K-netizens Clamor for an IU and Lee Do Hyun Drama Reunion Pairing After He Presents Her the Best Song Daesang at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards

Mememememe, count me in with the K-netizens! Actually the C-netizens are also jones-ing for this reunion pairing onscreen and if Lee Do Hyun can work with Go Min Si three times now the drama gods can and must absolutely give us his pairing with IU again. The two were in Hotel Del Luna together where she was the female lead but he was just the supporting male lead, I wouldn’t even call him second male lead and he was her past love/hate from their Goryeo era lives. HDL is where I became a Lee Do Hyun fan and it was half his character (totally my cup of angst tea) and his chemistry with IU (so playful and warm). I was sad they didn’t interact on stage for the Golden Disc Award presentation due to COVID protocols but it turns out they met up backstage as seen in the pictures above. My Chung Myung-Man Wol shipping heart is twirling with happiness.


K-netizens Clamor for an IU and Lee Do Hyun Drama Reunion Pairing After He Presents Her the Best Song Daesang at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards — 14 Comments

  1. I never understood the love for his character and the second lead syndrom, he was just awful. As an actor, he was good in this role but I would never want this character for Man-Wol, she deserved better!

      • What? I don’t see the link… He betrayed her, made her friends being killed and forced her to kill him…

      • He was working under the king’s command. What else he was supposed to do with bandits?? Her frnds would have died anyways but atleast he chose to save her even at the expense of his own life.

    • He was handsome and the second half of a tragic pairing, so I think he stuck in people’s minds. If he wasn’t killed and had gone on with his life or died from typhoid, people wouldn’t have paid him much mind. That scene of her coming after him to kill him was also beautifully acted by the two and the love-hate-betrayal chemistry was off-the-charts.

      I’m glad that after a thousand years, she was able to fall in love with someone who was a better match for the person she had grown into.

  2. I didn’t watch HDL but I like both IU and LDH. They are my dream casts for the remake of Someday or One Day even if I know it’s kinda hard to come true.

  3. I love their friendship in real life too. Both are extremely supportive of each other, especially IU towards him during his first works as lead actor. Would love to see them in a slice-of-life or melodrama.

  4. would prefer a more manly masculine type to be paired with iu. ldh next to iu is giving me younger brother older sister vibes. too high school pretty boy look. after military discharge, park hyung sik has a more mature look now so I prefer him with iu. 2nd choice is seo in guk as they looked so fun & goofy together in a cf photoshoot years ago. 3rd choice is ljk again but in a modern drama with iu. somehow i feel iu suits being with older actors. that’s why my ahjussi resonated with viewers though no love line in that drama.

    • I doubt it’s the character that people liked so much, Iu and Lee Do Hyun just had better chemistry as actors. Iu and Yeo Jin goo had negative chemistry between them despite their characters being more compatible for each other so people held on to this ship.

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