Snowdrop Ends with Second Highest Ratings of 3.393% in Episode 16 and an Ending that Likely Pleases No One

The entirety of jTBC drama Snowdrop‘s existence felt like someone intentionally set out to create a drama that can upset the most amount of people while actually thinking it was doing a work of art. Even to the very end, the story conclusion was as expected to the veteran drama watchers (there was no other ending possible), but for those loyal fans who may have checked it out solely as Blackpink member Jisoo fans or simply those wanting a old school throwback type kept apart by destiny love story the ending likely left them also as upset as others upset about different stuff. Basically people are still upset about Snowdrop, lol, and I’ve snuck in solely to mull over male lead Jung Hae In’s acting growth, nice flex in picking a character wildly different than his softer breakout roles, so I got what made this drama worth watching for me. In the end Jisoo really was not as terrible as some might have worried but she was for sure too green to headline a high profile drama as her first acting role and if she does want an ongoing acting career she will have to pick smarter to accumulate acting experience. Covering Snowdrop was fast out of the gate and then lost steam as the drama settled from controversy magnet to simply a mediocre story that was too big for its britches in what it wanted to accomplish.


Snowdrop Ends with Second Highest Ratings of 3.393% in Episode 16 and an Ending that Likely Pleases No One — 36 Comments

  1. It’s funny how the most attention the drama get is because the controversy. It’s not even a good drama as I follow it loosely,not even a good romance.
    Mediocre drama at best and one that wouldn’t be on rewatch. Worst start, bad ending.

  2. I have nothing against the people involved in this work everyone really worked hard and did their best here, but after finishing this drama I must confess that I wish I had just dropped this drama earlier. It had a promising start but then they stretched out the hostage taking too much and it just got so boring from there. Always the same setting and story just kept going in circles. The ending only made it worse and now it left me with a bad aftertaste of this drama.

    • I think this drama would’ve benefitted more if it was a tight 10 episodes. They could’ve shortened the first 4 and then the dorm hostage situation also could’ve cut out some filler. There were a lot of moments that just didn’t need to be there (didn’t make sense), dragged out reveals that led to nothing changing the story, and moments that just took the wind out of the sails.

  3. It uses cheap controversy to make people to watch its’ half baked drama. Good for the crew and cast.Luckily i know enough not to watch this stupid drama.

  4. Terrible, terrible writing so even without the controversy “hindering” its potential, ratings would still remain in that range. Waste of resources and overall good cast really though funny enough, the actors kept on posting about it instead of pretending it never happened lol

  5. solid acting throughout though…. and solid production because of how detil the PD is depict the situation. as mediocre as this one, would rather watch this over Gaksital.

    • What a slander to Gaksital, the romance on snowdrop can’t even touch the bromance in gaksital.

      What a shame to bring down gaksital to make snowdrop good, gaksital comparison just make snowdrop a child play. Even when gaksital has shit romance, it’s miles better, the choreography is better, the writing for the female lead is better (the actress suck), the bromance is better.

      • Ignore that dumbass. She’s known for having shit taste. Not surprising given who she stans. And she always has to drag an unrelated actor or drama to defend her shitty flop preferences. Not one to be taken seriously.

      • majority of viewers know gakistal is the better drama. that user has questionable taste, even saying song hyekyo is good in nwabu LOL.

      • It’s okay if you disagree though.For me Gaksital is unbearable because of the amount unnecesary torture scene they are presence aand the overacting. the character has change personality midway as well.

      • If she wants to have shit taste, she can have them. But to drag other stars and dramas, that shows how low and pathetic this lady is.

      • Agree, that missjb user has shit taste seeing who she stans. Trust her to praise bad acting and diss the acclaimed.

      • what’s wrong with acting critisme? we watch to be entertained or get something like the feels from the drama, and it’s quality. If acting sucks or lackluster, off course we want to express our dissapointment with actor commitment, especially because we pay the platform to watch to br entertained or demanding quality.

        I hate actor who don’t commited despite has the talent! it’s not like I critics their personal life. I critics their work ethic

        Koalas also talk about the dissapointment with the writing. we are here to discuss with truth feeling.

    • There she goes again. Of course, the character changes halfway what do you expect: The plot at least move. And the torture..come on, as if you do not know or blind to Japanese history drg the World War 2. Plus, gaksital has higher and better ratings too kick the controversy-hungry drama

    • There she goes again. Of course, the character changes halfway what do you expect: The plot at least move. And the torture..come on, as if you do not know or blind to Japanese history drg the World War 2. Plus, gaksital has higher and better ratings too kick the controversy-hungry drama.

    • Problem with you is you always badmouth other dramas or actors when your taste is also questionable. You don’t need to bring up one drama just to prove that you taste is more superior than the other.

  6. I think the controversy actually worked in their favour. It’s second episode is the highest rated one and that time was the peak of the whole history distortion controversy. As the protest fizzled out , so did the ratings.
    Without all the negative hype it wouldn’t even have crossed 3 pc given how terrible the drama is.

  7. It’s a good drama. It’s just that ending should have been different. If I am given to change I will change last two episodes. It’s too much for me to handle my tears.

  8. the ratings remaining steady it’s cause of promotion should have been better. Disney+ didn’t even promoted very well. Many scenes were cut which robbed us of things that could’ve made the difference.

  9. This isn’t even constructive criticism……This is straight up hatred for the show…..And I watched the show because I am huge K drama fan and I literally have watched Jung Haein’s every work …..The fact that I was literally impressed by Jisoo’s acting skills after the first few episodes literally made me search her up and then I found out it was her first lead role …..Are you Fuckn kidding me “Not as terrible as we thought”…. It’s just because you already picturised her as a bad actress in your mind and I don’t think so you even watched the drama…….This was literally just the third time I ever cried so bad for the drama…..I mean seriously I can’t just never move on from this drama….And this is how impressive the writer is….The writer left most things on us to think which will always be suspensful as to what could have happened to them…..And genuinely speaking it was more of dark comedy mysterious thriller drama…..And yes,Did you watch “Sky Castle” before writing such useless articles about the Writer?

    Please I am okay with constructive criticism but this is straight up hatred and seriously I too had big of disappointments with the ending but that only made me more curious what could have happened

    • You can say it’s dark comedy but at the same time talk about how sad everything. Did it even qualified as dark comedy or that just good catchphrase to throw around to explain a hostage situation for half a drama, female protagonist who keep crying, lack of screen time for the romance and dozen of plot hole at the end of drama. Even when you watch it as what the drama offers, the ending is as nonsensical since it just full of plot holes.

      It’s like how they hair people with the controversy, make it shocking so people don’t see how mediocre the execution of this drama. Not getting answered is not dark comedy, sad ending is not dark comedy.

  10. jisoo’s character was written to basically keep on crying from eps 5-16 (yep hostage situation lasted for 75% of the drama) so i don’t even think she was able to experiment w portraying different sides of the character

  11. I finally started watching this drama and on ep 5. I am a JHI bias but I gotta to say, this is a good drama! Maybe not the ending (I have yet to see) but acting wise by all actors, and directing, they’re great! Saying this is a horrible drama is below the belt.

    • You admit you have a jhi bias so your positive opinion of the drama is already shit. This drama and everyone in it, including and especially your bias, stinks horribly. Deal with it.

      • I’m not sorry to say this,
        But with this your hatred I don’t think you can find love.
        Because how can you hate on people you don’t know just because they are talented.
        Well I can’t blame you, it’s because you hate yourself because if not you won’t be hating on people that are successful.
        It is better you change now and be happy for people that are blessed so that you too will be blessed.

      • You said the actors, writer,and director are shit.
        Put yourself in a position where you create something for people and to inspire people and people start criticizing you, talking shit about you. how would you feel.
        I don’t how you people feel siting down and badmouthing people’s handwork.
        Sit down and think,is what you are doing good.
        And I’m sure you’ve not watch the series.
        What a pity.

  12. It’s funny because it’s clear that the controversy is the only reason this drama got any attention. It’s noticeable it’s highest ratings were in week 2 at the peak of the controversy. It ended up flopping anyway but without the controversy it would have sunk without a trace as an inconsequential, badly written/acted/directed failure. At least the controversy gave it some publicity.

  13. Snowdrop is terrible. Controversy aside the rating will still dip because of that bad writing. What is that with repeated back and forth at hostage scenes. From episode 5 till last episode at the dorm? Wasting time with housewives useless talk. Also with ANSP, clown duo Nam Tae Il Eun Chang Soo. What is the history point of this drama. They sold this drama as melodrama desperate romance but Youngro and Sooho barely have screentime together. Where is the love. The writer make Youngro character as someone stupid, making same mistake all over again, crying, praying useless. Her role is just supporting role. Shame for this writer. Just terrible

  14. I cried buckets over snowdrop’s ending but of course, it couldn’t have ended with them happy. Jung Haein was revelation in this. I do think Jisoo’ natural charm and innocence helped Youngro’s character which was wasn’t developed very well.

  15. Youngro as a character had no actual personality. She just did things because the script made her but the writer failed to make her a real person. Jisoo definitely tried her best but the writing for her character and her screen time were lacking massively. JHI and Jisoo had plenty of chemistry and deserve a better written drama.

  16. This drama had a decent cast with piss poor writing. The ideal would be developing the romance with light, fun, steady, solid 8 episodes and then move to hostage drama or whatever else they had planed. You had countless hours of hostage drama with banal back and forth between spy from both sides, police, politicians only for things to become supremely chaotic going from 0 to 1000 in last 2 episodes with one absurdity after another. Throw in a tank, a last minute spy reveal, few more deaths and so on. Why was this women’s dorm swarming with every variety of spy….an answer we will never know amongst others. So many unanswered questions. Jisoo did well but she should technically be dehydrated from the amount of crying she did. If she wasn’t crying, she was moping or being apologetic….anyway its done, its behind us all, the cast are free to do something else….yayyy.

  17. This drama should best be shortened to a made-for-tv movie at 2 hours length at the most. What a waste of talent for the supporting cast. ML is good but FL is very weak.

  18. Jung Hae In did great, despite the mediocre script. He’s really improving. I agree with Mrs Koala; Jisoo wasn’t as bad as people were harping, but its pretty evident that this is her first acting job. It didn’t help that her character didn’t have a lot of development and considering her parentage, they spiraled that story and dragged it out and just didn’t make much use of it. That’s not Jisoo’s fault though.

  19. This drama cannot take on the dark comedy genre because of the time period it has chosen. Even from a writer’s point of view, as pointed out by experts in the history and literature fraternity, doing so is deemed unethical. You cannot have 2 conflicting genres (i.e. romantic tragedy and dark humour) happening in one story. It’s confusing and true enough, characterisation and plot messed up. The romance between the 2 leads were deprived of development and truncated prematurely early in the story. Therefore, the motivation for the leads to doggedly pursue each other thereafter out of love didn’t make sense. Huge costly dissonance in youngro’s character description and what she had acted her character out to be. Honestly, if that is her range, don’t do anymore of such dense characters and star in some high school romance drama instead. She definitely didn’t appropriately carry her character who is drawn out to be of high intellectual calibre (studying at a prestigious university and majoring in English Literature, not Korean) and the production only expecting her to be ‘pure and innocent’ therefore naïve in her decisions is only deriding women of such calibre.

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