Ahn Hyo Seob and Jeon Yeo Bin Have Started Filming K-drama Into Your Time, the Remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day

The bystanders have struck again and the first glimpse is out of the upcoming K-drama remake of TW fantasy drama Someday or One Day. It’s called Into Your Time which obviously refers to the female lead traveling back in time as a another high school student and encounters her dead ex-boyfriend’s doppleganger. TW-drama remakes have been hit or miss in K-ent and even the ones that were hits didn’t work for me, i.e. the Fated to Love You remake, and the ones I loved were considered lackluster, the It Started with a Kiss remake, so clearly I’m not the right person for this genre lol. Oh wait, everyone hated the In Time with You remake so yay for universal loathing! Anyhoo, Jeon Yeo Bin and Ahn Hyo Seob were spotted this week in Seoul filming Into Your Time and it’s obviously the adult scenes. This drama is already highly anticipated but with Ahn Hyo Seob actually doing well with his last drama the anticipation just ratcheted up a notch.


Ahn Hyo Seob and Jeon Yeo Bin Have Started Filming K-drama Into Your Time, the Remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day — 25 Comments

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  2. I don’t see these two being able to surpass the performances of the leads from the original Taiwanese version, especially AHS. He is still extremely green.

    • I love actor who act as Lizi wei in taiwanese person, he fits the aura of both playfull guy and his clone introvert guy but he is not perfect. I was Abit cringe on his crying scene it feels unnatural. So I don’t think AHS won’t be able to surpass Lizi wei the actor. As AHS act better in this aspect. So we will see.I just Abit worried he is still hasn’t get out of his Kang Tae Moo char. Lol

    • I don’t think there has been a Korean remake of any non-korean movie/drama that has been better than the original. If a remake can live up to even 70% of the original, I would say it’s successful. I think it’s best we accept that and just indulge in our curiosity as to what changes they end up deciding to make to fit the Korean audience.

      • @prettyautumn – World of the Married and Boys Over Flowers are both remakes that did extremely well (debatable if better than original). Upcoming Korean Money Heist might be better than original.

        We shall see if Netflix can work its magic on SOOD. The remake might be a different flavor entirely since Netflix aims for global viewership.

      • I think Life On Mars was great, they chose a good period for Korea and the casting was the best.

        The Good Wife was pretty good too.

        But they have more failed like Meteor Garden (The thai version is so good!), Fated to Love You, Nodame Cantabile, In Time With You, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Entourage, Itazura na Kiss, etc.

      • It’s always interesting to read comments on here because everywhere else will have fans claim most Korean remakes are better.

        Anyway I agree.

    • I don’t either. The TW actor Greg Hsu could do mature, playful, longing, jaded in different timelines at different life stages. A range of emotions basically, which AHS doesn’t have. The success of BP wasn’t even due to his acting capabilities lol

  3. Did AHS roll out of Business Proposal and straight into In Time With You? Don’t actors need some time to get in and out of characters, especially for challenging roles? He barely took any prep time.

    Glad to see JYB back with long hair! Not sure if it’s a wig because she’s back to short hair in the high school filming stills.

  4. Anyone who knows older Korean music want to take a guess as to which song (or which artist or group) might become the anthem for this remake, the way Wubai’s song was for Someday or One Day?

  5. Juts saw the trailer for the TW version. I think JYB and SH can be great in this remake, not too sure about AHS but I hope he can deliver.

  6. The writing of the original is sooo good. If they keep the writing mostly the same as the original, it will do well. I believe jyb will be able to pull off Alice Ko’s role. Cant say the same about ahs but it doesn’t matter much if the writing is good

  7. This might be a misfire since not a single Taiwan drama remade by Korea became a success.

    Plus AHS’s acting depth still needs a lot of work. JYB will have to work hard since she was also criticized during Vincenzo’s earlier episodes.

    It would be really a surprise if this tandem works.

    • There is one VERY successful Korean remake of Taiwanese drama – Fated To Love You. It is arguably better than the original but it has two of the best korean leads in Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara.

      All the others are forgettable.

      • Agree. His character laughed maniacally especially the part where CGI snail tormented him. Some parts are very over the top. The shampoo commercial scene was cringey and so was the Macau hotel scenes where he was drugged.

    • AHS IS SURPRISINGLY GOOD at adding depth. don’t worry. If you are doubtfull, try to watch ep 2, 3 or 11 in business proposal as the hightlight, his most strong acting. It’s just he is appear stiff at times.

  8. I will watch and promote this remake drama because of JEON YEO BEEN. She will not win those acting awards if she’s not a good actress. She has a wide range and has a distinct charm not found in other actresses out there. In Vincenzo, her character Hong Cha-Young as an ace lawyer of Wusang law firm was written as an arrogant, annoying, and so full of herself. Then she has to do a character transition as Cha-Young the head of Jipuragi, partner to Vincenzo and she did a terrific job. Her fans see and feel that not only she’s a good actress but also a very relatable, sincere and hardworking person who’s grateful for everything that’s given to her.

  9. Ahn hyo seop can do any roll he is so talented MashAllah very handsome and he wil prove all the negative comments actually i think it will give him a boost to prove all wrong also Ahn cat Baul is so cute

  10. I hope these two younger male leads can squeeze their acting skills alongside the good actress Jeon Yeo Been. Esp AHS, after the success of ABP there is no other way for him but to get even bettter. But aside from acting, this drama must have a good scriptwriting, directing, editing, cinematography, OST, etc. I have high hopes for this drama because it is intended for global audience… and international fans like me have been missing JYB big time since after Vincenzo. I will watch any content with JYB in it.

  11. Let us just wait for the drama to air to see wc is better or what is the difference.I love SDOD Tdrama and am a fan. I watched the drama for how many times already and everytime I watch it the same feelings still linger in my heart. I hope the Kversion will have its own magic, to prove that, even it aint better at least it is good.

  12. I think AHS will be doing just fine. He’s quite good in Dr. Romantic 2. He even received an award for his role in the drama.

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