Yook Sung Jae and Jung Chae Yeon Get Their Headlining Pairing for 2022 MBC Drama Golden Spoon

It’s a case of back in the saddle for him and ready for her promotion for her. MBC has cast Yook Sung Jae and Jung Chae Yeon as the leads for its mid year 2022 airing K-drama Golden Spoon. It’s a fantasy romance life journey themed drama about a young man who uses a mysterious golden spoon to change his life and embark on an adventure. Yook Sung Jae was one of the handful of young drama leading men recently back from military service so I’m glad he’s lined up his first post military project. Jung Chae Yeon is getting her first prime time drama lead role and seems to be focused solely on acting now after her start as an idol member in DIA and later I.O.I. Most recently she received positive reviews as the second female lead in The King’s Affection so this is a natural step up for her. Golden Spoon is from the writer of Winter Sonata, Sweet 18, and Prime Minister and I and produced by the company behind The Fiery Priest and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2.


Yook Sung Jae and Jung Chae Yeon Get Their Headlining Pairing for 2022 MBC Drama Golden Spoon — 9 Comments

  1. Count me in. They look cute together. Massive soft spot for Sungjae. He’s a sig twinnie. Please cameo as his brother. Lol.

  2. Yook Sung Jae is more deserving than Song Kang when it comes to drama offers. Hope Sung Jae will bring back the buzz around him when he broke out to stardom during WAYS2015 era.

  3. Seeing how red sleeve performed. We would never know, these two might give mbc another hit. As long as the drama is well made and the acting is good(which seems to be the case with this drama), everything may turn out to be well. Plus the genre also seems to be interesting

      • No exact relation but i am just saying that it has the possibility of it turning out to be the dark horse just like red sleeve. Unlike other dramas, i have not seen much hype related to golden spoon

  4. It’s the first real lead role for YSJ, he was pretty good until now. My favourite role was in School 2015.

    JCY was the lead in the Netflix version of Because It’s My First Love with Ji-Soo. There were two seasons. She was the lead in the mini drama To Jenny with Kim Sung-Cheol too.

  5. Surprised that they’re pairing more idols together as leads in a TV series as of late. Before, it was pretty rare, but this week alone had news of two, the other being Siwan and Seolhyun. I’m more apprehensive about the Siwan and Seolhyun pair since that drama’s plot is centered on the female character and Seolhyun is a below average actress imo.

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