is NO.

    • for me, he needs a prestigious award nomination like baeksang to confirm he is already an A-list status. hope he’ll be nominated

    • Thank you for mentioning Lee Se Young. As good as Junho is, Lee Se Young was also good in the drama. Sad that there’s not a lot of media coverage on her just because she’s not a famous actress (I bet if she had been an idol there would be more article on her).

      • @Girlaloo I thought LSY and how there are actors who aren’t ‘trendy,’ but they get good work and quietly do their thing. Lee Se Young reminds me of Lee Bo Young, both talented/gorgeous yet low key. She seems lovely and a down to earth gal. It’s ironic because in the Data Weekly Charts she ranked #1 ahead of Junho for most of TRS airing.

        I guess she’s not ‘trendy’ but I see her becoming one of those actresses who gets quality works. Her role was the beating heart of TRS, and she was well received in Korea. The only thing is I haven’t heard if she got more offers/increase in salary compared to him. We know that usually the male co-star reaps a lot of the goodwill. I hope its not the case here, but yeah…

    • I wasn’t going to say it, but he really has. Also, Junho has music career as a bonus, and he’s younger. I mean the MBC/Yoona hosting, he took over as well. Shows how fickle the industry is, one mistake, and your out and the next hot one takes over.

      I thought I was the only one who thought about Seon Ho was the IT guy last yr, and how Junho is the IT guy now. As long as he manages his private life well, he can only go up. I wonder if the industry will now push this guy to be the next Hallyu actor…He just has to work with either Kim Eun Sook, Park Ji Eun, or Kim Eun Hee, & a major female actress in his next work and boom!

      • Forget last yr he was still the IT till the day the hometown cha cha finale aired. It really was shit timing and all just badly handled. Junho and kim seon ho are so different in acting and appeal with the latter’s image being reliant on his squeaky clean “good boy” persona which sadly done him the most disservice.

        True but Kim eun sook still chasing proper A listers haha she probably has her eye on park seo joon before junho. I can see junho working with Kim eun hee more so though, epically cause thrillers seems to suits him aswell.

    • You speak my mind @Kailey, i didn’t dare to write it in my previous comment to not begin a war but that ‘s what i meant when i said that it takes a lot to reach the height but less than a minute to fall . Another ex : Yoon Eun Hye was one of the ones who paved the way to idols turning actors ,winning a Daesang at the age of 23 years , being one of the highest paid actresses in 2008/2009 . She didn’t choose good projects, had a “scandal” and now ???

      • What makes me angry about Yoon Eun Hye’s “scandal” is how trivial it was, she was basically ostracised for the crime of….defending herself? Meanwhile how many MeToo’d men/men with bully scandals are still working?

      • I know @Royal We , it’s unfair . i took her as an example because in previous comments , some said that once you reach the top A list you will always be one forever . People or younger ones may not know but she was at the top , not anymore just because of a “faux pas” .

      • Yoon eun hye’s case is indeed very sad, I dont think she’s OK mentally aswell 🙁

    • I doubt if he would sign up commercial endorsements like Kim Seon-ho. I hope not.

      As far as I know, what he filmed last fews are his existing cf, which he already have before TRS. I also observed he endorsed only those he is using.
      It’s not conclusive and purely based on obsevation, these are the products he endorsed
      -Piaget watch
      -Samsung Z-flip
      -xiximix fitness clothing and xiximix cosmetics
      -L’ocittane handcream
      -ChIChi Tuna
      -some minor or limited endorsements on some products.

      • Protein powder ( yeah his determination for weight loss )
        Some whiskey endorsement
        ( though he can’t drink ,ha ha )

      • Addition
        -Paper Bag (health food products)

        These are his existing cf prior to The Red Sleeve.

      • I am not sure if he does not drink at all, I think he does but not heavy. I think the Windsor Whisky, Kiels Musk and Bulgari jewellery were just for limited endorsements and only for GQ magazine. Note, these are only based on my observation.

      • @MMMhwaym lol yah he did a cf for Windsor Whisky in between 2pm album comeback. I think he goes for drink moderately.

  11. Forget last yr he was the IT till the day the hometown cha cha finale aired. The shows success with it being a romcom is a surprising case at that too. It really is shit timing and was badly handled. Junho and kim seon ho are so different though in acting styles and appeal with the latter’s image being reliant on being squeaky clean “good boy” which done him the most disservice.

    True but kim eun sook is still chasing the major proper A listers haha she probably has her eye on park seo joon before junho.

    • @Kailey b – you’re not wrong. That image was a double edged sword, ultimately even if I think the scandal wasn’t a career sinking thing (people can break up and it looked like the woman told some lies too), it did dent his public perception. It’ll wear off with time though.

  12. Congrats to Junho! I only just know him from TRS. At the beginning, as I didn’t know him other than being a member of 2pm, I was a bit worried he wouldn’t be able to act well.. as all idol actors are. 2pm was so famous that I know of them, even if i was never a fan. I’ve watched Dream High, and while the story and songs were nice, the acting from Taecyeon and Wooyoung left much to be desired.

    Given such history, I was pleasantly surprised from the moment Junho first appear in TRS. He shows charisma, and his diction, tone, facial expression, minute breath, sigh and voice, everything was perfect, and more. To be honest, he isn’t that good looking.. but his charisma and screen presence makes him look good. That led me to check out his other dramas. I have since watched almost all, including the movie Twenty, which is a blast and a must watch in my list.

    I have also checked out Junho as part of 2pm, and I must say, he is truly hardworking and perfect. Dance, singing, acting, composing. He’s not just good, but perfect. And knowing how he achieved all that through hard work makes me admire that tenacity in him, to realised his dreams.

    With all that, he is definitely more than deserving of the A-list recognition he is getting now. Hope to see more of him soon!

  13. I have known 2PM from the very beginning, although I’m not really a fan, I have noted their progression over the years. I know Taec and Woon Young from Dream High(my fav drama), and Nickhun for being everywhere (CF etc.) I love picking out the vocals from idol groups and I would say Woon Young is the vocalist of the group.

    And I had no idea who JunHo is, when Chief Kim happens, and I had to google 2PM images, and oh he is the guy always standing at the side(an indication he is not the visual of the group). He has certainly changed his image from the boyish/punkish/beastly idol into a suave, charming man and oh my, such strong screen presence.

    I have been a fan of JunHo since then, and I am so impressed that he is a composer on top of all his acting, idol skills.

    I am really happy for him that he is getting more popular from The Red Sleeve, regardless of the awards, and will be looking for to his next drama.

  14. Congratulations Junho, well deserved recognition! The fame and recognition are not entirely new to him as 2PM was and still one of the most successful idol group, and now he gets the fame via acting,all the best vaulting to A-lister status and IT ‘boy’ in the industry as long as he maintains whatever he does now, choosing great projects and more importantly managing his private life well.

    Out of topic but this really reminds me how it feels like yesterday we see the same headline about Kim Seonho propelling to A-lister but damn – this just show us the industry is really ruthless, you can be on the top one day and it doesn’t even take a day to fall in the deep hole for various reasons. Once you’re out, and your place is taken by someone else, it’s difficult to regain it back unless it’s a miracle or extremely lucky. That makes me respect the senior celebrities who can maintain and protect their places for long years, whether they’re hopefully really decent human or they’re just smart in managing their career and private life, kudos for them because it’s certainly not easy.

  15. I’m glad for him, since he is really improved alot since Just Between Lovers days. He has the technique and talent too. I actually prefer him than Kim Seon Ho as rising A Lister though. Hopefully He will stay longer as A-lister Actor and keep improving his craft.

  16. There’s really no comprison between Lee Jun-ho and Kim Seon-ho. Even without KSH scandal, Lee Jun ho will have the same level of popularity.

    Unlike KSH who’s hyped by the “good boy” image and he’s literally a newbie with barely 5 years in the industry, Lee Junho’s popularity has a stronger foundation backed with 15 years experience in the industry of which for 9 years he’s also been working as an actor.

    Acting offers have been pouring in for him even while he was still serving in the military. How do you think he was able to participate

    • Acting offers have been pouring in for him even while he was still serving in the military. That is why he was able to star in a drama right after he’s discharged from military. Movie and drama producers have interest on him solely for his acting ability.

    • The red sleeve hits is surprising for me. since it’s against Now we are breaking Up Song Hye Kyo too, It’s from Misty writers, so we are expecting addictive story.. and there is Jirisan in between. all a-listers actor come back.
      but who know it turn out the red sleeve hits jackpot? Hits drama is often unpredictable. and before this, except Chiem Kim, none of JunHo drama where he is the main focus become a major hits.

      I also did’nt expecting Hometown cha cha cha become a major hit.

      • I don’t like HTCCC and actually dropped it after 2 eps. Can’t figure out what ppl like about it. Story is so lame and boring.. and a remake of a movie.. just not my cup of tea.

        I think Red Sleeve hits just showcase how viewers are more discerning nowadays and silly storylines or pretty face or famous names will not attract viewers. Nothing but great acting, good cinematography, and a well-written story. The other dramas airing at the same time just didn’t have these important requirements to be a hit.

        Hopefully there will be more well-made dramas like Red Sleeve in the future.. I miss them.. most dramas nowadays really can’t make it.

      • @ Bbp09, A good story doesn’t always guarantee A Hits either. between All A-lister come back, If we talk about Good script, LYA Hits the jackpot with choose the script right with Inspektor Koo.It’s even get choosen One of the the TOP 10 drama cine 21 magazine version. But Look what happened, Inspektor Koo Barely hits 2% consistently.

      • I watched Inspector Koo too, and I have to agree with the ratings sadly. It is not as interesting and fun. The main lead is always losing while the antagonist seems more clever. I get frustrated with the storyline and just wanted the leads to win faster.. but yeah.. that’s mainly why the drama isn’t a big hit I feel. The grip and happy excitement is not there..

        Red Sleeve first ep was flowing quite slowly for me, although the young actors were cute and acted well. And main leads only appeared for short while at the end of ep1. But in ep2 we see Junho and Seyoung’s chemistry in full form and it was amazingly funny. The chemistry was developed not just because of their acting, but also the great dialogue/script. That kept me interested to watch the next ep week after week.

        I also watched 1st ep NWABU and was too bored to continue with any more. SHG was pretty no doubt, but JKY was the killing point. I just can’t take his dead tone and emotionless voice. Many ppl find his deep tone voice sexy? And I actually like men with deep tone voice.. but his was just emotionless.. that and his face.. I just can’t go on.. the story was just not interesting to keep me interested at all.

        Junho has a deep tone in Red Sleeve too, but his voice has emotions in it.. because I can understand Korean too, so I don’t rely on subs, I noticed the intonations, breath change, and all the small details he added. Everytime he opened his mouth to say something, I was mesmerized.. I can only say, he learned well from Park Jin Young’s singing class? He once said JYP was very particular about every tone, breath, sound, etc, when they record their songs.. and I guess that helps in his diction. The words he said we’re clear, crisp, attractive tone, with emotions layered in every breath.. just amazing. That’s why Koreans are crazy over him I guess, esp when they hear him speak.. it was seriously awesome and deserving of praise. Too bad subs cannot present that beauty..

      • @Bbp09 JKY sighs, what a fluke. YG just keeps giving him mains in unfit works. Plus as you said, his voice is monotone. It sounds the same all throughout, that’s the biggest issue he has. He needs to work on changing his voice, so it doesn’t sound like he’s acting the same.

        Junho has the added advantage that he can control his breath, and he can deliver lines with clear diction. Netizens really love actors who can enunciate properly. There was a list a few yrs back of those who can, and those who can’t enunciate well lol.

  17. Wanted to comment on the KSH comparison. Honestly I don’t see it at all. KSH has the “Happy Go Lucky” Image vs LJH has the “Confident Got it All” image. Completely different aura. And KSH’s fall had nothing to do with LJH’s rise. Even without KSH’s scandal, LJH would have gotten the same praise for his wonderful performance. IT guys are very much related to current popular activities and it cements them to become A listers in the long run. Unfortunately for KSH, luck was not on his side. Plus LJH earned his current status with a HEAVY competition from A listers let alone popular actors. He also stood his ground against senior actors and managed to shine brightly in their presence. Finally LJH and KSH’s fame is Completely different. LJH is being praised for his acting mainly and his critically acclaimed performance vs KSH is just popular for his image as a sweet guy. Btw I adored KSH in HCCC but unfortunately its a fact that his fame eas solely due to his image and thats why his scandal hit very hard.

      • LOL. But seriously, if he does have one, it’s totally normal. Just make sure you don’t end things poorly. Speaking of, two of 2PM members were able to have secret gfs so they keep things well hidden.

  18. I’m so happy for him. I remember when he wrapped up his projects and went into the military, I was so sad that he was closing his 20’s so talented but so overlooked, and praying for a good comeback which is rare. Seeing his hard work and talent and growth go unnoticed :’)

  19. he’s a gem. one of the best actors of his generation. seen all his projects and there is not one role he didn’t deliver in.

  20. Why do people only state this about him now…He was super good since his first leading role in Just between lover…Outstanding performance than a numerous of full-time actors. And he exploded his charm as musician and solo singer since years…Maybe sometimes, it is about the timing…
    It Red sleeve cuff came in the right timing, right after his military discharge, 2PM comeback, the unexpected trending of his beautiful fancam of an old song “My house”, MBC’s strong promotion for him on 2 I live alone episodes (one with the charming Jinyoung GOT7 who has just written Encore and surprised Kpop fans with their true commitment for their singing career and another episode with his nephew who is super cute like him). I meant, all his hard work are put together to show off his outstanding performance everywhere, his hardworking style and all his previous achievement accumulated to suddenly brought him to attention at one time!
    He has worked all his way since his debut to now and he has high quality work deliverables. It is not a blooming because of The red sleeve cuff only but it just the timing for his popularity to explode is now!
    Good to know there is Junho a very charming actor. Besides, Junho the singer/musician has a successful solo career with explosive performance on stage will surprise new fans too. I never count him as idol turn actor. He is 2 different persons when he is on screen and on stage! You can not tell the what is more dominant for him! He does well for both roles!

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