Two Sets of Dating Couples Swings SBS Drama A Business Proposal to 11.6% Ratings in Episode 9

The comedic wind has been slightly taken out of the sails for SBS Mon-Tues drama A Business Proposal now that both sets of romantic couples have fully coupled up. This Monday’s episode 9 rode the kissy and happy wave to a new ratings high of 11.6% but lost a bit of momentum for me personally. I still love it but it’s clear there isn’t much actual conflict so it’s a bit of watching basic give and tug with light hearted issues until the happy ending to come in episode 12. I loved seeing Tae Mu acting like a besotted boyfriend because Ahn Hyo Seob was awkward was a successful company president but perfect as an adoring still figuring things out boyfriend. The cousin crush subplot for the second leads was the highlight for me in this episode because it was strangely funny and it showed that Young Seo is still so emotionally mature that she’s not mad about that but about how the whole thing even happened in the first place because Seung Hoon is so at Tae Mu’s every beck and call. This drama continues to be such a seamless watch and if successfully wrapped up can hopefully usher back another era of true rom-coms.


Two Sets of Dating Couples Swings SBS Drama A Business Proposal to 11.6% Ratings in Episode 9 — 21 Comments

  1. At least ep 11 has Abit of good moment, like how we finally see Tae Mu enter Hari’s world after seeing Hari in Tae Mu’s world. And how his relationship with Hari makes him opening up with his employee. And finally second lead couple has a conflict. Hope the conflict with grandpa won’t be too dramatic.

  2. Idk I watched this til ep8 and am not gonna continue. It’s cute, light n fun. Am personally so charmed by se jeong and I prefer the first couple. But am not finding the plot compelling. There’s no conflict or any climax really that makes me feel sucked in wanting to find out more. Ahs looks good but his acting is still a huge miss for me. It’s a few works of his in a row now so am gonna avoid watching his stuff in future. He still lacks onscreen chemistry with his leading lady tho he seems comfy with sejeong off screen. Have started on crazy love and am loving it so far!

  3. After this drama,i am going to stop watching Ahn Hyo Seob. The ladies and the grandpa are what kept me going. Otherwise, i would gave this drama up much, much earlier.

      • It’s not just the eyes. He doesnt even express with his face. Like he’d have the same expression for different emotions or the face he makes doesn’t even match the tone of the scene/dialogue. lol

  4. I really enjoyed Youngseo, her cousin and Sunghoon scenes.
    Kudos to Seol In Ah and the actress who acted as her cousin.
    Their interactions in the car was such a blast!
    “You know I don’t have chingu!” lol if you know you know!

    • oh yes, I love the cousin, she is a hoot! ? If they only gave her more screen time from the beginning drama would have been more comedic.

    • The way the cousin scooted off when grandpa arrived is hilarious. Ooops, bad timing again. She reminds me of Veronica Park. Can be annoying sometimes but funny.

    • The actress playing as YS cousin is fine when she is not the focus, but she overact so much in ep 9 is kind distracting.

      I don’t know, I feel like the overall acting and production in recent episode is not as good in initial episode. And I don’t like AHS acting in recent episode too. He is getting more stiff and hardly can act funny. Is this live shooting effect?

  5. I think this is the best episode yet, compared to previous episodes, even the comedic scenes by the colleagues and the ‘English-speaking’ mother-daughter duo were handled nicely and deftly, and got more than a few chuckles from me.
    I don’t expect the plot to get any more complicated than the shenanigans of trying to keep their dating underground.

  6. The crazy cousin who alternates between English and Korean is so fun to watch. She is all of us non-Koreans who watch kdramas who probably injects simple Korean words in our daily conversations. ?

  7. I agree 100% with blogger about BP possibly ushering in a new era of true rom-coms. As a long-time k-drama romcom viewer, I’m eagerly awaiting next batch of romcoms Shooting Stars and Ask the Stars. Why some many “stars” in the title? lol. Even hybrid comedy mystery Minamdang is welcome. Light-hearted dramas are much needed for me right now in light of troubling world events.

  8. It’s currently ranked fifth on Netflix global charts above 2521 in sixth. Not bad for a little romcom that premiered with no hype or much promotion. Even the main poster looked cheap but look at the popularity now.

    • Much of the success is due to the womance trend created by these dramas. As opposed to bromance, womance is the close friendship between female friends as depicted in 39 and Work Now, Drink Later.

      • Yup all the actresses from the two leads to the supporting cast are hard carrying the drama!

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