TW-supermodel Lin Chi Ling Announces Arrival of Baby Boy with Husband Japanese Singer Akira

A little oxtail baby has arrived straddling both TW-ent and J-ent and it was legit a total surprise even in the tabloid heavy ways in those news cycles. On lunar new year’s eve 2021 right before the arrival of the year of the tiger and everyone was bidding farewell to the year of the ox, Taiwanese supermodel (and sometimes actress) Lin Chi Ling announced on her SNS the arrival of a baby boy to her family with husband Akira of J-pop group Exile. They couple married four three years ago in 2019 and all eyes have been on Chi Ling jiejie’s belly since she’s in her mid-40’s and has expressed her desire often to have children. She’s 47 years old this year so this is legit huge and happy news so congrats to the newly expanded family of three!


TW-supermodel Lin Chi Ling Announces Arrival of Baby Boy with Husband Japanese Singer Akira — 8 Comments

  1. Is it possible for her to have surrogate mother? Not saying 46 is impossible to get pregnant, but naturally, still hard right? Ah right, there’s IV procedure.

      • Doesn’t matter. Just curious what makes her chose to have kid at that age when the probability of complications or even dying is high. If she used a surrogate, good for her. If not, what a brave one. To sacrifice her health and body just for a child (at her age).

    • I was wondering this too! She had her eggs frozen at 39, so hardly good quality eggs. She’s been trying for a few years so clearly it was not easy for her so doubt she accidentally got pregnant. If she had good health, she couldn’t have carried her own baby, but was there any pics of her belly bump? Maybe she did use a surrogate. But if her eggs are no good and at age 39 when she froze them, that’s pretty advanced age for good quality eggs, even if she used a surrogate it wouldn’t have worked. Surrogate doesn’t mean higher chance of conceiving if egg quality is poor. So maybe it worked with her eggs and she carried or a surrogate carried wit huh her egg or she used donor eggs inside herself or via surrogate.

      • Oops typo, I meant if she had good health she could have carried herself. Like no high blood pressure or diabetes, uterine lining health etc

      • *cough* Scientific the eggs age isn’t the main point. It is the age of the sperm doner. The older they guy gets the younger the girl better be to get a healthy child. Or pregnant Noona like her :). As long she is healthy and limit her legal drug intake, there is absolutely no reason not to conceive a child in her age without trouble. And I’m sure she can afford the best medical treatment when pregnant.

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