Penultimate Week Episodes of Thirty Nine Garner Steady Ratings of 6.546% and 7.130% Heading into Finale

I wish there was more to jTBC Wed-Thurs drama Thirty Nine then just writing about its steady ratings. It’s got no buzz in K-ent and among K-netizens, and I know since I cover K-dramas and the buzzy ones are always trending high whether from raves or rants. This drama is just kinda there and if it wasn’t headlined by Son Ye Jin it would probably get half the ratings, she’s the main draw along with the trio friendship anchoring the story. I think next week with the finale it may break 8% and that’s great but this writer needs to not rely on modern takes of the same K-drama conflict tropes and try to write a girl power and friendship story with different conflicts and issues other than infidelity, birth secrets, and terminal illness without adding something more meaningful to the pot.


Penultimate Week Episodes of Thirty Nine Garner Steady Ratings of 6.546% and 7.130% Heading into Finale — 12 Comments

  1. JTBC dramas are disapointing, neither 39 neither FLAW could meet the expectations I had.

    Now, I’m juste looking forward to My Liberation Notes! The stills are good for now, I love the actors and the writer is good.

  2. Thirty nine started on a slow note but picked up beautifully. The story unfolds with its wonderful cast and there is a healing lesson fir many of us , sensitively told .
    I am a total fan of Yeon woo Jin’ and
    Son ye Jin. Their body language as their relationship gets deeper is adorable!!!

  3. The actors are really carrying this show. I am watching because I enjoy and care about what happens to these characters. Its much sadder than expected too. It has light moments but lastly I’ve cried during nearly every episode which may not be appealing to everyone. It’s not a light and fluffy watch, thats for sure. I am looking forward to the finale next week and if they will wrap up Chanyoung’s story in a satisfying way.

    • Yeah this show is much sadder and more melo than I thought based on posters. I have to be in the right mood to watch. But i don’t mind because luckily there are other dramas on air right now that are lighter like BP so this show balances it out for me.

    • Same here cause I am a big fan of Son Ye Jin. Since her fans haven’t seen her after CLOY we were all so excited n couldn’t wait for 39. I have to be honest it’s slow n doesn’t catch my attention or concentration. It doesn’t matter how great the acting is from everyone the drama is still a little boring. I was worried before it was even shown cause I read negative comments about it’s writer. That her previous drama were not successful. It’s true cause I watched Encounter n it was shallow. No depth in the story. No wonder it’s shown on weekdays.

  4. I wasn’t even expecting much, but I’ll be dropping this. First of all, there are so many better subjects you can talk about in a women centric drama, but they had to throw in a terminal illness plot that was already overused 20 years ago. Second, how is the plot all about SYJ’s character’s problems when someone else is literally dying in months? To make things worse, they made her character so overdramatic that she’s coming off as self-centred. It’s overkill, her scenes no longer have any emotional impact.

    Yet ANOTHER show with good leads but a D-class script. It failed to achieve almost everything it tried to be. Haven’t been this disappointed since Jirisan.

  5. This proves that big name stars no longer guarantee good dramas. The script is the most important going forward. Being shown in netflix is also not a guarantee in generating buzz nor good ratings anymore. Another one bites the dust along with shk in nwabu and jjh in jirisan.

  6. I’m watching this drama with very low expectations and was under no illusions that it would be on the same popularity levels as CLOY. It’s a struggle to watch a drama with a weak script, so the acting is what’s saving it from tanking. The only reason I’m sticking to it is because it might be SYJ’s last project in a long time. She might decide to lay low after her wedding and focus on her future family, like KTH did. Hope the drama ends on a good note!

  7. SYJ’s comeback drama ThirtyNine is the only successful one among the OG stars of 2000. SHK, JJH and LYA comeback projects were bashed terribly and/or tanked badly.

    ThirtyNine while not as buzzworthy and successful as CLOY managed to get decent ratings that were impossible to get in JTBC last 2021. And while there are complaints about the plot/writing (hello, what did you expect, the writer wrote Encounter), there were no widespread criticism among knetz and inetz the way NWBU and Jirisan had. Jirisan and especially NWBU were bashed for everything. Script, direction and especially the acting.

    If it wasn’t SYJ being the lead in ThirtyNine, it wouldn’t have done as well as it is doing now.

    • Yup, it’s doing really well in SK. It nearly doubled its initial rating which was around 4% and regularly makes several top 10 lists on Netflix. The actors are all getting good notices for their work. So while the writing is not the strongest, this is still a successful project for JTBC and everyone involved. They are bouncing back after an awful 2021.

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