Lee Min Ho Returns to South Korea to Fan Welcome After Apple TV+ Premiere Release Party for Pachinko

It may be one small step for Lee Min Ho, starring in another television show, but it could be one huge step for his career if upcoming Apple TV+ series Pachinko launches his name into the global audience awareness the same way it did for recent Netflix hit Squid Game with the leads. Veteran lead Youn Yuh Jung is already world famous thanks to her Best Supporting Actress win at the 2021 Oscars and all the English speaking publications are leading off Pachinko write ups and reviews with her name naturally in the header or lede. The actress with the most screen time due to playing the adult age version of the female lead is rookie Kim Min Ha so she may pull a Jung Heo Yeon and rocketed to stardom in a first role. Lee Min Ho is already an Asian superstar with broader international awareness in pockets that watch K-dramas but the success of Pachinko would definitely be another major accomplishment. After doing the press and premiere rounds in the US last week he’s back in South Korea this weekend and landed to plenty of fans waiting to welcome him back with flowers.


Lee Min Ho Returns to South Korea to Fan Welcome After Apple TV+ Premiere Release Party for Pachinko — 27 Comments

      • Hello Lee I will love to talk to you about someone saying he is you and say he love me please I have plenty to tell you

    • He still looks fresh & handsome after almost 14 hr flight and as expected, was still patiently gracious to his fans & press. His visuals of late just landed him Fendi Brand Ambassador joining Song Hye Kyo so…

      • And his face and body are mostly covered up here…so I don’t know how people can tell he looked terrible. All I can criticize is the greasy hair. And even if he looked like crap, a 14 hour flight is uncomfortable, especially during a pandemic.

        And if he came back looking like he just walked out of a magazine cover, people will criticize him for caring about his looks and coasting on them instead of working on his acting.

    • Absolutely nothing. The man is perfect. Even when he’s not perfect, he’s perfect.The hair may be for a role or it may be because he just feels like growing it out. Doesn’t matter. Because he’s perfect.

  1. You are right about his international awareness Koala. Variety described him as “one of the biggest stars in the world”
    The reviews for Pachinko and for his performance as Hansu have been brilliant. Well done Minho

    • How do you know how good LMH’s performance are when it hasn’t even aired yet ??Honestly, the critics good reviews towards Pachinko are a little sus . TBH,to write a good/bad review shouldn’t these so called critics watch the whole entirety of the show before judging and writing about it first. This is the definition of judging its book by the cover.

      • Critics do watch the entire thing…they get advance screening of films and tv shows because of their job.

        The reviews are glowing, and most attention is going to the KMH and YYJ. If it’s one person who’ll get a career boost, it’ll be KMH.

        I know LMH fans are eager for him to receive a Western career boost, but I’m not sure his screen time will single his performance out.

      • Are you really saying that critics didn’t watched the whole show? You must be new to how things work. These critics watched it in January/February. The whole show. Then they wait for the embargo to be lifted to post online.

      • I thought the same. There’s so much praises and positive reviews going on about him and Pachinko when in reality the drama hasn’t been seen by the netizens. So much hype n promo. Let’s wait and see.

      • Jealousy on behalf of your oppa for not having this exposure must make you ignorant. Minho was casted after a 3-4 month audition process and praised by nonbiased American producers for his dedication abd hard work so he deserves all the additional recognition he receives!

      • Had you read any of the reviews you would realise that they have watched all 8 episodes. They are given them in advance.

      • BUT CRITICS DO WATCH THE WHOLE THING. Pachinko has made available for critics to review since december lmao. Please do some research instead spilling your dumb brain juice everywhere.

  2. Lmh haters are funny. He is now going more global and getting critical acclaim. Now suddenly critics don’t matter to them ( personally never liked critics, considering boing movies get oscars and noone remembers
    Them, whereas jurrasic park type genius got ignored ). But here koalas n her minions use critics to put him down. Now use same critics to praise him or just accept that ur faves r local. Who will never get such mega projects. Whereas lmh is going in new direction in his career! And a bigger one.

  3. Several critics wrote about ep 7 that’s entirely devoted to Hansu’s story…heartbreaking and powerful. 140,000 Japanese died in the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. Japanese used it as an excuse to massacre Korean immigrants. Hansu’s father was killed but he survived. The experience hardened him and turned him into the way he is. This is not in the book. So they added a lot of screen time for LMH.

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