Gong Yoo Declines Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee’s Next Thriller Drama Evil Which Still Has Offer Out to Kim Tae Ri as Female Lead

The casting response is fast on this drama but it is also not a surprise since top actor Gong Yoo is quite selective on his projects. He was offered the male lead to make a prime time drama return in screenwriter Kim Eun Hee‘s next drama tentatively titled Evil (or The Devil, I’ve seen both). She’s coming back from a relative misfire and ratings disappointment in Jirisan but her resume remains strong having done Signal, Kingdom, and Sign. Unfortunately Gong Yoo will not be working with her as he’s turned down this drama and the other star in talks remains Kim Tae Ri as the female lead. The drama once cast will vault to the top of the most anticipated of 2022 since critics still put a lot of faith in Kim Eun Hee to deliver.


Gong Yoo Declines Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee’s Next Thriller Drama Evil Which Still Has Offer Out to Kim Tae Ri as Female Lead — 44 Comments

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  2. Maybe Gong Yoo actually read this script after seeing how Jirisan went down instead of automatically signing on at Kim Eunhee’s name.

    I hope he takes on another action role and plays a soldier/special ops agent; he really fit that type to a T in Silent Sea. Only problem was his Silent Sea character was poorly developed and frustratingly inept so it wasted his potential.

    As for Kim Eunhee, in what year are we going to get Kingdom 3?

  3. I knew this would happen. He’s a great actor, but he tends to take his time selecting his dramas. I do have someone else in mind. I mentioned he needs to work with an established writer to cement his A List status. Cough cough Junho. Right age, and has shown his acting prowess in TRS. I think he and Kim Tae Ri would be so good together!

    • I enjoy all Junho’s dramas and movies so I trust his choices. This script “Evil” from this writer is not what I have in mind that he would do. Also please, not from the Goblin writer as well.

    • *I am saying in jest*
      Junho will make the writer or director a high profile. Look at the popularity of the director The Red Sleeve right now. ?

      • Whatever praise or popularity director Jung Ji-in is getting was gained on HER own merit for HER stellar work on the drama. Jest or no jest, Junho did NOT make her popular. Just like he’s NOT singlehandedly responsible for the drama’s success like his stans mindlessly chant everywhere. Y’all oppa stans overdo it with the oppa worship. Ugh.

      • @? Oh wow, that’s ridiculous that some people are taking away her efforts. All I can say is it was a team work to get the show to be a hit. Even Junho said it was a team effort, and said she was an incredible director. I really hope his fans because of TRS success doesn’t become ahem like KSH’s fans. Like don’t overdo it folks, that’s the last thing any actor needs.

      • Ok , I haven’t seen Junho before and as much as I love and appreciate him as a marvellous actor now , the credits should be given when it’s due.

        RS is all about team efforts.

        The acting department, not only the main leads but also the passerby crews , are good in this drama.

        The directing is poetic and breathtaking.
        Jung Ji.in deserves all the prizes.

        Even the weakest link ( screenwriting in my opinion )
        can be considered a good one when compared to other weak plots aired in korea recently.

      • Even with Lee Jun-ho, the drama would still rate around 10%, that is still a good record for MBC but I don’t think it would reached 17.4% and even the director herself said that she did expect the drama to do good but not an immense popularity in this magnitude.

        One of reasons why The Red Sleeve is popular, Junho reputation was already building up since 2020. He was trending while in the military.

        His performance was vital in the drama. If he performed poorly, the drama would probably rate at most 10%. That drama is already great. The viel only achieved 9a%. If his performance was average, the rating probably reached 12%. The rating reach 17.4% was because of his exceptional portrayal of Lee San/King Yeongo. I can confidently say that. It’s his outstanding performance that made the drama achieved the soaring popularity. Korea loves his interpretation of Lee San/King Jeongjo from the voice, facial expression down to the smallest details.

      • @Sam He did a phenomenal job for sure. But considering their love story was integral to the plot, I say Lee Se Young was another factor. Also the supporting actors were also amazing as well. I think both actors helped contribute to the show’s ratings and love. Junho and Lee Se Young both praised one another, and vowed to work together in the future. That speaks volumes, and I just hope she also gets her shine too. Anyhow, this is probably my thoughts on this lol. A great show got the ratings/love, and congrats to the whole team!

      • @Anon, That is why I said even without him, even with just LSY, script and the TRS team, the drama will still surpass The Viel. They’d still achieved at most 10% which is higher than The Viel rating. Even the director expected that much but never the popularity they are getting now. It has become a phenomenon because of Junho. His appearance as MC in MBC Gayo Daejeon and his performance with Yoona that went viral and trended the whole day prior to the finale of TRS. The Gayo Daejoon exposure definitely helped the drama int’l popularity.

        You have to note that he has continually promoted the drama even in his speech for Best Actor award which contains the promotion of the drama. He also never forgot to promote the drama at the Gayo Daejoon. All those contributed to the phenomenal success and more MBC low market share the 17.4 % was a remarkable achievement.

  4. Maybe cause of jirisan. I still wish he’d be back in the small screen, ideally an intense romance type show haha. Or chungmuro either way I hope he doesn’t take a hiatus.

  5. Kang Dongwon.
    I just want him back in the small screen. And this seems like the genre right up his alley. Even if the script is a bit disoriented like Jirisan, I still enjoyed it, for the most parts.
    And as much as I like watching KDW making some things in vlog. I want him in a drama.
    Dramagods, please…

  6. I think big name writers no longer generate interest from A-list actors. The brain fog syndrome that afflicted a lot of writers lately seem to play a part. Remake/adaptation from classics, webtoons, web novels is the new trend of 2022. If a script is written from scratch as in original with no back-up source, many have turned sour. Good on GY for turning this down.

  7. Amazing how I never ever liked or enjoy any of this writer’s works.. guess that’s why GY rejected it. The script must be crappy as well.. and no, I don’t think Junho should or would accept.. he is known to be shrewd when picking scripts since he enjoys reading.. plus, I think he needs some time to get himself out of character from Red Sleeve. It will be sometime before he gets into another drama… I’m guessing.. he might even want to do some music for awhile, while he shrug off Yi San character.

    • Signal was incredible, as was Kingdom. But different tastes for everyone. I read that Junho read 60 books last year, which is quite attractive. I do like Tae Ri a lot, so I do hope he can work with her. He’s probably bombarded with a lot of offers rn, but who knows? Since Kim Eun Hee is still a respected writer, I think there are many who do want to work with her. Different show but Link finally got their ML after several tries, so I wonder who they’ll offer this too.

      • I’ve watched Signal and Kingdom, but I don’t think either of those were that great. Maybe I just dislike Zombies, and although I do enjoy some fantasy, Signal feels like lots of loopholes and honestly, pretty boring.. maybe she is a respected writer.. but I certainly have never enjoyed her works much.. I have nothing against Kim Tae Ri, but yeah.. we never know who will end up working with who.. it’s all destiny..

      • @Bbp09 I find Kim Eun Hee so overrated. Signal was boring and Jirisan was down right terrible. It seems like the she tries to be clever and make the plot convoluted for the sake of being convoluted.

        Goo Yoo made the right choice declining this drama.

      • I guess it’s a matter of preference but I find Kim Taeri a bland actress. I wouldn’t want any of my faves to work with her.

        I trust Junho’s choice. e.g. Just Between Lovers is a masterpiece and transcends times. In the drama, he worked with Woo Jinah who was a rookie at that time and their chemistry was perfect. My point is, Junho does not need a high profile writer nor high profile writer’s fave actress. What I wish for him is a good script and good director who he can work comfortably.

      • @Sam Ooh, on the Kim Tae Ri comment. Curious, but what actresses would you like to see him work with? Any preference of genre? I think a romance would be the easy win, but that seems cliche ngl.

      • @anon Kim Tae-ri being a bland actress is just my opinion based on her performance in Mr Sunshine. Lee Byun-hyun probably wasn’t at his best at that time as he was not able to draw the best of KTR. I’ll see how she goes with her upcoming drama with Nam Joo-hyuk.

        After The Red Sleeve, I think I want to see Lee Jun-ho in a light drama with really engaging storyline. But Whatever he’ll do next, I trust his choices.

        I really love Lee Se-young, the reason why I watched TRS. The other actress that I love is Shin Se-kyung. She is somewhat bland but she also can be good depending on the actor she’s acting with. Lee Jun-ho is the kind of actor who work well with other actors. I think they’be a good pair. There is something attractive in Shin Se-kyung that I feel would work well with Lee Jun-ho.

    • @Sam Kim Tae Ri shines more in films, but I just think she has a bubbly personality in rl. Yes on Shin Se Kyung. She still needs to work on her chemistry with her ML’s, but I think with the right script they could work well. A solid romance thriller set in the contemporary era would be nice. I also like to see some lesser hyped actresses work with him, like Park Eun Bin, Han Ye Ri, who are very talented but not too famous that’ll take away from their ML’s. Thus providing the right balance.

  8. I for one am glad he turned it down. I was not into that genre for him, and I wasn’t all that impressed with KEH’s writing even before Jirisan.

    She really should finish Kingdom before doing a new drama IMO.

  9. Sorry no meant to disrespect him but to me, I find GY to be a mediocre actor at best. He just happened to get super famous after Train to Busan and then followed by another big hit Goblin.

    Kang Ha Neul would be a better choice. He is way more versatile than GY.

    • Agree about Gong Yoo. Kang Ha Neul is one of the most talented and in-demand actors, but he doesn’t seem to care much about star writers or popularity. I doubt he would pick this up even if it were offered to him.

    • Sorry but Hyun Bin will be the best choice cause he has the look and the acting range while Gong Yoo and Kang Ha Neil are mediocre. He’s also the most demand actor now.

    • i heard kang ha neul already got another drama offers with youn youh jung and son ye jin. so i don’t think it’s gonna be him either.

    • Kang Hanuel is a good actor but to a lead star requires more than that. He doesn’t have the presence to be the lead. He should be paired up with stronger leading lady.

    • After Train to Busan? He was famous way before with Coffee Prince. He has a great resume with big project like Train to Busan or Goblin but more intimist like Silenced, A Man or a Woman or Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 too.

      He’s pretty versatile and very charismatic.

      • Charismatic and lackluster? How is it possible?

        I think he’s very good actor because he can be very intense in action role or the most normal husband.

        His Squid Game’s cameo was very impactful.

      • @sayaris: how is charismatic relate with acting performances? Many star has star power and very charismatic on screen. they have good presence, but acting performances is different matter. I don’t think he is very versatile either.
        In Kim Ji Young, It’s Jung Yu Mi who has good performances and he is just playing charismatic husband without making an impact performances.

  10. Kim Eun Hee is so overrated. Signal was plothole galore with LJH’ theatrical acting. Kingdom was good in season 1 but fell off as is usual with her dramas. Good for GY to reject it, better to wait for or be in a good movie instead.

    • Lol LJH theatrical performance in Signal was out of sync. He is a good actor but not so versatile. I think he’d be good in theatre.

      • Lee Je-hoon is not my style for sure. That’s why I was unable to finish Where Stars Land. Don’t shoot. It’s just my preference.

      • I also couldn’t finish TWY and WSL. One episode I already dropped them but I was transfixed with his character in TD from start to finish. Thank God LJH broke out of sappy romance dramas. I didn’t watch Signal so can’t comment. Will watch MTH next. This is the kind of progress I like in an actor. Not afraid to try different roles.

  11. WonBin!!!!! It’s time to this dude to be back to small screen. When many models want to be actors, this guy changed his career to be a model. Nevertheless, still hope that he’ll be back to big or small screen.

    Kang dong won is an amazing actor too. Or… Yoo yeon seok. I love him with kim tae ri in Mr. Sunshine.

  12. Jirisan was kinda like a cold shower on KEH’s writting. So I’m pretty spkeptical know about her next project and I don’t really care about the actor, as long as he’s good at acting.

  13. I wonder if she even plans on continuing her previous shows, aka Signal 2 and Kingdom 3. ‘Cos the actors aren’t getting any younger, and there are action scenes required esp for kingdom… Frankly, Jirisan felt like a waste of money and effort, and even worse – in the eyes of viewers, it also brought down her reputation/credibility and was a black mark on the track records of the main cast

  14. If I’m not wrong, KEH’s past 2 projects were also declined by the first choice male leads, SJK for Kingdom and PSJ for Jirisan, and Ju Ji-hoon ended up doing both of them. It will be funny if this role is offered to him again.

    • As a Ju Ji Hoon’s fan the only project from Kim Eun Hee that I want him to work is Kingdom sequels. No more than that, please.

  15. Some actors can say no to KEH . Gong Yoo is one of them . I’m happy because i’d like to see him in a new genre . Not as Song Hye Kyo who is always in her comfort zone . I loved Signal but not the others as it wasn’t my cup of tea . Wich is sad as i do like Joo ji Hoon .

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