Top Stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Jointly Announce Marriage with Upcoming Wedding in March 2022

I know top Korean actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye Jin are legally not married yet but it was so inevitable and clearly they were prepping for it that I just filed it away mentally as they are basically married. But today they jointly announced officially that they will be getting married, huzzah! The couple has been dating since 2020 after filming Crash Landing on You, though rumors were it was much earlier after they did Negotiation in 2018. They were outed by Dispatch in January 2021 and since then have laid low in discussing each other and seemed to be just working and being spotted golfing together in their spare time. Industry insiders said last year that Binnie was clearly planning for an imminent wedding having bought a huge luxury condo that is suitable for a marital home last fall and also that he did not schedule any work for the first half of 2022. Son Ye Jin was reportedly just waiting for filming to wrap on her upcoming drama Thirty Nine and it has now so hence the announcement that they will get married next month in March of 2022. Congrats to this couple that delivered one of the best reel OTPs in K-drama romances (for me) and happy sailings into a real life together.


Top Stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Jointly Announce Marriage with Upcoming Wedding in March 2022 — 46 Comments

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  2. Wow, amazing news!!!! I had to go tell my mom she loved the drama and the couple and she’s extremely picky about her dramas haha. Really happy for them, they are beautiful together ❤️

  3. Really happy for Binnie and Yejin! I knew it the moment they looked so besotted with one another in Negotiation press con and gushing interviews. Their eyes and body language don’t lie while they kept denying earlier. Lol.

      • Lmaoo… The press-con happened in late 2018. Both were single at that time.

        It was only during their shooting in 2017 that lasted for 1.5 months, was he dating kang Sora .

      • Read what the OP said. They said Press Con of their movie “The Negotiations” which released in Sept 2018.

        The press con you are talking abt is that of “Swindlers” which happened in 2017 November. There he said he wasn’t single.

  4. Ditto Koala, it’s been so long and so obvious with them that I’ve pretty much considered them a done deal since 2019. But it’s still so, so heartwarming to see such a wonderfully affectionate declaration of love from both of them, and I have no doubt that their marriage will be a solid and eternally loving one. Not to sound corny, but it really looks like they’ll have a kdrama-esque HEA. I’m just praying they’ll share photos of their wedding so we can also get in on the love ?

  5. Congrats and many blessings. Love good news like this. I hope other long dating couples will get hitched this year like Shin Mina and KWB.

  6. Next week’s Valentine’s Day may unleash more dating, engagement and wedding announcements. Wish them all the best. Jiyeon of Tara getting married too.

  7. Ahhh my CLOY heart is full. They are lovely together. They have done so well professionally with many hits to their names, but as they are both now 40 I’m happy they found someone worthy of settling down with.

    And how sweet is Son Yejin’s IG post? She really pours her heart out and it might sound cheesy from a 20 something year old but from someone who just turned 40 who maybe never thought she would find the “one” its incredibly touching.

  8. So amazingly happy for them! Congrats HB SYJ. You just proved that reel to real life happy ever after does come true like a Disney fairy tale. My bursting shipper heart just want to match Nam Ji Hyun and Seo In Guk together. They looked so damn adorable and cute together as bride and groom in SKL dream sequence. The way Hyunnie gazed at Inguk in bts and MBC awards night is just like how SYJ adoringly gazed at HB. Ok, I’m back to reality now. Lol.

    • Haha i feel this way for Lee Junho and Lee Seyoung too. I don’t like to ship reel couples but its the offscreen chemistry and body language in the real world that doesn’t lie. HB and SYJ really looked like they were into each ither when they were promoting Negotiation.

      • @wapz, off camera, I saw some spark on her side during skl blu ray dvd commentary session and also busan press con. Fans who owned the dvd will get what I’m talking about. Very touchy feely and close friendship kind of vibes. Even the emcee at mbc award night kept teasing them “did you enjoy kissing each other?” Lol. Some fan discussions just chalked it up to her having a crush on him.

  9. Congratulations to this beautiful, gorgeous couple. A love supported by millions around the world. And yes we knew its just a matter of when but the moment i read their announcement, i cried. It’s finally happening… I’ve never looked forward to any celebrity weddings except theirs.

  10. So happy for them. And just putting down random thoughts here…

    It does seem like the continuation of Jun Hyuk and Seri’s love story, although it is not really a good thing to compare reel with real.

    And how cool is that that one can take half year off for wedding preparations.

    I will be rooting for SYJ with her new drama.

  11. I am not usually that pumped up about celebrity marriages, I mean why should people care (I know I don’t), it’s their lives but am somehow very happy for these two because of the various circumstances that come with it, took them a long time to find the one and they did (I pray). Fingers crossed it’s going to be one happy wedding… Huge congratulations!!!

  12. It’s funny because if I liked CLOY, it wasn’t my favourite couple. I think both of them had filmed better couple in past dramas. It was the same for DOTS.

    I’m very happy for them, they look good together.

    So who is the next Lee Min-Ho’s costar to be married? :p

    • I didn’t like CLOY, i was one of the few ones who didn’t feel a great chemistry, but if they are happy that’s all matters . The couples that surprised me the most were Rain and Kim Tae hee , Lee Ming Jun and Lee Byung Hun, … T-ARA’s JiYeon is getting married too . Another girls band ruined by falses accusations . They were really good and i still listening their songs from time to time .

  13. Congratulation to both of them. It might due to the story, but didn’t invest with their on screen couple that much, but they look so good off screen together. hope their tie never break

  14. I remember u and others wrote off cloy even before it debuted and it became huge success all over asia!
    Finally a pair i ship came true. Gonna have beautiful babies

  15. Can we all agree that this is probably the most celebrated wedding announcement from a famous couple (dare I say, in the whole wide world)? Just seeing the amount of articles and congratulatory messages makes my heart so full as though I’m the one getting married! I sincerely wish them a lifetime of happiness much like the wishes of Seri and Jeonghyeok.

  16. Congratulations to them! It’s really heartwarming to see their messages about the upcoming wedding, I hope they have a happy married life together.

    (Obviously fictional characters are not real people but I wonder how their CLOY shippers must feel today lol they’re probably over the moon on soompi)

  17. Such lovely news! I think most everyone on the planet who knows who they are must be smiling and wishing them well. It even made the news in my country (a country that doesn’t air Korean media on regular TV and that is a bit ignorant of people and places outside the borders). Hurray for HB and SYJ! It’s been obvious since the beginning (he even says it’s not a surprise, lol), but I’m just so delighted for them. I hope they find all the happiness possible together.

  18. Best wishes to them! Finally this news will put an end to all nasty rumours surrounding SYJ over the years and HB’s supposed playboy status cheating on past gfs. Some people are just so sourpuss.

  19. These two definitely dated before CLOY. They were spotted grocery shopping overseas in 2019. To me the drama was just an excuse for them to date & let more people accept them as a couple. No wonder they kept working together in projects.
    Congratulations though, two beautiful people getting married.

  20. Just an older couple finding love and marriage gives me warm vibes!! They’ve been acting for almost 20 years and probably attended the same awards shows and industry events over the years. It’s sort of wild that they didn’t find each other until these last few years. Congrats, Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin!

  21. Meh,hyun bin was womanizer.He’s type can’t stay long in relationship just like song hye kyo.They will get bored with each other and get divorced in 1 or 2 year.

    • Lol trying to drag Song Hye Kyo in for fanwars. Only stupid people do that. Leave Song Hye Kyo alone OMG. Feel bad for her.

      Congratulation to Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, hope they will be together forever.

  22. I am going to be the sour-puss and not congratulate them. I think Son Ye Jin is too ambitious for Hyun Bin and both do not have compatible family goals. HB will likely prefer someone low key. This is like Song Hye Kyo all over again. It may have been better for them to start a family first before getting married. They are likely tying the knot before they turn 40, then realize they are not the right fit in their mature adulthood.

    • “too ambitious” “someone low key” “start a family first”
      tell me you hate successful women without telling me you hate successful women. jeez. is your definition of “too ambitious” putting her career before her family? well then, why doesn’t the same apply to him? HB worked his ass off the last two years with several new projects, but no one’s saying that he is too ambitious. 39 is the very first project yejin has taken up since CLOY.
      hilarious how you think that yejin isn’t low-key. would you be so kind to elaborate how you managed to reach that conclusion? apart from pictures of food and her dog, her posts on IG in the past year have all been either endorsements or presents/food trucks from fans. any posts of her private life are the epitome of low-key. make it make sense.
      lastly, as much as it seems like it’s the “trend” in SK to get pregnant before getting married, do keep in mind that SK is still generally conservative in terms of societal norms. yes, views are relaxing, but if a pre-marital pregnancy does occur (especially since they’re celebrities), imagine the cruel gossip and whispers when they tie the knot. “they’re only getting married because for the baby’s sake”, “they don’t actually love each other”, things like that. besides, they’ve known each other since 2017. before dating, they were already close friends; if they weren’t compatible, i think 5 years would be enough to realise that.
      p.s. have you been hanging out with them? you seem to know what they want very well. from family goals to bin’s preference in women to how they should have handled their relationship to how their marriage will pan out. if you see yejin, tell her that her fans want her to post a selca with bin, although a picture of kitty would do too. we miss that doggo

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