Veteran Korean Music Star DK Joo Shocks K-ent and TW-ent with Announcement of Marriage to Barbie Hsu Just 4 Months After Her Divorce

Okay, these two either went “Hold My Beer” around the other star relationship news recently or they are legit starring in their own K-drama. I hope its the latter but also realize it doesn’t matter, folks who are rich and famous usually figure it out for better or for worse. A twin shock was dropped on K-ent and TW-ent on this Tuesday morning thanks to a love story straight out of a weekend drama. No screenwriter could have come up with a wilder story. Veteran Korean musician DJ Koo (Koo Jun Yup) formerly of the dance duo Clon announced this morning that he and TW-star Barbie Hsu (Da S) were married. Like, come again. She is just four months out from finalizing her divorce to ex-husband Wang Xiaofei but the kicker is that this is a reunion for DJ Koo and Da S. They apparently secretly dated in the late 90’s (around 1998-1999) when she fell in love with him at first sight attending Tarcy Su’s concert where Clon was the special guest. They met backstage and the rest is first history, as they dated but broke up a year later due to pressure from his agency to not be in a relationship, and her agency was also selling her dream girl next door image right around the time of Meteor Garden.

They lost touch for the last twenty years, but DJ Koo explained that he intentionally never contacted her because she got married and he respected that, but she was always the one that got away. She was the best woman he had ever dated. When he heard of her divorce, he found her cell phone number from when they dated and dialed it with just a hope. It was indeed still her cell number and she picked up and the two started talking. They have been dating long distance, he’s in Korea and she’s in Taiwan, and he really wanted to spend the rest of his life with her starting now so he asked her to marry him so he could come to Taiwan to see her (only citizens and spouses can enter Taiwan during the pandemic) and then bring her back to Korea to start their life together. She agreed and they have registered their marriage and he’s flying to Taiwan tomorrow, do the 10 day quarantine, then spend two months there together before the newlyweds fly back to Korea. Since he’s 50 years old and she’s 46 and also the mom to two kids I think they are old enough to know what they want so best of luck and congrats! Apparently there is now a meme in Taiwan for the last few hours since the news broke with forty-something Taiwanese women posting on their FB and Insta that they still have the same cell phone number since 20 years ago ahahaha.


Veteran Korean Music Star DK Joo Shocks K-ent and TW-ent with Announcement of Marriage to Barbie Hsu Just 4 Months After Her Divorce — 48 Comments

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    • If they are from Asia they do not associate the swastika with nazis, it’s more of a religious symbol like the cross for christians.

    • Just out of interest, was it a Nazi swastika or a Buddhist/Hindu swastika? Having seen characters in K Dramas wearing wedding rings that have a swastika on them, I wonder if if might have been one of those older, original swastikas that predate the Nazi theft of the symbol by several thousand years.

      • Normal swastika logo looks like this 卐 and is squarish shaped, hers is tilted slightly to become diamond shaped and a circle encompasses it. It looks more like the Nazi symbol to me and the picture has been taken down from many yxh accounts or logo was edited out from the shirt on weibo. If it wasn’t offensive, why would they take the picture down or censor the logo?

      • A little correction here:

        Hitler didn’t appropriate Indian Swastika. How could he? According to ‘master race’ theory, which was in vogue in Europe, and which was later adopted(not invented) by Hitler, Indian people and their religion sat at the bottom of the hierarchy. Swastika was too “pagan” for Hitler.

        Hitler took his Nazi emblem from Benedictine Catholic Monastery and conciously called it “Hakenkreuz”(hooked cross). Hakenkreuz hasa symbolic meaning in Christianity. It represents Jesus’s sacrifice. Hitler deliberately used this symbol to invoke anti-Jewsih sentiment.

        Translating ‘Hakenkreuz’ as ‘Swastika’ was a mistake. No it was a mischief! Implicit form of racism! Many European scholars too have pointed out this misuse.

    • Hitlers use of that symbol was actual cultural appropriation that no one ever really talks about. We don’t really think either of these people are Nazis so let it go already. Oh, and they delete stuff like this because people will bring it up 20 years later. I have seen this gal in one drama (MARS) and him on one variety show so it’s not like I’m even a super fan but geesh.

    • Hitler stole the symbol and used for his evil actions. Swastika was an ancient symbol in Buddhism and has positive meaning. Now the devotees cant even use this symbol much, no thanks to Hitler. Occasionally i will see this in some temples.

  2. I saw this on weibo and went wut??? I had no idea they dated in the past like how do they even communicate? does he know chinese? or her korean?

  3. Wow, just wow. That’s really wild and daring.

    I mean, they had only been in contact thru phone and he will only get to meet her upon attaining her spouse status, to finish his 10 days quarantine and that would be the first time they are to meet in flesh.

    Sure they have dated long time ago but so much time has passed and so much has changed since. But then, who are we to judge and say more that the two people involved.

    Those are just my opinion and definitely not something I can imagine coming from 40’s/50’s adults. But hey, best of luck to the newlyweds.

    • Sorry but are people at 40’s and 50’s are ultimately people with dreams, wants, and needs too. Just because a person is of X age, he/she/they do not have to act a certain way. We are all humans and I find it strange how people are so caught up on an idea that my a certain age, shouldn’t do this or act like that. Life is short as it is – let people live as they want especially if they are not harming anyone

  4. I was hoping they would meet first before agreeing to marry. Their romance was so long ago. Hope this wouldn’t end in another divorce.

    • You got me there, ??. The minute I finish reading this article, image of old Yan pop up right away and my curiosity to check out his

  5. So he’s coming to Taiwan and that would be the first time they meet again after 20 years, get married, and then move to SK? wow

  6. I am in shock not because I am a fan or anything like that. Its more the number from over 20 years ago and they got married after not meeting for over 20 years.

    Its absolutely insane. You are right. I have not seen any drama with this sort of plot before.

  7. Here in Taiwan, it’s normal to have the same cellphone number if you stick with one network. If you lost your cellphone or have a new cellphone with the same network, it’s all the same billing cp number.

  8. 20 years is more than enough time for a person to completely transform him/herself. All the best to them, though I certainly cannot fathom doing such a thing myself.

  9. I remember as a small kid I used to hate Barbie Xu hahahaha. I thought why San cai is so ugly??? There was something about her acting, expression, and face that irked me when I was watching her dramas even though I was still an 8 year old. My dislike was at the peak when she was in Mars. Is this what people call as irrational dislike ??? My little self was so weird ??.

    • Lol! I didn’t like her too and I still don’t like her. I don’t think she has that FL look, but I’ve watched Mars, Chinese ghost story, and her other one with Peter Ho.

    • Never liked her and became even turned off with her and Vic Zhou’s affair (he had affair with her when he was still dating Beatrice Hsu -a very sweet girl. RIP. They didn’t dare to show their face on her funeral at that time. Could never forget this) and later met with her ex husband via Ady An and a lot of rumors about the love triangle.

  10. They gave me idea to start publishing that my number also remains unchanged for the past 18 yrs, lols. Anyway, congratulation for both of them. Sometimes love is indeed coming in a unique way

    • Mine is only 19 years old . It’s a long love story . Some weddings don’t last that long . ? . I only know him because he was in an episode Of SBS show X man ,Barbie Hsu will remain forever a part of my younger days as Rainie or Ariel Lin .

  11. Just asking out of curiosity. If she is in taiwan and man is in korea, is it possible to register a marriage without being physically present?

  12. LOL No shocker here. This woman gives me the impression of making impulsive decisions one after another. Let’s see how long this marriage will last.

    • I’m a romantic but this is also too shocking for me. They may have loved each other at one point big people change over the course of time. Wonder if they will still be attractive to each other. She had kids and aged over the years and so did he.

      He seems to equally as impulsive as well. Well, I guess they’re older so why waste time anymore. Life is short so just go with it.

      I hope she will have better luck this time around s

      • This is one of those stories that in time will either seem like fate and wildly romantic… or a dumpster fire of bad decision-making.

        I guess we’ll know in a few years.

  13. so the first time they will see each other in over 20 years is after marriage lol. also does she have sole custody of her kids? does that mean her kids will move to korea as well or stay in taiwan? congrats to them but i can’t help but side-eye the impulsive decision.

  14. Barbie Hsu has always been a person with strong opinion. If this guy is the standard patriachy Korean guy, then there will be a problem.

  15. Barbie married her Ex after 4 dates. They lasted 10 years. This one she dated 1 year apparently 20 yrs ago. She struck me as a woman who knows what she wants and she doesn’t compromise her principles. Like how she got married when she wanted marriage/family and divorce when she wanted a divorce. Even her mother does not have a sway on her decisions.
    Some couple dates for so long ended up marrying someone else. So who’s to say she’s wrong/impulsive.

  16. This is the most outlandish love story I have ever heard. Not even the most makjang k-dramas can top this. Talking about weird first love stories. I’m bursting with curiosity whether Nam Ji Hyun is dating someone. Her IG story featured two photos of a White Day edition of his and hers matching 1993studio hoodies. They went on sale from 7-9 March. She posted a tiny sunglasses smiley face emoji after her caption. I can’t read Korean so if anyone can translate thank you very much. Is it normal for Korean celebs to buy or receive matching hoodies for/from family on their version of Valentine’s Day or are they exclusively for bf and gf only?

    • she posted photo of single stalk of orange rose in her latest ig post. long-time fans would know from her rom-com drama what that orange rose means from the ml who gave it to her character, first love. white day fever is definitely on. congrats to barbie hsu and dk koo. hope he can come out of quarantine by 14 march lol.

  17. wow, this sounds like something out of a drama or one of those human interest stories about real, but wild things happening to someone. Guess they know what they want. But what a leap of faith, especially when your kids are still kids and you haven’t been with the guy in 20 years.

    Then again, there are people who have dated for over a decade before getting married only to have the marriage not last a year.

  18. I wonder how he will cope in Taiwan if they choose to reside there long-term. Can he speak Mandarin or English? If they move to SK, how are Barbie and her kids gonna to fit in SK culture? Can they speak Korean? I suppose attending international schools with English as the medium will help the kids settle down faster. Then there is the dreaded SK daughter-in-law curse for doing all the food preps for hubby’s ancestor memorial day rite.

  19. Holy smokes this couple may just work. There’s a Malaysian music producer/part-time dj who’s the bf of a Korean food blogger based in Malaysia. She took him to SK to visit her parents. He said after visiting her parents, he found that most Korean parents are pretty hardcore about their kids dating non Koreans let alone marry them. Now her mom loves him so much and his family treats her like their own daughter. So cute this mukbang couple.

    • ooo, i know this couple. they met for first time in zouk of all places. hehehe. zouk is a discotheque with legendary status for hooking up people.

      • Zouk … in Singapore? 🙂

        I have the feeling her Mom might be a bit of the tyrannical strict type? Hence Barbie’s propensity for the sudden shockers, that rile her Mom.

      • no, zouk club in kl. he was deejaying in zouk. she was there to watch a korean dj also working the same nite.

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