Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk Bring the Push and Pull of a Youthful Romance in New Poster and Preview for Twenty Five Twenty One

I’m in the minority as never having a problem with K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk in his dramas, sometimes he’s just passable but other times he’s perfectly cast and delivers. But he’s never bad to me ever since his School 2015 breakout. So having him cast with movie actress Kim Tae Ri who is one of the shining-est actresses of her generation doesn’t portend doom and gloom from the outset before I watch the actual drama. The previews continues to pique my interest for Twenty Five Twenty One with the new poster aesthetically creative and the new preview just delivering the requisite pretty and swoony emotional beats. The drama is billed as a love story through years and likely straddling a decade change starting from the financial crisis of the late 90’s and onward. It reminds me of 1998 dorama Meguri Ai which I loved and I felt the lovely HK-movie Comrades: A Love Story also used the same together/break up repeat but grow story concept. I love what I’m seeing so far and fingers crossed it will hit that sweet spot.

Preview for Twenty Five Twenty One:


Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk Bring the Push and Pull of a Youthful Romance in New Poster and Preview for Twenty Five Twenty One — 13 Comments

  1. His chemistry with his then girlfriend Sung Kyung in Weightlifting Fairy is still the best.

    Kim Tae Ri’s stylist shouldn’t have cut her bangs so short though. It’s a good thing they didn’t cut her hair short, too. I wonder why they make the male lead look good while the female lead is often given unflattering hairstyle?

    • Most of the time female character is ment to be your typical plain Jane that female viwers(who make majority of drama viewers) can easily insert themself into. Male lead is supposed to represent an’ideal boyfriend’ , a guy any girl could easily fall in love with.

      If drama viewers were mostly male, you would see your basic’average Joe’ male leads falling in love with super hot , curvy female lead.

  2. It’s hard to judge with this trailer.

    I really like Kim Tae-Ri and I find Nam Joo-Hyuk is lacking charisma on screen.

    So I will try but I have no idea what expecting from this drama for now. It looks lovely but they chose the financial crisis as a set-up, so will it come more serious or sad?

  3. Meguri Ai is my all-time fave J-dorama, where I fallen head over heels in love with Masaharu Fukuyama. I lose counts how many times I actually watched it.

    I like Kim Tae Ri a lot but I will have to give Nam Joo Hyuk the benefit of a doubt. He was good in Kim Bok Joo so yeah, maybe he could pull a delightful surprise.

  4. The way people are attracted to something is unique.

    Dramas, movies, songs, acting, singing.. people may rate on how good or bad the quality is, but what attracts us is beyond our control.

    Actors like Lee Min Ho, Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy always get criticisms but they have millions number of fans, and their new projects will surely garner interest. Its fine if its their acting skill that are criticised so the actors know what they need to improve in. But to have the actors being criticised on why they keep getting roles, how they were not suited to be partnered with someone more excellent and to have the taste of the fans being questioned and look down on.. what is the purpose of such comments?

    I hope people can just enjoy what they like and skip what they dont like instead of spending time ruining the enjoyment of others.

    Anyway, i really look forward to this drama and I hope it will turn out wonderful thoughout.

  5. I’m with you. Koala. I don’t follow him but when he has projects I end up watching. I’m probably one of the very few who thinks he was awesome in Start-Up, better than the other lead actors. So I look forward to this.

    • i’m with you there. i thought he was very raw and real in start-up. such a shame that the standard kdrama sob story blinded people to his nuanced and sensitive performance.

      • I find his performance in start up the most memorable thing in that drama. The story was stupid and unbelievable … I also didn’t give a F to the second lead actor and Suzy was just there. I think it’s time Kdrama throughout the love triangle thing, it’s starting to ruin so many good drama for me. I hope this one does not have either.

  6. This is just what I need rn a simple straightforward romantic drama. I had have enough of serial killers, bloody, dark gritty stuff & makjangs of the past 2 years. Somehow the plot device of this drama reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung in Tempting Heart directed by Sylvia Chang and Turn Left Left, Turn Right by Johnnie To. Sometimes a simple but heart-warming story is the best.

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