K-netizens Continue to Swoon and Sigh Over New Pictures from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Fairytale Wedding

I’m sure the fan interest in top Korean star couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin‘s real life wedding will die down soon, but NOT YET hahaha! Seriously, this couple’s nuptials definitely qualify for rubbernecking even if they weren’t famous, the dress was exquisite, the tux impeccable, the floral arrangements breathtaking, and the couple shooting exuding love and happiness from every pore. If joy was an elixir then they bottled some of theirs and shared it on their special day. A new pic from their ceremony was shared that showed Son Ye Jin having changed into another gown for after the vows, she let her hair down as well, and the sage lace confection with her simple hair pulled back look already wows from the back one can only imagine how pretty she looked. The visual of the couple together is just the stuff of movie making, when we imagine stars are so good looking because of camera tricks but then we see these two and realize there really are people born with it. And the below GIF of the couple heading to the altar as Binnie takes Ye Jin’s hand from her dad, so much heart melting love in full display. Swooooon.


K-netizens Continue to Swoon and Sigh Over New Pictures from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Fairytale Wedding — 29 Comments

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    • She is not,she is just an avarage looks compare to the other actress on korean
      But i like her,she is mature and have a high over selfconfident
      I proud that hyunbin didnt choose a woman by the just looks!
      Congrats for the wed

      • in what world is freaking son ye jin average? lol she literally carried a drama (summer scent) with just her visuals alone ?

      • The most delusional take ever .. In what world is son yejin’s visuals average? Tell that to Koreans and see their reactions. It’s just that with time her talent overshadowed her looks so people focus more on the former one . Initially she was known for her face at the start of her career which also made her nation’s first love.

      • Word on the street is that she looks much better in person than she does on camera. But bringing up looks in connection to HB (or anyone for that matter) choosing a wife is plain dumb.

      • Can’t tell if this is a troll post or not but she’s literally one of the most well-known visuals of all time in Korea, one of the select few dubbed the “nation’s first love”. At least do your research if you’re hard of seeing.

      • I do agree. Her beauty is just average unlike his former exes. SHK, KS. Let’s be honest, she was never on the most beautiful list in Korea.

      • I think they make the best couple and match very well. They’re both cute. To be honest I don’t find Hyun Bin handsome but more cute. I also don’t think Son Ye Jin is that beautiful but cute too. They are a perfect match. Congrats to this newly wed couple.

  2. Fairytale indeed! Did you see the clip of their wedding vows Ms Koala? SYJ called HB ‘jagiya’ ???
    And their choice of songs for the groom & bride entrance also speaks volumes of how they feel for each other

    • HB chose Queen’s “I Was Born to Love You” as his entrance song. What a cool dude! I

      I would enter pick a green dress for a wedding reception but SYJ makes it work, especially with that floral arrangement. Super pretty. I often find Korean actresses’ wedding dresses plain and simple but I love all the choices here. PSH also had great dress choices. Maybe the trends are finally changing.

      • It’s a term of endearment. I think it means ‘honey’? I got to know that from watching kdramas so I can’t say for sure if that’s the equivalent term in English ?

  3. They truly are a visually stunning couple. All brides are beautiful on their wedding day, but SYJ really took everyone’s breath away. I’m still lapping up all the videos that have been coming out and I really hope we get a clear photo of her wedding gown. She looked divine!

    Last time I was this obsessed with a wedding was Prince William and Kate’s back in 2011. BinJin’s was just as beautiful and oozing with love! Congrats to the happy couple!

    • Ditto. I think it’s because they contrast so well? She’s slim and short, he’s tall and buff, but they’re both jaw-droppingly stunning. I’m kinda mad we haven’t seen a full shot of her wedding dress but it’s so like her to deviate from the norm to choose a more contemporary gown (strapless with a bare back) unlike other celebs who chose the more conservative route. Not gonna mention her name obvs but I remember balking at how a certain someone’s dress was so granny-like, even though it came from a huge brand and cost as much as a house. The 1800s hairstyle didn’t help either. Really aged her and made the groom even younger in comparison ? SYJ looked so young and fresh in her dress despite being even older than the other one when she got married – fashion choices matter, y’all.

      • It’s her wedding so it’s her choice even if the dress is so old fashion. She’s beautiful in anything so stop being fashion experts. It’s also so funny how all these people be acting like saying her name is a crime or she’ll come to hunt you. So disgusting.

      • I didn’t name anyone so dunno who you’re talking about ? And whoever they are, they aren’t some divine being, I can critique their fashion all I want. They’re rich enough to deal with it. Deal with it and mosey along.

  4. SYJ’s wedding dress is not particularly avant-garde or unique, but her entire look is classic in the best sense. Her dress can still be referenced two decades from now.

    It seem like Korean celebrity brides all favor the off-shoulder, cinched waist, full skirt, hair in bun wedding look.

    • She isn’t wearing any jewellery or much makeup. Her look is simple but she looks gorgeous and timeless. And Hyun Bin is sooo handsome. Most importantly they look genuinely in love.

  5. So loving. The two of them only have eyes for each other. HB must hv loved SYJ so much that he swooned over her Look at how he smiled at her when he took her hand frm her father.

  6. This is hands-down the most beautiful and tasteful wedding I have seen from any Asian celebrity couple. It was such a beautiful wedding from the gorgeous bride and groom to the attire to the bouquets to the wedding photoshoots to the wedding decorations. All topped off by the genuine joy and love emanating from the happy couple and their family and friends <3

  7. Echoing the “hands-down one of the most beautiful and tasteful weddings”. Everything, from the cute wedding dressing announcement to overall ‘packaging’ details = gowns and hairdos etc are faultless to a tee. All so appropriate(except for the one slight weird gown with different sleeves in photography shoot) to SYJ’s frame, hair dos, to her face etc.

    Details very tasteful, the green all works so well, with the floral hairpiece. Very classic, elegant with a tinge of rustic.
    Groom’s tux, suits are very tastefully classic and timeless.

    I sincerely hope this couple enjoys a long and beautiful journey together.

  8. They look so happy and so lovely, congratulations to the newlyweds!

    Everything about this wedding, from their wedding announcements to these pics now, is making me smile lol – they’re so charming and look so obviously in love and happy together. Also they clearly have great taste – classic but with interesting details.

  9. I knew I liked the actors. And I was happy they were a couple when the news came out.

    But I never expected myself to be gushing and coo- ing at how gorgeous they are. They are radiant aren’t they? My God those 2 are just shooting love and sunshine,rainbows and what- not whenever they are together. I have no clue how they managed to keep things private for so long.

    Yes this Netizen is just in love watching all the videos and photos.

  10. I don’t get why people will assume that so and so “Is Not Invited” because he or she was not seen in the wedding. Maybe they were there but was not on the “list” made by the media. Or they were invited but because of prior commitments can’t attend.

    Just like with PSH’s wedding, Kang Sora, Kim Ji-Won, Haechul,Ji Chang Wook, Lee Sung-Kyung were sighted there by fellow guests but were not on the report by the media.

    I mean, nobody but the couple really knows who were invited or not. Let’s not speculate.

    • Its a weekday wedding. I doubt everyone invited was able to make it anyway. Plus with masks I can barely tell who is who.

      • Oh please. Son Ye Jin is a Nation’s First Love and has more fashion and beauty product CFs than any other k-actress right now. I assure you, you don’t get to be all of that if you are just an “average” beauty.

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